Actress Yvonne Okoro: Spotlight & Exclusive Video Interview

Yvonne Okoro
Yvonne Okoro

The Ghanaian or African movie industry as a whole is plagued with the same old faces; new promising talents are not given the prospect of exhibiting their hidden talents.

One of such talent is a lady who is filled with hidden talent up her sleeves and set to give producers reasons to have a second thought as to whom they contact to feature in their movies when she is around, that actress is Yvonne Okoro who is gradually warming herself into the hearts of movie lovers.

Not only is Yvonne beautiful, she has the talent, a good sense of humour, down to earth and a delight to watch on screen. Before she was contracted to play Ciara in the movie ‘Beyonce’ after the facial reconstructive surgery of Jackie Appiah, actress Yvonne Okoro has since been part of few movies.

In a recent chat with, Yvonne recalled how she got into acting and the passion she has for it. She spoke about her dream to become a Lawyer in the not distant future. She is ‘very’ single lady but not looking, because she wants to devote her time and energy into her acting career. She is also writing a book which will be ready soon.

There have been conflicting statements in the media as to whether she is a Ghanaian or a Nigerian, even though most outlets have stated that she is a Ghanaian but her name is of Nigerian origin. Miss Okoro set the record straight. She said “I don’t think my nationality should be important. I am just an African”.

She was born Yvonne Chinyere Okereke Okoro by a Nigerian man and Ghanaian mum. She is a mix and calls herself Ghanaian, a Nigerian and an African. She comes from a very large family, she is more or less introvert, who try to come out of that shell. Yvonne believes she can accomplish whatever she wants to do with determination and perseverance.

Yvonne was the first child of her mum, and 5th born of all siblings put together. Her strict dad who believes in education didn’t like the fact that she will choose acting over education, though there is a wild perception about people who comes on television. Her dad is not still happy that she is on television.


Miss Yvonne attended Achimota Preparatory School then after which she went to the Lincoln Community School then to Faith Montessori School, after to Mfanstiman Girls Senior High School after which she continued at University of Ghana, Legon where she did Bachelor of Arts by combing English and linguistics. She continued later at the University De not in France to study Press Civilization, Drama and Marketing. Yvonne have always wanted to live in France so when the opportunity came, she didn’t want to miss it.


Yvonne entered into mainstream acting in 2002 after her Senior High Education. Her first movie was ‘Sticking to the Promise’ produced by the Nigerian producer Theo Akatugba. She also played a cameo role in the hit mini series ‘Tentacles’ produced by the same producer for Point Blank Media Concepts.

Those roles paved way for her to feature in ‘Beyonce’, her first major movie. When the issue of searching for Jackie Appiah’s resemblances came up, Abdul Sallam Mumuni of Venus Films fell on Yvonne’s shoulders and she delivered. And now people think she is a twin sister of Jackie Appiah.

Yvonne was away for 1 year to study, now spark up her acting career. For the records, the outspoken Yvonne has plans of becoming a lawyer in the next 10 years. She has also featured in a movie in France which is also yet to released. Yvonne can speak French in addition to English and her mother tongue Tongue. She has 12 movies so far to her credit, they include The Return Of Beyonce, The Return Of Beyonce 2, Beyonce 2: The President’s Daughter, Beyonce: The President’s Daughter, 4Play, Desperate To Survive, The Game, Agony Of Christ, Royal Battle, Queen Of Dreams and ‘Le Hotelier’ in France.

Watch The Video Interview Below

By Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./


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  1. wow has she realli got it all.i love a woman with brawn and beauty.well done this should teach the others a lesson .u have it u

  2. I always wonder what happen to her after the movies Beyonce and Royal Battle, now I understood from reading your article on Ms. Okoro. I recognised her talent in those movies and always wanted to know why she was not given the exposure. However, I admire her for choosing education over acting for the time being. Such talent, intelligence and beauty should not be hidden and with God’s Blessings I wish her all the best in her endeavours in the future. 

  3. Yeah I always wondered what happened to her after beyonce too, shes a black beauty and really speaks well, hope she comes back.

  4. Yvonne is a Godsent!her movies touches ones soul,it cools ones temper&put smiles on d face of many…gal ure 3 mch,mor grease 2 ur elbow&blive me ure d bst ghanians cn ofa!love u gal!


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