Hammer lashes at Kweisey Pee for disrespecting Ayigbe Edem

Hammer of the last two

For the past three days, Contemporary highlife musician, Kweisey Pee has been in the media, advocating his grievances over the Ghana Music Awards and the nominations. He revealed certain truths, according to him.

No one from Charter House has come out to debunk or accept what he has said. His grievances were seemingly well intentioned and well directed until he violated the ethics of the music industry by disrespecting Ayigbe Edem’s status in the Ghana Music Awards nominations, according to Hammer, CEO of The Last Two Entertainment Group.

Kwesey Pee did the unexpected when in expressing his grievances about the nominations, he complained about his one time nomination in the Best Male Vocal Performer category. He lamented that his album was better than somebody like Ayigbe Edem’s album yet Volta Regime made it to the Album of the Year category.

According to Hammer of the Last Two, he got to know about this development when a friend informed him of a publication on the website. He checked the site and the said story, and was totally awed that an artist in the calibre of Kweisey Pee could make such untoward comments.

For the record, the two artists do not produce the same kind of music. Kweisey Pee claims that he did not know Ayigbe Edem, if it was not for the Ghana Music Awards.

Hammer retorted that, “meanwhile, my house help, a very great fan of highlife, also knows every highlife musician but does not know Kweisey Pee. She heard his song and said she thought it was Kojo Antwi’s song.

That however does not give her any right to publicly condemn his status on the Ghana Music Awards”.

Ayigbe Edem came out with his Volta Regime Album in January 2009. He raps heavily in the EWE language. For a first timer, and an Ewe artist in a Twi dominated music industry, he was able to make seven nominations in the 2010 Ghana Music Awards. His music is widely accepted by a lot of people.

“KWEISEY Pee has acted immaturely. He should realize that the world does not revolve around him and if his music did not make it to a lot of categories, then he should restructure his promotion or move to Ghana permanently and stop condemning other people’s works”.

Hammer also added that “if Kweisey Pee understands how music is done and appreciated in Ghana, he will realize that for an Ewe artist like Ayigbe Edem to survive in a Twi dominated field, it means he has put in a whole lot of effort into his act”.

Hammer went on to say that a lot of people have issues with the Ghana Music Awards and the nominations. He himself even has issues and in discussing them, he will never condemn other artist’s status in any category. He will direct his grievances to the Ghana Music Awards. On this, he let this reporter in on his major problem with the Ghana Music Awards. He pointed out to the fact that Ayigbe Edem made seven nominations, and yet he was for some reason not eligible for the Artiste of the Year category.

That is not to say that Edem is better than the artists in that category or that he should replace someone there. He just feels that with seven nominations, it means Edem had done a lot of work and thus deserved to be part of the ultimate category of Artist of the Year.

The Last Two Entertainment Group therefore demands an apology from Kweisey Pee with the same publicity that he condemned Ayigbe Edem’s Album.

Signed: The Last Two Entertainment Group.


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    • @hammer, @ hammer,i dnt kno if u re de real hammer n if u re den u better giv us a break since kwasey pee hav de right to express his view,so u better shut ur stinking mouth.


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