Oh No: Essien Misses World Cup, Can Ghana Make It Without Him?

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Essien and mum

Michael Essien has been ruled out of the World Cup in South Africa. The information is quite simple; ‘he will not make full recovery until the end of July’.

Everything happens for a reason. The sad news is that, Essien will be missed on the field. On the other hand, he may also get enough time and attend to his father’s issues.

Oh no,Ghanaians! please spare Akosua Puni on this one.Her “imperial majesty” Akosua Puni never played any role in Essien’s absence.

Can Ghana make it without Essien?

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  1. LOL Akosua Puni …ok. She has nothing to do with this.. I hope. This is terrible news indeed. A big disppointment for me. The Stars will do just fine without Essien. Ghana-all-day!! 

  2. course da Black Stars will be ok without him…I mean if he woz dere it wud have been betta BUT da team dun equal one person…we got bare otha talents dat we can focus on…espesh my nu husband Kevin-Prince….mmmmm may da good Lord bless dat boy’s parents 4 creatin such a buff child lol

    1. @Soul Sista…please Gh girls, leave Kevin alone….the last time a player became the ladies man, he ended up in Egypt and now in Cyprus.LOL…please we need this one.

      1. @zion, LOOOOOOOL…oh we’ll leave him alone…well dun know bout my otha GH sistaz but I will…I’ll just be admirin da beautiful view 4rm da comfort of my living room…Dede Ayew is playin 2 right?!…OH GOSH…I think I’ll have a heart attack lol…all i know is i 8nt gna be watchin da world cup just 4 football reasons…if u get wot i mean 😉 hehe

      2. @zion, And now Essien’s legs want to give up on him. Kontihene said it best- if (some) ladies grief because of a man it is pure “musuo”( taboo)

        1. @delicious, loool gal u know am right tho…we have REAL BUFFNESS like Kevin-Prince & Dede Ayew…n my man is talkin about dat big head Sakora boy…cum on now lol

  3. btw we are in the same group with Germany, how are we going to get pass them in addition to Essien not playing?