Samini, Richie, Asem, Eazzy & OJ Blaq Signs To RockStar 4000


Lynx Entertainment all stars namely Richie, Asem, Eazzy & OJ Blaq has been signed on to the Rockstar 4000 Music Entertainment. Another Ghanaian also signed on the African continent’s first Pan African 360 Music & Entertainment Company and Record Label is Samini, the Pan African Superstar and Multiple Awards Winning Afro Reggae artist.

The deal will see these young stars from Accra, Ghana in an historic, exclusive worldwide digital distribution deal, having their music made available commercially to a global audience of millions.

Rockstar 4000, through its exclusive Pan African partnership with Sony Music Entertainment Africa, will distribute its music and video catalogue to hundreds of digital storefronts worldwide, including major digital music services like iTunes®, Amazon MP3, Napster, eMusic, Rhapsody, Beatport, YouTube, Vevo, Zune, MySpace Music, Spotify, SKY, Juno Download, Boomkat, and Turntable Lab and mobile carriers and outlets such as Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and Nokia via Sony’s partnership with the San Francisco-based digital distributor IODA.

Asem, OJ Blaq, Eazzy & Richie of Lynx Entertainment all stars

The deal with Rockstar 4000 begins this month with a song by the Ghanaian artists featuring on the highly anticipated ‘Hello Afrika’ album released by Sony Music. The album hit the shelves on May 31st, and is an accessibly-priced, double-disc that provides a platform for close to 40 artists from across the African continent and the Diaspora to express their passion and support for the first FIFA World Cup staged on African soil.

The song ‘Africa’s Moment’ is a superb multi-artist collaboration performed by Richie, Asem, Zigi, Eazzy and OJ Blaq. The recording by the all star line-up leads a call across the continent and around the world inspiring millions of fans to rise up in support of Ghana’s highly rated national football team, the Black Stars.

Jandre Louw, the CEO & Founder of Rockstar 4000 said “With Rockstar 4000 recently signing up Richie, Asem, Zigi, Eazzy and OJ Blaq to our family we are very excited by the individual talent and the collaboration on the “Africa’s Moment” song truly speaks to the inspirations behind the world’s greatest game of football and underlines the potential and talent vested in these stars of music from West Africa. The potential of the shores their music can reach is a hugely exciting prospect”.

For Samini, the CEO said “We are thrilled to welcome Samini to our family of Rockstars. Over the last few years Samini has grown immensely in his music and he’s one of the best live performers on the continent today, as evident by his array of international awards including MTV Africa Music Awards, MOBO, multiple Ghana Music Awards and International Reggae and World Music Awards. This new partnership will see Samini fans around the world now for the first time truly having instant access to his music on demand”.


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14 thoughts on “Samini, Richie, Asem, Eazzy & OJ Blaq Signs To RockStar 4000”

  1. yes 1st to comment. why is it that ghana can get international artiste to come over? nigeria got beyonce, ciara, ne-yo, black eyed peas, kanye west to come over. its always the same local artiste all the time. but anyways ghanacelebs, i heard that kanye west is coming to ghana according to http://www.chilloutghana, is it true, ghanacelebs?

  2. @donai pls let encourage,surpport nd appreciate our own than payin those foreign artistes huge som of money to just come nd perform,i think we equally have talented artists.for me those beyonce,kanye,jay z nd stuff re nothin,full of free masion nd occults.let push our ppl to go far…asap!

  3. I dont think sumone in Ghana will even buy an album 4rm Lynxx, and U taken it to da world? Asem has no talent, OJ is ok but Eazzy, I think needs to upgrade her muzik cos Wengeze can neva sell outside GH!!( I even dont know why people dance to that tune). Richie no doubt is talented!! but nan also neva sell in Ghana, how much more outside GH!1

  4. Delusions of grandeur!. That’s all I can say. To instill truth or professionalism in Ghanaians means you’re ‘too known’, ‘hater’, ‘against’, etc. etc. 

    We need to tap into our roots in HiLife, bring it back and use today’s clean sounds and Technology to enhance it further. Then, and ONLY then can we gain any respect on the global scene as far as music is concern. Do you really think some cat in ATL or Mongolia will bump Asem, OJ Blaq, Eazzy(no diss intended) instead of Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Gucci Mayne, Chamillionaire, etc. etc?. It’s not hating.  It’s those in the known stating that we’re making progress but it’s heading in the wrong direction. HiLife was able to bring foreigner’s to our shore and dance to the tune of it because IT WAS ORIGINAL. It was not something they can hear in their country. Why would they come to Ghana to hear a ‘sub-par’ copy of their own Music? Just a little innuendo for you.

    As far as paying ‘outdated’ American Artiste to come down and perform (so someone can make a little temporary cash) instead of using that money to improve our own artistes/industry, that, I don’t even want to comment on.

    Nywayz, we’re UP here waiting to help when the direction changes. There’s no need supporting something that you know it’s outcome. It defeats the whole purpose. As the old AKAN saying goes “Wofro duah pa na yepia wo”. So long us peeps are willing to sell their soul to the ‘Illuminati’ and ‘Global Zionists’ for a little temporary fame, I say all power to them. Do you! Anyday all day. Remember though, you were brought into Life an Original Person, for God’s Sake, don’t leave life as Duplicate/Copy of somebody else. Nuff said.

    All the best.

  5. @that guy,go check ur facts well and u will noe hilife is not ghanaian music so where is the originality u re talking about….i noe even those american artiste u re talking abt original?go find ur facts right before u come here to comment,cos i know they copy more than anyone on this earth,their beats,rhythms and even most of their songs one is original in this world,everyone borrows a little bit of someones culture otherwise then lets even change our dressing cos is not our style…who told u ppl in other places wont buy samini,oj blaq,asem,eazzy or richies music cos its not original,the world is now a global village.even tho i respect hilife music alot does not mean that is the only key to Ghanaian success in music…entertainment is entertainment it does not matter where is coming from and the type of music,otherwise go and tell SHAKIRA to do colombian music or tell FAT JOE to do portorican music…bigups to lynx ent. and samini for making GH proud.some ghanaians are “suatra”too known but they don’t know anything… more research before u comment.GH FOR LIFE!!!!!!!

  6. well this so called lynx entertainment has no aim… stupid people.. u are just doing coping right and ending up by making the whole thing fake… well asem is good but honestly he is not rapper serious joker and can not compare himself to kwawkese… fuck off soo called lynx entertainment…. kwaw and sakordie be don

  7. yeah good.. man i dey feel you waa… diss them fools… asem and soo called lynx crew they are stupid and fools all they know is ladies feel them … go and fcuk your mom becos she is the one she they feel you fools ok…….oj i like you ok but it better you join hammer of last 2 becos richie is fool and do copy right..he copy from america but you people dont have the correct machine for copy right….. man i dey kwaw and sakordie and yaa pono

  8. hey who told you asem is also among of the rapper .. all i know is he is fool and nothing else…kwaw be don and kwaw dey go high and ft many international artist like wy cleaf and akon them thing asem you ft only sway…. well s.way is from Ghana as well … SO ASEM YOU HAVE NO AIM OK … STUPID BOYS

  9. I pity you haters. lynx all the way.How personal this is just envy God bless you for hitting on their mum. No wonder, sure theu dont have homes


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