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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our new improved and modernized platform. It has been a long way coming and we thank you all for your loyal support, suggestions and criticisms. Even though some of the insults sometime get us “wowing “, we embrace them as much as we do with the compliments.

The change of our platform (website) was inevitable as traffic has gone extremely high with the project growing and gaining a reputable experience. It is not like we did not expect the growth and did not factor it in the start of the project but change is essential in life. We have to move to keep up with the new developments we will be bringing you as we get bigger and bigger (Live TV & Event Shows, Live Celebrity Interviews, etc).

We are happy for our achievements since we started this as a little blog late 2008. We have gained acceptance and have received several mentions by TV3 in Ghana, Peace Fm, Joy Fm, Ghana web, Modern Ghana and other major Tabloids. Maybe we will soon be mentioned by BBC or CNN (Are we dreaming?).

We have imported majority of our old contents unto this new platform with a better appearance and experience. We are sorry to inform you that, despite all our efforts, we could not come along with the various important, insulting and hilarious comments by readers. It hurts a lot because we cherish all your comments and criticisms to our write-ups. However, nothing good comes without a forfeit.

Also, user database differences with the old platform and this means compatibility is impossible. Your old username and password will not work. In order to compensate our readers for this, you can login here with your facebook account details. All you have to do is first login into facebook and then open a new browser to visit this site.

Alternatively, please take just a minute of your time to quickly register on here if you desire, by clicking this link or looking below the site to find the menu “REGISTER” so as to secure your cherished username. (It takes less than a minute to do this).

I  will like to express my profound thanks to the various celebrities who have supported us, granted us materials and interviews to bring us this far. To the wonderful team members, I say Bravo!!

Thanks to all the powered Lounge Multimedia affiliated sites (GhanaiaMovie.Com, AfricanPromo.Com, AmeyawDebrah.Com, Ghanalounge.Net, JoinGhana.Com, etc)

Please note that, all photos can be clicked to get it expanded (full size) on this site, so do that when you want to have a proper view of any photo. As a new platform, please do not hesitate to contact us of any malfunction you may come across for a fix.

By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

(Founder/CEO GhanaCelebrities.Com)


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0 thoughts on “Read This: Our New Interactive Website”

  1. Big ups to you ghanacelebrities but how do you help new entrants into the acting industrial. I have written scripts, registered them but the problem is who to contact. Try help me out, I really am serious and can’t let my talent go unused. Chris-Vincent please help me contact Kwaku Sintim Misa, Shirley Frimpong Manso or anyone who can help produce my work. Hope to hear
    from you. Cha Cha

  2. Big ups to you ghanacelebrities but how do you help new entrants into the acting industry? I have written nice scripts, registered them but the problem is who to contact. Please help me contact Kwaku Sintim Misa, Shirley frimpong and anyone who can help produce my scripts. Hope to hear from you. I really am serious, please help me tell my story. Chris-Vincent, I know I can trust you.

  3. I love GhanaCelebrities… However, you may want to rethink your web design. It is an EXACT REPLICA of http://WWW.PEOPLE.COM, an American website for People Magazine…. It may be time to change the design, before the makers of the website see this and sue for damages….

  4. Mimi, do not owe any patent as to wordpress, many websites are designed on the same theme and on wordpress platform, this is a commercial theme which any one can purchase(if have the money) and use it. purchased it,  same as Ghanacelebrities.Com. We purchased this because it fits our purpose. There are many other big websites out there using this same thing, not only The reason is , it is user friendly and loads fast. Thanks

  5. I guess, there is no need to write back to you people. If you think has patent over this theme,  you can inform them to sue us. I have explained this to you above and if you decide not to “understand”, there is nothing more we can tell you about it. Stole?

    i repeat, It is a commercial theme and anyone with the money can purchase it and use, same way purchased it.  If big sites have purchased it to use, why cant we do the same? Is it that we “Ghanaians” dont like anything good coming to us or what? Let me show you some of the big sites that have purchased this to use.  get your facts well, it is not for, they bought it too like any of these sites.. , , , , , , ,

    The reason why all these sites including us have resulted to purchasing this theme is that, it is fast, user friendly and serve the showbiz purpose.

    No one from our team will answer to this if you do not find the explanation as what it is. 

  6. Have a life if you want something different then contract to a developer for a bespoke site. Ghanacelebrities this is beautiful and I hope it serves its purpose.

  7. What’s the purpose of recreating something that already exist. There you go again copy cutting from stories to design frames, what’s really special about you and your team Chris??? Be productive and original especially since you seem to write a lot of shitty ass stories about hard ass working people. I think you need to get a real life!

  8. I love the site.. It is easy to navigate and I can see it clear on my phone, comment on it from my phone and all that so what are these people saying. Ghanacelebrities , please don’t mind them. This is the best ghana site now so maybe they are just hating..

  9. You guys have done great with this site, its really cool ,am out of town and any entertainment infor i need i get from you guys, so keep up with the good work and pay no mind to enemies of process.
    Just be truthful to us your readers with all stories.

  10. Hey everyone. Ghanacelebrities did not steal this website theme. I use WordPress on my website myself and there are loads of market places for these website design themes. To tell you the truth, some themes are purchased and downloaded over 4,000 times so please don’t write what you know nothing about. You people should stop hating on Chris and his team.

  11. hey nothing against but this website sure does look like…..its understandable,copying is a Ghanaian thing but at least you copied positively .


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