Weekly Discussions, Let’s Get Talking: Why This Animosity and Loathing Between Ghana & Nigeria?

Ghana and Nigeria are not far from each other in terms of geographical proximity. I stand to be corrected on this; I believe that in terms of culture and lifestyle, the two countries are not substantially different.

Sometimes, I find it thorny to distinguish between a Nigerian girl and a Ghanaian girl when they pass me on the street.  Most of the important people in my life are Nigerians. What If I told you my girlfriend or baby’s mother is a Nigerian? To me, Nigerians are not merely our neighbours, they are our sisters and brothers and we share a lot in common than in difference.

On this platform and many others including “outside the virtual world”, there is a growing animosity and loathing between most Ghanaians and Nigerians. I have heard a Nigerian saying, I will never date a Ghanaian and have also come across a Ghanaian saying, I will never date a Nigerian. I do not only find this absurd, but also very shallow.

I believe any person who is not acute mentally constipated will not indulge in any typical stereotyping attitude by just having a prima facie mindset that, Nigerians are this or Ghanaians are that without having had any encounter to justify such malevolent thinking.

Let’s get talking,….. Why This Animosity and Loathing Between Ghana & Nigeria? What is your experience? What is your true perception about Nigerians or Ghanaians?


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