King Ayisoba

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King Ayisoba

When he was born in June 1975 at Bongo SOE near Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region, little was it known that he will be a musician.

Three clear years after birth, little King Ayisoba could still not walk. His father, Apoore Abaadongo now aged 110 years and his mother, Azumapoka also 91 year got worried at the time and tried all means including the use of traditional medicine to get him walk, but all failed.

Destined to be a musician, the father met a soothsayer at the Market on a Soe Market day and was told his son was born a fetish priest with special powers. Apoore (his father) was also asked by the soothsayer to stop sending him from place to place for treatment and instead, give little Ayisoba a “Kologo” native guitar and all will be well. Shortly after Apoore provided his son Ayisoba with a ‘Kologo’ he started walking and playing with it. At that tender age, it is told, that what- ever sound came from the Kologo, moved one of Ayisoba’s uncles who is a fetish priest into performing wonders.

No wonder at that young age his music was considered to be music therapy and that it healed that sickness. Growing up, Apozora Ayisoba as he was named after birth did so well on the Kolongo that he was allowed to perform at gatherings, including funerals and outdoorings in and out of Bongo Soe. His father sent him to school, but he stopped, because his mind was more on his Kologo.

King Ayisoba told The Spectator in an interview when he visited the spectator newsroom, that he finally left Bongo Soe to Techiman Nyampenase in the Brong Ahafo Region to do farming but left there after one year to Accra. He said when he got to Accra he was first employed as a security man at Dome Hotel, Kokomlemle. While on guard duties, his Kologo was always with him.

As luck had it, Daryl T.T. who had been observing him anytime he was playing the Kologo while on duty, one day gave him money and handed him to the late hiplife musician, Terry Bonchaka. Ayisoba had to stop his job as a security man, to enable him to perform with Terry Bonchaka on stage. He said while with Terry Bonchaka, he wrote or composed songs and played the Kologo music while Terry did the raps. He said he also taught Terry to sing songs in the Frafra language. After Terry Bonchaka’s sad death in 2003 he featured ‘Mama Africa’ with Krontihene. He finally came out with his maiden album modern – Ghana which contains the popular hitting song “I want to see you my father”.

Other songs on the album include Poka lebusala (woman is snake) Fame Sika Ma, My friend and My friend. King Ayisoba was hoping to reasle his second album in 2007 “I plan to enter the international market. I am however looking for somebody who can help me achieve my dreams of promoting Ghanaian cultural music abroad and raise Ghana’s flag high.”Ayisoba who visited the newsroom with his cousin Nsoh Rapsor (a state dancer) and his personal manager Reagan Mends, is married with two children.

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  1. He won the artist of the year sometime back right? He is ok. No usage of western instruments. Very traditional, very Ghanaian.