Why The Sudden Drift To R-Rated Movies In Ghana?

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Heart Of Men
Same Marth Ankomah In The Movie "Heart Of Men"

The movie industry has been making impressive progress for the last few years. The awards received at the just ended Africa Movies Academy Awards (AMAA) clearly show we are definitely on an upward curve.

Why then the sudden drift to R rated movies? Ghanaian movies have always evolved around family entertainment and culture – just like we used to gather round to watch Thursday Theatre back then. Pure family entertainment and that’s what makes it different from the western movies.

When Frank Rajah (Venus films) produced Hearts of Men, it didn’t show much nudity like we seeing today. The movie showed Majids butt crack and some scenes we not used to seeing in our movies. Ghanaians did let this slide without considering its profound implications. Overall the movie was a hit and ended up becoming the trendsetter.

What did we see next? Well, the likes of Socrates, seeing how Frank cashed in decided it’s the way forward and took it to another level. Cheap poor quality productions with more repetitive and unnecessary sex scenes which do not fit anywhere in storyline became a common practise. Originality and creativity went through the window. Socrates has since produced Sex and Love; and now Hot Fork.

The turnout for Hot Fork was great. People had to actually queue for hours before getting to watch the movie. That makes me wonder was it out of curiosity or simply because it was free. Then again we have different movie choices right?

The less said about the acts in this movie the better. Was it for cheap fame or money? Definitely not the latter as I understand they were underpaid. Desperate ‘wannabes’ I suppose. It’s a shame! I bet self respect and moral values means nothing to them.

In our stride to move forward, break barriers and get international recognition these cheap poor production of R rated movies do not only question the regulatory framework of the industry. It serves as an insult to the genuinely hard working producers trying to put Ghana on the worldwide movie map.

In as much as this drift is money motivated, I strongly believe Ghanaians will appreciate some originality and creativity. Give us something different- in a good way – to the rest (West). There might be a market for this sort of production but question is, are we to compromise on our moral values in the name of movie choices and diversity? Spare us this.

Heart Of Men
Majid in his element

By:Benni Moi/GhanaCelebrities.Com/United Kingdom

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. I think this post is abit redundant. The topic has already been discussed, and continues to be discussed in several other postings on the site already.

  2. I agree wit u TRUTH. But i think we shud stil av to talk abt it again. Cos dis money chasing movie makers wont stop bringing out cheap, crappy movies.

  3. person who keeps putting sex stories on i got a question for you do you have something against woman or are you gay or what cause you seems to bring a lot of these stories now days 

  4. Now @Bawse. I think the homos do like the s3ks stories too. I don’t think this is some misogynistic motive on the part of the writers. As you can see, s3ks sell! And that’s why the sudden drift towards X and R rated movies.

    1. @ghallday,

      Ghallday, sometimes you dont even understand what will please Ghanaians as human beings. Instead of them to support or criticise constructively, all you see is insult upon insult… Only Ghana.. 

  5. @ghallday sex is been selling for the past 20 odd years worldwide so why know think? these people are always coming with same kind of stories same kind of movement now they wanna but some spice in there but whatever they are putting in there is just wack

  6. @ Bawse. Agreed. It has been selling for decades. And not surprisingly it keeps selling.  So they should keep “selling” and people will be “buying” of course.lol

  7. I’ve followed with keen interest da comments p’ple post here with regard 2 diz particluar topic. I’m gonna unleash mine pretty soon that will leave an unprecedented debate for decades. Keep reading. I’ve spoken!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. @ brian berchie. No I am not. I am just saying it as it is. I am not part of the “crew” but I am sure you have made your mind on what to believe anyway so I no go force with my response.lol

  9. IF THIS THE SMOKE…..WONDER WHAT THE FIRE WILL BE…..Ghanaian movie producers can have interesting selling points in their movies other than using sex which is not in conformity with the Ghanaian values. sex scenes is rather becoming too dominant theme in Ghanaian movies. those involved in movie production can do their homework well ……are they aiming to act pornography in the future?…….since the sex scenes are appearing in the movies gradually and the public becomes acquitted to such scenes it will be no surprise for movie producers to soon dominate their movies with pornography…..mind you, sex is a strong language and when it is incorporated in a context it dominates…. so, little is not small in such movie contexts.

  10. Who cares Ghana is moving forward thats what counts. I have seen that all the people complaining are the people not getting any action.

  11. I have been reading the articles & comments on this site for some time now & I believe its time to comment too. To begin with, I bought “Kiss me if you can” & watched it with a few friends over the weekend. To our surprise this had no serious porn scenes in it as portrayed except for the 20 seconds scene which was actually some ones fantasy “day dreaming” about his dream girl. The movie actually teaches a good moral lesson & I would recommend it for all the critics to watch it before they jump to conclusions like I also did previously.

    Now a word to the writer who keeps bringing up this issue, I will advice you to see these movies first before you criticize them. I really believe you keep bringing this up just to fill up the space on this site. That is poor journalism & you may end up turning readers away from your site.
    I have not seen the rest of the movies that are being criticized except “Heart of men” but from what I saw from the “Kiss me” movie, you guys have done a great disservice to the movie industry back home. I will plead with any one who doubts me to watch this movie and come back here to comment on what they think.
    Please publish useful articles and don’t over work Mr. Febiri, the only “journalist” you have.

  12. @wawa, the same was said for “Hot Fork” I don’t understand why all these producers make their trailers so DISGUSTING! trailers are supposed to tell you exactly what the movie is gonna be about. why make the 1:30-3 minute trailer about sex scenes, porn, nudity, when the movie has really nothing to do with that? do they really think they need to use sex scenes (horrible ones at that) to try and win people over? if their movies are so good and not about that, why can’t they just show us that? its just foolishness.

    these people have issues. still FOOLS in my book.

  13. showing these movies will not increase my sex styles and life so preach educative movies for other generation.

  14. @Alicia A. Well done you’ve said it all!! If dey think dat their useless movies have anthing gud 2 portray apart 4rm sex then what is the point in showing abt 90% sex in the trailers?