“I Am Not Married, It Is All Lies From NewsOne”: Mzbel


Over the last few days, some news media outlets in Ghana have been rife with speculation that the prolific, albeit controversial hiplife artist, Mzbel, had recently gotten married to a Nigerian man, known as Mr Chucks.

This unfounded rumour  was first published by newly established newspaper network, Newsone. Following the publication of these unfounded allegations, various other Ghanaian media outlets also began to publish the same story, without ascertaining its credibility.

Being the legitimate source of information media we are, decided to contact Mzbel in order to get to the truth behind these allegations. Speaking exclusively to us from Ghana, she completely renounced all the rumours by declaring: “I am not married; it is a lie that this new newspaper is putting out there to sell their paper. You know Mzbel sells and as such, this new newspaper, in desperation of wishing to meet sales target has concocted this incredible story about me. I have not even been to Nigeria in years and I don’t know where all this is coming from. No one has contacted me with regard to this story.”

So there you have it folks- all stories detailing recent nuptials between Mzbel and a Nigerian man are completely false. After setting the record straight, Mzbel disclosed to us that she is currently studying Graphics and Web Design, and Languages, at the IPMC College of Technology.

The artist, also known as Nana Ekua also mentioned her excitement at upcoming performances in South Africa at the end of the World Cup in July, and the United States in August.

The conversation with Mzbel concluded with her announcing a treat for her fans- she promised to send exclusive pictures from her recent photo shoot, so stay tuned.

By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri/ GhanaCelebrities.Com/ United Kingdom


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0 thoughts on ““I Am Not Married, It Is All Lies From NewsOne”: Mzbel”

  1. Say it again gilly, some newspapers and websites in ghana are really shit. All they do is publish false stories just for pupolarity. Thanks Ghana celebrities.

  2. NO OFFENCE! but who in his right mind would want to marry this girl anyway? almost all the dj’s and the male musician’s have fucked her, so who would want to pay a good price for a left over. like i said no offence.

  3. love they say have no boundaries,at least she has someone who will really love and cherish her jus let her go and enjoy her new marriage life…..all the best………xoxo. lol………..

  4. Ohhhhh!!! Mzbel says she’s not married?? well,well,well  I’m not surprised at all, infact that’s expected…LOL!!

  5. @ gilly why we cant leave her alone is because she is a fuck child trying to get attention at all times and trust me for the people that might response on this, this has nothing to do with hating or what but the truth is there to be told and not to be sold that girl need some deliverance

  6. I don’t understand why u media people won’t report on ur lifestyles and leave Mizbel. U are no Angel but u paint this lady as a devil. Why . don’t she has the liberty to live her own life. U hypocrites writers and chronic lairs.

  7. Thanks Ghanacelebs for clearing up my confusion…Live ur live Mz…..But, ermmmm, whats that thing around ur eye brow though?? Enlighten a sister a lil bit…


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