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Is Nana Ama Mcbrown in love with Pope Skinny?. The Truth and the Deceit.

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Nana Ama

Ghanaian actress Nana Ama McBrown’s publicist sent GhanaCelebrities.Com the statement below to clear up few things on the ‘perceived’ love relationship between the actress and Akuapim rapper Pop Skinny.

The statement corrects some anomalies created by a story originally published by Peace fm. It futher states that Nana Ama Mcbrown is not in love with the Akuapim rapper Pope Skinny OR has she any future plans to date HIM as speculated by the Peacefmonline reporter.

Below is the full write up.

It is very unfortunate I have to take precious time to sit behind my laptop and write this piece.

I was so shocked  when  Nana Ama Mcbrown called me last week Tuesday evening to ask me if I have seen and read a story on about  her (Nana Ama)  falling in love with Pope Skinny?

As a Publicist for the affable actress, I quickly log on to the website ( and to my uttermost dismay,  I found a very long concocted story coloured with mischief, lies, guesswork and  conjecture to the highest degree of journalistic standard.

Immediately, I called the writer of the story (Eugene Osafo-Nkansah) to find out the justification behind this inexcusable piece of work.  My first question to Eugene was “My friend, why did you decide to write such a story about Nana Ama, is that what happened at the place, why this mischief?

“Nii, what have I done? This is showbiz and you know Nana Ama Mcbrown is a star. If you think this is not the true picture of what happen then you can write a rejoinder for me to publish, as far as I’m concern I’ve not done anything wrong.” Eugene boldly replied on the phone.

Out of this ignorant and careless response from the writer I decided to chronicle some few things to set the records straight. (With all respect to Hon. Fiifi Kwertey)

First, let me put on record that Nana Ama Mcbrown is not in love with the Akuapim rapper Pope Skinny OR has she any future plans to date HIM as speculated by Eugene Osafo-Nkansah.

The Day In Question

On that fateful day, it was Nana Fynn’s 10th album launch at Tema UNKNOWN to Nana Ama. She had been invited for SMART TV launch at Alisa Hotel. At the time we got there the program was over. Fortunately or unfortunately for us, there was another event at the Pool Side; the launch of Hi-Life Festival Ghana. On our way home after the program, Eugene approached me and said “Nii, Nana Fynn is launching his album at Tema if you guys don’t mind we can go.” Apparently, Fiifi Banson had also made the same request from Nana Ama, so we set off to Tema.

At the Launch

Most of the artistes who performed did not live up to expectation and the only response they got from the audience was a clap until Pope Skinny came on stage. Truthfully, as said by Eugene the rapper’s CD couldn’t play so he decided to do the free-style.

Surprisingly, his performance caught on very well with few audience and they start to cheer him. Being moved by the performance Nana Ama and Emelia Brobbey (a fellow actress) got up and starts to dance in admiration of how the Akuapim rapper was delivering his free-style lyrics.

As customs demands from the people of Ashanti, if they admire or appreciate an act, drama or dance they do that by sticking money on your forehead. And that was exactly what the Ashanti- born actress did. It’s a symbolic gesture from the people of Ashanti…halloo! Eugene Osafo Nkansah!

And for that simple symbolic gesture this is how Eugene put it….. “Pope Skinny known for his Akuapim rap stole Nana Ama’s heart when he took over the microphone to perform for the crowd……. Nana Ama could not help but join Pope Skinny to dance on stage to the free style without beats…..she stacked a GH¢20 note on Pope Skinny’s forehead before she went back to her seat. …. For now only time will tell what Nana Ama’s true feelings for Pope Skinny are and where it will eventually lead to, especially now that she is single. Keep reading for more information”.

As I write this piece, I still can’t comprehend what will push a journalist to write such scandalous story about an actress whom he knows next-to-nothing-about and end by saying “keep reading for more information”. I dare him to give us more since the whole world is anxiously waiting for that ‘more’.  What is this?

Another pathological lie was when Eugene said “Charming Nana Ama sent for Pope Skinny after his performance to congratulate him and exchanged numbers with him. She insisted he call her later.”

What! That was a lie from the inner chamber of hell.  It was Fiifi Banson who sent Eugene to call Pope Skinny, congratulated him and asked him to send him a copy of his CD. He (Fiifi Banson) then authorized Eugene to take Pope Skinny’s number. Nana Ama never took Pope Skinny’s number nor she did ask and insisted he calls her. As a matter of fact, I was the one who took Pope Skinny’s number.

The Deceit

Finally, Eugene also stated categorically without checking and re-checking as our journalistic ethics demand that “the actress got married to Nana Wiafe Akenteng, an Ashanti Chief but the couple divorced in 2008”.

For the records, Nana Ama Agyeman Mcbrown was NEVER married to Nana Wiafe Akenteng or any chief in the Ashanti kingdom. The truth that Eugene refused to tell the world is that the affable diva, Nana Ama Mcbrown on 15th July, 2007, was enstooled as the Nkosuohemaa (queen-mother of development) of Assin-Basiako near Assin-Fosu in the Assin North District of the Central Region, Ghana.

Eugene’s misleading piece could only have been crafted by he who calls himself a Journalist and yet fails to uphold the basic standards of the noble profession and I call it professional dishonesty.

Not to irk readers with long piece let me introduce the last of my full stops this minute by saying the Akuapim rapper is astonish by this speculative piece from Eugene Osafo- Nkansah.

Nii Amarh Amarteifo


This post was published on May 17, 2010 12:39 PM

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