Van Vicker- Does His Talent Measures Up?


Van Vicker is indisputably one of the most recognized faces in Gollywood. Outside Africa, he is especially famous among the Caribbean. My Trinidadian and Jamaican friends can’t seem to get enough of him; they ooh and aah, and giggle when watching his movies.

So besotted are they that, they are always the first in line to grab a copy of any new movie of his, I know this for a fact because they do get special “alert” whenever a new Van Vicker movie is instock.blank

To write this article I did a little questioning around, YES! To back up my observation. I asked Africans and Caribbean movie watchers alike. Anytime I asked what they think about him all they talked about was how sexy he is. “He is sooo sexy, ohh have you seen his luscious lips Girl?” I always answered “no” to keep them talking and for what seems like hours they kept rumbling on and on about his sexiness, but none of them commented on his skills as an actor and some even admitted to watching his movies base on his cuteness.

However, when I did ask them about Ramsey Noah, most of them commented on his good acting skills in addition to his looks minus that suspicious thinning spot on his head of course. This article is not a comparison between the two actors nor is it an attack on Van Vicker as an actor, but an artistic and fair opinion of his acting skills.

I recognize talent when I see one, but when I watch his movies his performances usually leaves much to be desired. I have held the hope that given time and much practice he will improve but I am yet to see a dazzling performance from him. In terms of skills he hasn’t lived up to the level of hype surrounding him. The last time I checked, stiff, emotionally expressionless, predictable and parallel acting does not constitute a good actor. Let’s all be real here and call a spade a spade.

My judgment is not clouded nor swayed by looks, but is constructive in the sense that it is meant to encourage and be a medium for improvement. I can’t say for a fact that he is relying on his looks to propel him forward, but if that is the case he needs to critically reevaluate his approach because it is only going to take him thus far.

By: Cassie Johnson/ GhanaCelebrities.Com


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0 thoughts on “Van Vicker- Does His Talent Measures Up?”

  1. Chris,
    What gives you any right to question or criticize Van?. What’s your qualifications anyway? I’ve read most of the garbage you write on this site and I just pity for you. Trying so hard to be famous by writing shits about hard working people. Those of us who know Van will defend him. Yes he’s been blessed with good looks so what? If you want your readers to take you serious then you should earn it you idiot!

  2. “Those of us who knows Van will defend him”…How??@Drookla…What has knowing him got to do with his acting skills???OR has somebody fabricated stories to tarnish van´s image?? Think b4 u type next time…..”IDIOT”….Was that really neccessary? Why r u so bitter? Take your bitterness to whoever caused it, and leave Chris and his team the hell a lone…aba….U know Van so what?? Are u making any money from knowing him?? kurasini

  3. Shocker it’s your mother and father who are villagers. Uncivilized fool who can’t hold an argument. Don’t even know why I should waste my time visiting this shit hole you stupid people called web site. I will say it again Chris whatever the fuck his last name is , should write something productive if he wants to be taken serious. Fuck anything that comes out of your shitty ass mouth. I guess the truth hurt like hell. What?? I’ve turned the table on him so now I’m bitter.. Bitch please you and your Chris should get a life cause this ain’t one. Losers!!!

  4. i agree with u drockla, this chris person is such an ass. always posting bullshit, no real story. this web site is soo fucked up. i am out!!!!

  5. Can you guys stop insulting yourselves whats the biggy ,every1 has an opinion and i agree with chris he so right am a ghanaian living in Trinidad and i can say for a fact that van is loved cause he ‘s cute, his acting still has lot of polishing to be done. In the mean time he has not done bad fOR himself. Not much is heard of him anyway. Chris any word on what he’s up to.


  7. @defam, you stole the words right out of my mouth!!! and when i say this people here will start arguing bullshit.
    but real talk, ITS THE TRUTH. his acting is GARBAGE!!! and i always say, if not for his looks, what else? NOTHING.
    and @Adwoa, i agree 100%

  8. i put is to all of u who thinks Majid is a better Actor than. Why is that Van became bigger than Majid? Remeber, the first film both did, Majid actually had the Lead Role. Van was cast as the supporting Male Actor. After that Film, Van became King of Nollywood. When it comes to romantic movies, Van has no number two. He’s just tooooooo good. AMjid speaks as someone who’s reading a Shakespear Novel. Pls, Pls. Some people in naija stared booking Majid cos they Said Van was becoming too big. It did nothing to Van, Instead he even became bigger.

  9. I agree with the writer, Van’s look can only take him so far. If he is that of a good actor, he should come to Hollywood and try. Afterall he has mentioned that it is his dream. He cannot make it there because the competition will be too much for him. He si popular among blacks because of his skin color. There is no need to be nasty and cause people out. I read some of the comments and some people seems very angry. It is no big deal. Van is using his looks to make money and frankly I applaud him. One should use whatever he can to bring food on the table including looks until it runs out.

  10. i say bull shit..Van is an excellent actor…people in the USA does the same espically women, when you ask a woman about denzel washington, or morris chesnut they go coo coo for coo coo pops,all that comes to mind is how sext these men are, that doesn’t prove a damn think about these guys not being good actors..once again i say bullshit this a Liberian American who grew up in Ghana..Van there is none like him.

  11. That is the burden that comes with being beautiful or handsome. People always seem to have some sort of problem- take Nadia for instance, ” oh she’s beautiful because of her skin color”, You take Jackie ” oh that’s natural beauty” that’s what I’ve noticed.Let’s be honest now the dude can act. Let’s take a student who a teacher knows, ” oh he/she earns good grades ’cause he/she knows the teacher”, it’s just like that. If he was unattractive, there would be no problem. Let’s look at it this way , his good looks make him even more recognized as an awesome actor.


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