Yvonne Nelson vs Rukky Sanda- The Battle Of The Tall Actresses

Rukky Sanda and Yvonne Nelson
Rukky Sanda and Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson and Rukky Sanda- two screen Goddesses from the African movie industry. One is a dominant force within Nollywood (Sanda), whilst the other has managed to capture the hearts of viewers of both Ghollywood and Nollywood films.

Aside from being formidable forces in Nollywood and Ghollywood, both of these tall and beautiful actresses have more in common than it seems. Yet, one must reign dominant over the other. Who do you think is the Queen of the statuesque African actresses?- the choice is yours.

These two former beauty queens have established themselves as being amongst the movers-and-shakers of the Nollywood and Ghollywood arenas.  Yvonne was a former Miss Ghana contestant, whilst Rukky also has pageantry experience as a former high school beauty contestant. Pageantry aside, both  Rukky and Yvonne are accomplished university graduates- the former acquired a ‘Banking and Finance’ degree from Lagos State university, and the latter has a ‘Human Resource Management’ degree from the Central University College, Ghana.

With over twenty movies under their belts, both are no strangers to controversy and have seen themselves become embroiled in raging public discussions concerning their love lives.

Yvonne, who had major roles in ‘Princess Tyra’ and ‘Playboy’ has been linked to John Dumelo, Jon Gemain, and even her married co-star, Majid Michel. Similarly, Rukky, who has also had a somewhat tangled love life played out within the public arena, has been linked to several Nigerian male celebrities, including the music artist, D’banj. It was this romance that garnered the most public interest after rumours began to indicate an ongoing love square, D’banj was allegedly also involved with two other Nigerian actresses, Ini Edo and Mercy Johnson, around the same time he was rumoured to be courting Rukky. This led to the media reporting a fight which supposedly occurred between Mercy and Rukky, however, both actresses continuously denied this.

Although clearly loved by the viewers of Nollywood and Ghollywood movies, both have faced heavy media criticisms in the past.

Rukky has been constantly slated for her promiscuous dress sense, whilst Yvonne also faced backlash when ‘Heart of Men’ was released, due to the substantial amount of sexually explicit scenes in the film.

However, both ladies have managed to silence their critics with their ongoing and strong acting careers. They have even began to make waves in other sectors apart from the film industry; Yvonne starred as Kojo Antwi’s love interest in the video for ‘Adiepena,’ whilst Rukky has began to write and produce her own movies , including ‘Obscure Motive’.

There is no doubt that both of these ladies have been blessed with a tremendous amount of talent. However, as with all competitions, there can only be one winner. Therefore, who is your ‘Queen of the Statuesque Actresses?’- Yvonne or Rukky?

By: Regina Sackey-Addo/GhanaCelebrities.Com


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  1. is Yvonne very well sure that she really studied on her own to acquire all those qualifications and the huge title “graduate”, or she got all those royalties with her backside, anyway i wouldn’t be suprised if that is so.Mmmmm……..those who have eyes should watch, those with nose should smell and those with ears should listen. As a friend will say “when it is coming, it is doing” r u suprised? never be.

  2. they r both tall n sexy, but since i have to vote, i pick Rukky. they shudd do a movie together then we can really judge.

  3. 3b3 kc goal di33 enkc corner..anythg abt Yvonne is just awful..Rukky is much prettier n smarter dan dis Yvonne gurl..Rukky all de way..Yvonne shd go do Cantata or Akan drama..somthg 4 a start as a wannabe actress..


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