Security Man Slaps King David At GMA

'He pushed everybody back and hits anybody his hands could reach. It was so bad I have never experienced anything like that'-King DavidPopular Ghanaian Highlife singer, King David of “Ayefe Notse” fame, is one of the numerous stars who suffered under the appalling behaviour of some security personnel at the just ended Ghana Music Awards, held at the Accra International Conference Center, last Saturday, April 10.

Popular Ghanaian Highlife singer, King David of “Ayefe Notse” fame, is one of the numerous stars who suffered under the appalling behaviour of some security personnel at the just ended Ghana Music Awards, held at the Accra International Conference Center, last Saturday, April 10.

King David, who was nominated for an award in the “Best Highlife Song of the Year” category, had a huge misunderstanding with one of the security detail. The security officer, who obviously was not a Ghanaian, and clearly did not know the individual he was dealing with, shoved and manhandled the singer in the full glare of patrons at the main entrance.

The apparent communication gap deepen the confusion between the two as each could not understand what the other was trying to say.

The timely arrival of Mrs. Theresa Ayaode, Executive Director of Charter House at the scene, saved the Ghanaian singer from further physical punishment and prevented what could have been a rather nasty spectacle for Ghana’s showbiz industry.

But King David, after the unpleasant ordeal, was clearly disinterested in attending the show, but was prevailed on by Mrs. Ayaode to rescind his decision after offering profuse apologies

Other distinguished personalities and invited guests including Amandzeba, Gyedu Blay Ambulley, George Andah, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of MTN Ghana, Paa John, Head of Communications at Charter House, the VIP dancers, Kwasi Aboagye of Peace FM, Amanda of Hitz FM, DSP Kofi Sarpong and others, were served with similar repulsive treatment by these “foreign” security personnel who ended up nearly causing insecurity and panic to patrons.

The behavior of the security personnel on the night was awful as they even unleashed dogs on some patrons and even whipped others with their belts.

Sharing his bitter experience in an interview with Peacefmonline, a traumatized King David described the incident as “terrible”.

“I was asked to make it to the venue by 7:30pm by Charter House and join the other nominees to be chauffeured in a limousine from the State House to the venue…I arrived at exactly 7pm and waited for over 1hour. I saw the limousine at the venue but nobody called me to join in…my manager got in touch with Fred Darko of Charter House and Fred told him that we should find our way in,” he said.

According to the “Born to Win” singer, there was nothing like preferential treatment accorded to any Special Guest or nominee at the venue.

“The security man did not even take a look at my ticket or paid heed to what I had to say… he just shoved everyone off and began hitting patrons with whatever they could lay their hands on. It was so bad. I have never experienced anything like that,” he said.

Asked if he was really slapped, King David replied that he was “hit on the neck and the shoulder from behind.”

“What incensed me more was when I realized they were not Ghanaians but were molesting Ghanaian stars in that manner…I have never been so angry in my entire life before. I wanted to fight the security man until he killed me,” he fumed.

According to him, he was accompanied by Mrs. Enim, his manager’s wife, who also got her share of maltreatment when she was pushed to the floor, with some parts of body being exposed.

“…she lost her phone, bag and everything she had on her…Even Theresa (Mrs. Ayaode of Charter House), who chanced upon the scene, could not stop them. She later apologized to me and gave me two security escorts to lead me in. It was very bad and so painful to watch security men from another country manhandling hundreds of Ghanaians. This is the worst Ghana Music Awards I have ever attended,” he told peacefmonline.

He added that “till now nobody has called me from Charter House to find out how I’m doing after what happened to me at the awards nite.”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Theresa Ayaode has expressed her deepest regret for the massive security lapses on the night.

Speaking on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” on Thursday, April 15, 2010, she said there was a fire incident at the venue which necessitated the closure of the gate until 8pm.

“We have accepted that there was a problem at the gate and we find it very regrettable. We want to apologize to anybody who went through the chaotic period at the gate. We want you to know that, that was not our intention and promise to give particular attention to the gate and the reception that you will receive at future awards,” Theresa stated.

Peacefmonline investigation revealed that the security men were brought in from neighboring country, Togo, to work alongside their Ghanaian counterparts. They could only speak French and a little Ewe.



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  1. it is very sad that ghanaiab´ns being hospitable are treated badly, ghana music awards has never been good since it started it must be cancelled but to find better organisers to handle programs like that…don´t u watch award programs from other continents?… why don´t u use security personells from our own country? shame to the organisers!!!

  2. This is what happens when a people refuses to learn to do things on their own and always rely on outsiders to come do for them. This is just a beginning of what’s to come. Of course they’ll manhandle our prized stars. They have no connection/attachment to you. A country that is own and operated by outside foreign interest shouldn’t be surprise to find foreigners in their land treating it’s citizens bad. Welcome to the new world.

    Charter House is a joke and don’t give a hoot about the people other than their pockets. Their names come up wayyyy too much wherever  corruption and mismanagement shows it’s head. They need to be seriously investigate before they wrecked the whole country into the ground.

  3. The organizers couldn’t find any security personnels from Ghana they had to go outside Ghana? The behaviour exhibited by the security personnels is unacceptable and should not be allowed to happen EVER again.

  4. This is disgraceful. The organozation needs a shake up. Charter House needs to clean house because they are not doing enough to make the GMAs the best it needs to be.

  5. This is rubbish.Does it mean charter house could not use any of the security personnel in Ghana other than people from outside Ghana?



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