Le Maxque Launches Anti Breast Cancer Campaign

Le Maxque in his mask

Ayalem loo, ayalemaa,

Ayalem loo, ayalemaa,

Nyedeka mechi agbedome, ayalem loo,

Nyehola lenyeyome

Menya be elavanyo

In English it means…

‘Am suffering, am suffering

Am suffering, am suffering

Left alone to face daring challenges of life

Am suffering

But behold my redeemer liveth

I know therefore it shall be well

How soon this motivational lyric has found its way onto the lips of Ghanaians, young and old, both Ewes and non- Ewes. On the lips of many, the track Elavanyo is currently rated Ghana’s number 1 traditional Ewe song. Tigo color ring subscribers can now also download the track as color ring by simply texting d0003010210 to short code 555.

From now where, Le Maxque, a Ghanaian–Togolese song writer and singer has suddenly storm the Ghanaian music arena with his amazingly daring mask concept that has challenged artist image packaging; a controversial concept he defends and explains he has to adopt just to enable him get quick attention from the general public as well as maintain a unique showbiz image. A concept that has structured his identity so controversial, his own fans cannot tell who he is or who he is not. If you have seen his current hit ‘Elavanyo’ music video, I believe you will agree with me that Le Maxque is a real talent and daringly an innovative one indeed. His current album ‘Elavanyo’ is one of the finest collections of traditional Ghanaian-Togolese Ewe music that cuts across barriers and languages. Listening to the tracks, you will realize three major things; purely professional indigenous instrumentation, mature lyrics and a soothing feeling that makes you request for a replay.

Le Maxque

In an exclusive interview with the, the German based artist revealed he has a big surprise for his fans within the next 2 months.

He recently launched an innovative Anti Breast Cancer Campaign in partnership with Ghana Health Services. The campaign, code named ‘The Romantic Killer Ghana 2009 And Beyond’ is a 3 years project designed by Le Maxque to

  1. Create a friendly platform for early detection of the disease and survival support.
  1. Create the biggest anti breast cancer awareness through Radio, TV seminars and floats supported by campaign music video.
  1. Set up the Le Maxque FREE Breast Screening Centres to provide FREE breast screening to all women.

The campaign music is currently being finalized in the studios and all are set up for this historic anti breast cancer campaign music video to be shot within the next 14 days. Interested ladies who wish to participate in the shooting of this music video should send an email to [email protected] with the subject ‘Anti Breast Cancer Music Video

The campaign on the international front is being supported by Nisha’s Management in conjunction with ZyeCha Inc in the United States of America. The group, an affiliate to Komen Race For The Cure [Breast Cancer Awareness] is currently working on a 44 state tour for massive awareness concert in the US where Le Maxque is expected to represent Africa and Ghana to perform live along side other top US artists in October 2010.

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  1. I support this and am appreciative of this article. More women need to realize anyone can develop breast cancer regardless of age or race or nationality. I am a big advocate for breast cancer awareness as well as sickle cell as my own grandmother at the age of 39 died from breast cancer before I was even born. Checking for breast cancer starts at home, it is free (doesn’t cost a thing) to check yourself ladies, so don’t forget to do so atleast once a month, while showering or whatever! Your s.o.could even get involved and make it fun lol… It’s so important to stay in tuned with your body and get any changes checked out by a doctor including lumps, discharges and/or bleeding. Don’t wait until its too late for yourself!!! Let’s all support each other by spreading the word of awareness to the ladies in our lives, getting educated abt the facts and also in fighting this one survivor at a time!

  2. I suppose your talking about the translation of the song? Well… since it is a translation, I guess the correct question would be, is it accurate or is it wrong- am or I’m??? Because translation has nothing to do with grammar, lol. And, I can’t answer that myself, I don’t speak the language lol!


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