Van Vicker And Ramsey Noah-Who Rules?

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If there is any article that has attracted so much public attention, then it is the one that seek to compare Van Vicker and Ramsey Nouah. Each day, writers from various depositions try to draw a line between these two handsome actors on the grounds of good acting, looks and appearances.

We’ve come across enough of such articles and it is time wrap up everything, call a spade a spade and not a cutting tool.

Why would people like to compare Van and Ramsey but not Van and Emeka, Chris Attoh and Ramsey or Ramsey and Emeka? If it is because of looks, then it would not be contemptuous to compare actresses like Jackie and Genevieve, Nadia and Omotola, Yvonne and Jackie which I will be doing in my subsequent articles.

Majority of us will have no doubt that Ramsey is handsome. He is just unbeatable in the movie industry and is conceded shoulder high by the ladies. Comparing Ramsey and Van with the measuring rode “who is handsome” might attract different answers. But to most Ghanaians, Ramsey is all foam, no beer.

Even though Van and Ramsey have distinct figures and looks, the former is the guy most ladies would like to date, spend some time with or even carry his baby. He has been described as hot, sexy and handsome on several platforms. He is that type who doesn’t fit into ‘poor man’ and “village” roles when it comes to movies. All because of the classy features he possesses.

Undoubtedly, he has those sexy lips every girl would love to kiss. To the girls, sorry to disappoint you all, he is married with three kids. Comparing these two gentlemen is only essential when this is done in relation to their acting skills. After all, acting is not about good looks. It is primarily about interpreting scripts and getting the job done.

However, huge amount of African Movie lovers do not look beyond the appearance or looks of the actors and actresses when purchasing movies. Certain individuals buy movies not because it’s worth-watching, but just to see the faces of their preferred sexy actors and actresses.

While Van can brag of good looks over Ramsey, the former is never close to the latter when it comes to good acting. OMG! Ramsey can act. He has all the skills to interpret scripts, never caught by camera and has always gotten the job done flawlessly. His intense creativity and realism in movie roles has contributed to his success. Ramsey is simply one of the best, if not the best that the African Movie Industry has seen. Probably it is as a result of his experience. “Practice they say makes one perfect.”

Van has been criticized by many as an untalented actor who is interested in making quick bucks overnight. Instead of seeking to improve his exasperating acting skills, he has commissioned himself as a director. He needs to do his homework well before he plans to give others one. Van needs to work much harder. He should have the ability to interpret his roles well. Maybe his recent training from New York Film Academy will do wonders. We hope to see some improvement.

By: Obour Amankwa,

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  1. how can u ask such stupid question? when van vicker start acting…that dude is not an actor..he’s a dramatic foooooooooool

  2. When it comes to looks, they are both handsome men. They are both married with children. In terms of acting, I think it’s an insult to compare Van Vicker to veteran actor Ramsey Noarh Jnr. Ramsey is a brilliant actor and there’s no dispute about it. He acts better than most nollywood and ghollywood actors. When Ramsey started acting in the 90’s he was pheunominal and now he’s excellent.

    Van Vicker needs to crawl before walking………… can you write and direct such nonesense like “Friday Night” when you cannot act? I see Van Vicker as the TV presenter he is………….simply a waste to cast him in movies. Even Majid Michel is a better actor than Van Vicker. They both started their first movie in “Divine Love” with Jackie Appiah and veteran actors like Rama Brew, George Williams, Doris Sackitey, and Akorfa Ejenie Asiedu. Look at how Majid has improve tremendously. I Obour Amamkwah should compare Van and Majid and not Van and Ramsey because it’s an insult.

  3. hmmmmmmmmmmm this is a debate which will dfinitely go neither way!!! What i think is Van should sharpen his acting skills.

  4. i personally think they are doing great,but i will go in for van because,it was just recently he join the movie train but he has been able to catch up with the so called big guys (Ramsey)


  6. ramsey is the best, he is one of nollywood icon and should be respected. they made nollywood. to me he is more handsome than van, taller and well built. van is too short for a prince charming. have you watch supper love you would want to have a prince of your own.

  7. @nancy..keep dreaming girl alongside ur hero van cos dts wat he is.Truth be told van couldnt act even wit a pistol pointed at his head.And who on earth referred 2 him as prince charming wit his very brief stature?A big joke if u ask me,i grew up 2 meet Ramsey a sensational,seasoned and charismatic actor.He’s still is and kips getting better.,coupled with this modulated sexy voice that just keeps you yearning for more.Ramsey is a nollywood legend and which came as a result of hardwork and talents.AND I LUV HIM 2 BITS!!!

  8. Both guys are great eye candy but Van Vicker needs to hang up his acting cleats because quite frankly he SUCKS! Ramsey is a much better actor even though I don’t think his skills have been truly tested because he keeps acting the same roles but that is not his fault since no one is writing anything that challenges the good actors in Nollywood. I would rather watch Majid Michel Arawak any day than watch Van Vicker, MM is more interesting.