Spectrum Films To Release First Special Effects Movie In Africa


After a decade of providing top-notch adverts with the best special effects, Spectrum Films is getting ready to release ‘Flash Fever’ whose thriller is beginning to gain the fame as the best special effects movie to have hit our screens in recent times.

The movie took a year and half to produce mainly due to the extent and depth of special effects works.

Venda Boamah, Producer and General Manager of Spectrum Films disclosed in an interview with that the movie has already been tagged as a ‘horror movie’ but there is a lot more to the movie than that.

“You can call the movie horror movie but it is not horror, it is terror. We want to emphasis on the special effects, it is first in Africa.”

She narrated that, Flash Fever is a about flashy things, “These days we have these ‘sakawa boys’ who are all about money and luxury, so Flash Fever is basically about a lady who will go to the extreme to get what she wants even if she has to kill.”

The story

Frema is a poor but hardworking young lady burdened with the responsibility of taking care of her sick mother and her unemployed siblings. But life as she knows it is about to change.

Frema is about to have her every dream fulfilled, but in return, she and her family will pay a price, a very high price for this sudden riches and luxury.

It all starts when Frema accepts a once in a lifetime gift from a total stranger. It seems too good to be true; a mansion, aEdinam Atatsi is making a major come back after being away from the movie scene. fleet of cars and enough money to enjoy good life. To top it all, her elder brother marries a new wife, Akos.

Akos is caring, sweet and honest. She is eager to please, but there is more to Akos than meets the eye, she will teach them the true meaning of terror. Frema and her family has fallen into the grips of the devil incarnate herself.

New actors/actresses

The movie was written and directed by Emmanuel Oppong Boamah and stars Edinam Atasi who is making a major come back after being out of the movie scene for long time.

New acts Ewurabena Bray, Solomon Odoom, Nana Sofoa Aseidu, Paa Kwesi Oppong Boamah are also making their first major appearance in the movie scene.

Asked why Spectrum Films is taking such a major risk, Venda said, “Reasons why we did not use regular or famous faces in the movie is because we wanted to unearth talents and the major famous actors/actresses did not have time.”

Flash Fever will premiere at the National Theatre on March 26 and later in Kwahu in the Eastern Region on April 2.

Watch Trailer Below

Story by Ernest Dela Aglanu/


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  1. it is horrible when i watched the advert. i have edged all my friends not to watch it. be careful reader not to watch this because it’s bad. i couldn’t eat the whole day when i watched the advert. let me stop talking about it now. i cant stand it

  2. Now this is a ghanaian movie i would love to watch, been a long time since we saw Edinam Atatsi on screen. Ghana producers been using the name ‘frema’ too much, i beg, make una change the name a


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