Why Sarkodie Left The ‘Last Two Music Group’ Label: Hammer Clears The Air


Hammer of the Last 2, born and named Edward Nana Poku Osei has turned ‘mere’ artistes into prolific ones. People who until meeting Hammer would have been in the musical wilderness without any hope whatsoever are sought after now.

Hammer goes for raw talents and transforms them into real musical idols. From Obrafour to Tinny to Kwaw Kese to Ayigbe Edem. The list is endless, not forgetting the number of artistes who have passed through his hands.

Rumour is just like dust which is seen everywhere. This particular rumour is circulating like a wild fire. Yes Sarkodie, the rapper touted by many as the fastest rapper in Ghana was signed on the Last Two Music Group Label to release his debut album after several months of grooming. But he left the Last two. How is Hammer taking the rumour? What prevented him from turning Sarkodie into what he is now?

Below is a full statement released by Hammer exclusively to

First of all, I’d like to say that this rumour is very true even though I wished it had never come out in the open. And it’s also important that I clear the air with the facts as soon as possible before the story is twisted and exaggerated.

Indeed Sarkodie was signed to The Last Two Music Group on the 25 of January 2008 as the second artiste of The Last Two’s new school of Recruits to redirect hip hop in Ghana. Both he and Ayigbe Edem were signed on the same day immediately after several months of grooming”.

However, after the release of Ayigbe Edem’s “U Dey Craze” single, which featured Sarkodie, it was realized that Sarkodie had gained some public appeal and was highly in demand.

Being the kind of producer that I am, it takes me almost threequarters of a year to come up with a solid album. With this backdrop, it was genuinely impossible for me to produce Sarkodie’s album at this time because that would’ve meant, disorganizing Ayigbe Edem’s promo so I could go back to the studio with Sarkodie.

That, I admit could not have happened, considering the fact that Ayigbe Edem was a peculiar case; he had come out with a not so popular language, musically speaking and he needed the attention and a lot of media promotion. It was also part of his promo strategy to have me endorse and stand behind him throughout his promo considering my reputation in this industry so he could be received regardless his unpopular language in the industry.

This situation would have ruined the career of one of these strong artistes. Sarkodie however asked if he could go back to Duncwills entertainment to make things smoother. I however agreed unconditionally believing that, trying to be selfish would have ruined the young man’s career. I therefore dissolved his contract so he could fly. It paid off eventually and am proud of both him and Ayigbe Edem as they both have been nominated eight and seven times respectively, including discovery of the year. I couldn’t be happier.

By Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./


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  1. well sarkodie was performing for wapi and this he was  with duncwills abi?  lol.hammer make we see the contract that sarkodie signed

  2. lee, sarkodie has always been with duncan and was also discovered by him.. read carefully and you’ll realise where i came in… if sarkodie hasn’t questioned my statement, i don’t think u should. now be a good boy and shut up!


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