“Discovery Of The Year, Straight Away Is For Sarkodie” – Billy Ocean

Billy Ocean

Radio presenter and Disc Jockey Billy Ocean who is known in private life as Richmond Oduro Kwarteng in a chit chat with has tipped Sarkodie to win the ‘Discovery of the Year’ at this years Ghana Music Awards. Billy also believes Sarkodie stands a better chance of winning the coveted and the over all winning category ‘Artiste of the Year’.

In our chit chat, Billy shared more light on the Ghana Music Awards 2010. He talked about the little problems encountered at the categorization process. Also he didn’t like the idea of Kwaku T, a full Hip Hop artiste being nominated to fight for honours in the category made up of most Hip Life artistes.

Below is the chit chat interview. What is your impression on the nominations for the Ghana Music Awards 2010?


Billy Ocean: The nominations I think everything is okay with it, everything for me is perfect, the only problem is with the categorization in which we argued over and over again. I was even seen as one of the controversial people among the categorization committee because am part of categorization committee, am part of the selection committee but unfortunately I wasn’t part of the planning committee which takes the final decision, so the nomination, yes I will say it’s good but it’s where they are placed because.

For example if you take Kwaku T who is a full Hip Hop artiste and then you want him to compete with the other artistes like Obrafour and the other ones who are  more like coming to home, for me it doesn’t really jell but the organizers know why it happened that way, so I have to respect views. Discovery of the Year, who in your opinion will pick it?

Billy Ocean: Discovery of the Year, straight away is for Sarkodie because if you look at the people in contention, he is the only person who has excelled, because he stands a very good chance of being the Artiste of the Year. My tip is for him and Bradez but unfortunately Bradez were in contention last year, so they are not put of the Discovery of the Year.

Ayigbe Edem

For Sarkodie this is his first time and for me he will pick it. Yes unfortunately, Ayigbe Edem is good but if you are comparing him to Sarkodie, definitely Sarkodie stands out very tall, far from Ayigbe Edem.

Ayigbe Edem came out with his own creative ideas with the Ayigbe style but Sarkodie cuts across and if you mention Sarkodie, you can mention about three, four tracks that Sarkodie has a hit but with Ayigbe Edem you might probably mention just like two and him as an artiste, he is a little bit limited but Sarkodie is open to all. Why do you think Ayigbe Edem is limited, is it because of the language?

Billy Ocean: Because of the language yes, he decided to go the Eve way. Well it’s not just the language but in terms of the music, he has how many hit songs? He has a huge album, I mean the album contains about 14 or almost 20 tracks but how many are hits.

Sarkodie, you can mention about 4 hit tracks, ‘Baby’, ‘Push’, ‘Burger’, the political song, so Sarkodie has more and has been doing a lot of shows as compared to Ayigbe Edem. So if you want to put the two on the same scale definitely Sarkodie has more weights but Ayigbe Edem is also creative in his own way and he’s done well. Thank you.

Billy Ocean: You are welcome.

By Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./


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  1. most ppl goin for sarkodie ba not all agrees.sarkodie will carry the day hands  down.he keeps it comin and  for the ppl who dont think he has made a big impact on the gh music scene wel google him lol and see for yaself hahhahahhaha he is every where

  2. y do u have a plb wid a guy who has made it in a twi dominated act…..edem is to the ewes waht sarkodie is to the akans…u can,t compare.


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