Is Gospel Music Losing Its Value?

Ohemaa Mercy
Ohemaa Mercy- A Gospel Artist

Following the recent news on the amount of nudity within the Ghanaian film and music industry, it appears that Ghanaian gospel music is also heading down towards a slippery slope.

There was a time when the lyrics of gospel music could soothe the most bruised head, touch the most sinful hearts, and change the dirtiest soul. However, now it seems even gospel musicians are following a similar route to the other genres in the Ghanaian music industry. Promiscuity is now becoming prevalent even within some gospel music videos- detracting from the powerful lyrics and message of their songs are scantily clad gospel singers revealing too much flesh.

As singers of the Lord’s word, there should be no doubt that this is completely inappropriate and blasphemous. Their videos are counteracting the message of their songs- what is the point of singing about such powerful things if you are going to dress like a slut in videos?

Their clothing attire is not the only thing distracting from the message of their songs- too much make-up and exuberant hairstyles is also in the spotlight regarding gospel music videos. Although understandable that every woman likes to dress up and look their best, is such an extravagant dress sense necessary when filming a video to promote a song about God?

The downwards spiral of the genre can also be highlighted by the fact that gospel music is now being frequently played in nightclubs- of all places! Furthermore, more thought appears to be put into fashion as opposed to the lyrics of the song- emphasised by the unnecessary repetition of the same words, and needless shouts.

The renowned Ghanaian international gospel music artist, Sonnie Badu, put it best when he said, “Ghanaian gospel music doesn’t make sense.”

Ghanaian gospel music appears to be losing its value, and at a fast rate. How can gospel artists sing about God and righteousness, when they are doing the exact opposite of what they sing about in their own songs. Is that not hypocrisy on the part of the musicians?

It seems to me that God needs to have mercy on us all- gospel music artists included.

By: Obour Amankwa/ GhanaCelebrities.Com


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0 thoughts on “Is Gospel Music Losing Its Value?”

  1. he doesnt say , is point is that sometimes you dont see the difference between an hiplife artist and a gospel one.I mean sometimes when we watch their clips its like they do that for business and miney but not for the Glory of God.Its like they are boosting about their money , or how God have made them beautiful.But we are missing the whole point “God”!!! Songs are the fruit of lips not the fruit of wallets!!

  2. Some of them are overdoing it but in general the dressing matches the music. The days of Mary Ghansa, Diana Akiwumi, Stella Dugan, Tagoe Sisters, Daughters of Glorious Jesus saw no such problems.

  3. @ ghaliday you are very right!
    EVen in those days ppl were criticising Amy Newman but hey, today she cant even match up to what Christiana Love and them others do. You see the dances by Christie n Kwaku Gyasi and ask yourself, this is just business! even the lyrics dun say anythin deep!
    the whole message is about : God blesses you with riches, this life is important!
    but the message should be, focus on heaven! 
    for that I would praise Florence Obinnim on her tracks
    but as for the rest: i no go suffer??? what song is that? doesnt the Bible teach us the true christians will suffer persecution? so Paul was no chirstian?
    we really need to e careful when listening lest we even be led astray

  4. i totally agree with the author cos gospel songs r meant to win souls n worship God n the singers must practice wat the gospel says before spilling it out n not the other way rnd


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