Hiplife/R n B Duo: Ghana’s 2

Ghana 2

Predy X and Mr. K, Ghana’s 2 is the perfect name for a twosome that have invested their heart and soul into their musical dreams and now stands on the verge of savoring the fruits of their labor with a single tune – “Crazy”.

Bound by their love for music and their undeniable talent, these two young chaps (Adisadel College school mates) came together some years and overcame all the obstacles that littered their road to success. After a few detours and more than a few roadblocks, the guys found themselves face to face with the saturated Ghanaian music industry.

There’s no question that G2 is next in a long lineage of great hip life/R&B male groups. “We are the only 2 that is taking Ghana to the international music platform”, they said.

The group’s introductory single, “Crazy” served a refreshing new style. The song has not officially been released but the song conjured up images of a club scene and radio stations.

“We are R&B artistes that can sing in Twi, Ga and English. We are definitely beginning a new thing in the game with our album titled “Genesis”, they added.

The mutual love and respect that G2 have for each other have sustained them through some very trying times over the years, times that often found them chasing down one elusive opportunity after another. “It’s been a real rough trying to come out with our debut album that features Stone of Da Bradez, Bandana and Lil Shaka (underground artiste) and beats done by Appietus, Jay Soul and Quick Action.


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