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The Vibe Squad Ghana’s New Discovery: Listen To Their Single Now

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Vibe Squad

They are being called the ‘future of hiplife’, the stronghold of african music and alot more.

The reason as to why this group of 4 young and sexy Ghanaians are being praised by almost all DJ’s and Radio presenters is quite apparent through their style of music and the lyrical swag they exhibit in their songs.

The level of creativity and talent is very high and this young musicians are going to be the solution for bridging the African music market together or even making a buzz in the international music scene. The group VIBE SQUAD is made up of the slick toned CULCHAR, EAZZY , WIZZY WII and PREGOO.

Their most anticipated single “WHINE PON ME” is receiving crazy air-play on the big radio stations and this is the reason these boys have had an over-night shot to fame.

Their dressing style and looks have also attracted a lot of female fans thru Ghana , London, Amsterdam , New York to mention a few only after a day of it’s release.. WATCH OUT FOR MORE OF THE VIBE SQUAD- THEY ARE TAKING

This post was published on March 20, 2010 1:08 PM

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