Boxer Joshua Clottey Denies Cheating On Wife

Joshua Clottey
Joshua Clottey

Leading Ghanaian boxer, Joshua Clottey, has denied allegations that he caused the failure of the relationship between him and mother of his only daughter.

According to him, he is not one of those celebrities who open their doors for every woman, just because they want to have their way. Joshua said the collapse of his marriage was due to this mother-in-law and stressed that he should not be blamed for having a child without a wife.

The boxer, who lost his last fight against Manny Pacquiao, made the comments during an encounter with a section of Ghana’s local press at a small welcome party organized on his behalf by Ruff ‘N’ Smooth, a hip life duo, at Bola Ray’s Empire Entertainment.

This was to congratulate him for using the duo’s Swagger hit song while entering the ring in far away Texa during his bout. Clottey, in the middle of the interview, told the press that he had a daughter, but not wife. That triggered further questions to find out if he was a womanizer.

He said he swept the lady off her feet at the age of 23 when she was still a virgin. By then, he was not as famous as he is today. Joshua said he got her pregnant but the lady’s mother didn’t like him because he was a Muslim while the lady and her family were Christians. “Because of that, every day we were always fighting and they heaped insults on me.” He said he was left with no option but to say goodbye to the relationship at the time when their baby was only 3 years old. “It is not true that I rejected my wife because I became an international star.

No, that is not it. They didn’t know that God would push me this far. Her mother, who used to dislike me, now treats me like gold when she sees me now,” Joshua said. Since his breakup with his wife, whose name he could not mention, Joshua revealed he had had a number of women in his life. He also denied claims that banku and okro soup caused him to lose his fight against Pacquiao.

Source: NewsOne


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  1. this guy is a f**king liar he is such a player he is leaving with his girl here in the bx and playing other women too. he married the mother of his child and now he is denying it come on joshua no body disrespected u .u did this to ur self
    he is even engaged to the lady here in bx.the lady is party of a group called sassu ladies in the bx

  2. Knowing what I know and how real it is out here in the field, I believe Joshua Clottey. Self-hating is a b*&ch if you ask me. Opportunistic Ghanaians who don’t want to work but want to chop will never like. Please, I know women like that. God Speed Joshua, all the best. There’s too many women in this world to be stressing over one. You did the right thing. Continue your journey and stay bless.


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