Veeda Darko in ‘My American Nurse 2”


Young Ghanaian star and winner of Miss Ghana USA 2002, Vida Q Darko known in showbiz circles as Veeda plays a role in one of the most successful African movies produced in recent times in the Diaspora ‘My American Nurse 2’.

It is a common practice for African men in the Diaspora to go to their various countries to marry there. Why? Because it is believed that women in Africa are generally well mannered. To say further, they hardly smoke, drink but treat their husbands with much respect.

They are also said to be marriage materials because they cook better meals, no wonder it is said in Africa that ‘a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’.

Imagine coming down from America to marry a girl down in Africa, take her back to America and suddenly her behaviour changes? This is the last thing any man wants to experience in his life… this opens the story line of a part two of the movie “My American Nurse 2”.

‘My American Nurse 2’ is a classic comedy movie that chronicles the experiences of a Nigerian, Shehu (Pascal Atuma) cab driver in Los Angeles who has had less than stellar luck with women. Frustration sets in, hence Shehu giving up the idea of dating American women and sets out to travel home to Nigeria to find himself a wife (Vida Darko).

His plan is to find a nurse that he can bring to the U.S. to become certified so that she can make enough money to pull her own weight. His wife, on the other hand, has other plans and proves to be quite a handful for her unsuspecting husband with her newfound American identity. “My American Nurse 2” is a humorous yet serious look at the life of an immigrant in America.

Other stars in the movie are Aloma Wright (Johnson’s Family Vacation, The Gospel, “Scrubs”), Michael Blackson (“BET’s Comicview”, Next Friday,Puff Daddy’s Bad Boys of Comedy, Repo’s), and Hakeem Kae-Kazeem (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,Hotel Rwanda, “24”).

The movie is written, produced and directed by Nigeria’s Hollywood based Pascal Atuma. Co-produced with Octavio Solis and edited by Dan O’Brien for Pascal Atuma Productions.

March Schedule for the premieres:

Houston: 19th March, 2010 @ the Alamo Draft House Cinema

Call: 713-320-4208 for ticket.

Dallas: 20th March, 2010 @ the Studio Movie Grill

Call: 469-583-1142, 469-774-6600, 972-918-9022 for ticket

Boston: 25th March 2010 @ the Showcase Cinema in Randolph

Call: 617-694-3576 for ticket

Hollywood: 27th March, 2010 @ the Pacific De…sign Center, Silver Screen Theater

Call: 818-454-5148, 323-873-5628, 443-629-0877 for ticket

Pascal Atuma is a Hollywood Filmmaker, Writer and Producer of Only In America, Hurricane In The Rose Garden, Capital Blues, My American Nurse 1 & 2 and No More Bloodshed (In pre-production). He has also starred in many Nollywood films, most recently, Through the Glass, I Surrender All, and The Governor’s Gift. His films have been typically audience favorites in many of the film festivals around the world. His colleagues fondly refer him to as the Tyler Perry of Africa.

By Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./


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