Why Be So Critical Of The Female Celebrities?

Mzbel Yesterday
Mzbel Yesterday

Seldom do the Ghanaian media or general public object to male artists who put out racy videos or shows. Nonetheless, the same cannot be said of female artist, the general response is harsher. There wouldn’t be a need for this article if the level of disapproval is equal between both genders. It seems when artist such as, 4*4, screwface, R2Bees etc display scantily clad vixens stiffly shaking pancake butts and thrusting their pelvis at the camera in their videos, or on stage it usually slides without a hitch. However, when a female artist like Mzbel, Veeda, KK Vidash (LOL) exhibit equal raunchiness it is deemed too provocative and too sexual.

I toyed with the idea of writing about this particular subject, but, it took interviews with two female artists to get me going. It is important that, I point out that, when questioned about the media and public’s response, both females expressed their displeasure, and felt no need whatsoever to justify their choice of wardrobe or routine. I daresay this reaction stems from societal perception of women. It seems these female artists must walk a fine line to avoid such condemnation.

I wouldn’t attribute the media or public’s reaction on uneasiness with such display of sensuality and sexuality by these female artists, but rather, on the society’s intimidation when a woman embodies her sexuality and wields it to her advantage. As I fail to understand the difference between these scantily dressed female artists and the male artists who wear their pants below their bum, usually parading shirtless flaunting their “bird chest” and in some instances, budding pot bellies. Are they better off than these females in terms of decency? And isn’t that the equivalent of being half naked?

By: Cassie Johnson/GhanaCelebrities.Com


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0 thoughts on “Why Be So Critical Of The Female Celebrities?”

  1. The music industry in Gh is a male dominated area and many things have been accepted to be the “norm”. Remember Lumba’s video where you could see all of the woman’s backside? People frowned a little bit and went on their way but let one female musician do the same and we would be all over her like a pitbull on a tom-cat. We have to be fair and criticize all of them constructively and fairly.

  2. This article just proved that this site is full of two-faced HYPOCRITES…GhanaCelebrities u are da same site dat r always goin on about how some of da Ghanaian female celebs dress n stuff…omdz u guys r so 2-faced its actually stupid…y would u even bother with this article when u guys are part of da 1s that diss people???!!!!

    stupidness straight up

  3. Soul Sister, I am just commenting to address your misapprehending of the article above. This has nothing to do with the stand of GhanaCelebrities.Com on indecent exposures. All the article seeks to address is the balance that is always waived in favour of the men on the issue of indecent exposure. We are not under any term saying, it is right and worthy of our female celebrities to indecently expose their selves, but we are saying, why do the media outlets only hit up on the women whiles the men are also victims of this. 

    Moreover, you should realise this is an article coming from a female who might though not necessarily true hold a feminist view and approach to things, who believes that women celebs are being critically examined in their way of dressing with the men being left at loose. So try to comprehend articles before attacking GhanaCelebrities as you just did. Enjoy your day and we appreciate your loyalty visits on here. 

  4. @ Chris-Vincent…”why do the media outlets only hit up the women”…why don’t u ask yourself and your staff that since that’s what u guys do as well…I get da article completely…i know ur tryna say that women are targeted more when it cums to indecent exposure…what am tryna say is that its hypocritical of u guys 2 write an article like dis since u are one of “media outlets that only hit up women”

  5. @ghanaceleb i gues you guys are based in uk serving 24/7 trying to find something to put on you guys are so sad, useless, uneducated you call this a website you should call it cause your full of bullshit so you trying to tell me anytime you see a lady a little bit naked your going to make a newsflash about it i gues the person who is adding all those things on it must be a 64 years old rimpeld ass man that is living in the old days step your game up and stop putting all those idiotic news on it damn it dont you get tired of it if there is one person who is bring GH down worldwide than its this website than get your fact strait get your staff strait and your story’s cause all this cock and bull aint taking you no where soon enough you will be loosing allot of customers ucle fuckers

  6. Brian, i agree with you a 100%..I dont know why Ghanaians make a big deal when these things occur..It feels like people are still living in the stone age..I was reading an article on this site where people were frowning at an actress that showed off her boobs in a Ghanaian movie..I think its time for Ghanaians to be more open minded..We are in the 21st century…

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