Ghana Cheated Out Of World Cup: Luis Suarez Hits Goal Bound Ball Out Of Goal With Handball And Uruguay Move On!

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I did not want to write on yesterday’s match for reasons best know to me. How on earth can someone cheat like this and be successful at the end?  Sometimes, such things make we wonder if Karma and all those Pay Back spirits really exist.

It seems for one  to be successful or to achieve anything great in this world we live in, that person  has to cheat others and later glorify or justify his cheating wonders. If this is not true, how on earth can Uruguay go through after vividly cheating under the eyes of the whole world?

Anyway, another celebrity website, which is not a Ghanaian media outlet has expressed their unbiased sentiments about the game and instead of writing up anything myself, I am presenting that as the true view of events since it came from a non-Ghanaian.  Read Below for what Bossip had to say about the match……

Uruguay is a great team and Ghana and Asamoah Gyan have been killing it lately, just like the goal that helped them move on past the U.S.A.. This game was action packed, even though the score was 1-1 at the end of regulation. At the very end of double overtime, Ghana put on an attack from the final free kick with no time left and was cheated… out of the game winning goal by a little Uruguayan punk named Luis Suarezwho did anything to save the game winning goal…and we mean PUNCHING THE BALL FROM THE GOAL LINE. Luis was red carded and Ghana, Asamoah, missed the penalty kick ultimately losing in penalty kicks.

Video Credit: Bossip.Com

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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    1. South Americans (some) countries like Brasil, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay and others sometimes feel like they deserve the world cup more than anybody else.. so they will try hard to win by ANY means necessary. When it comes to South Americans – forget the unity in sports, its all about them alone. Have you noticed the dirty tactics Brazil was using against the Netherlands? Well that’s South Americans for you! Asamoah Gyan had the chance but couldn’t convert and So did Adiyiah and Mensah- poor penalty taking !

    2. @shocker,
      Only played a really cynical last 28 minutes against the USA.

      Cheated… unless there is a penalty for pretending to be hurt when you clearly arent… no

      Got cheated… No

  1. Cheated yes! dat aponkyi suarez da only way they cud av gone thru is to cheat. And da hand of god jx did dat 4 dem. Ah.. Chris bossip paaa… Wil be gud if we no ur mind too. Eben is expresn his on facebook.

  2. Am very sad and confused, like what happened? Just hoping Suarez never plays anymore, am lost for words. Bossip is full of it #thatsall.

  3. I don’t know whether to call that cheating. Suarez committed a foul, he got a red card, we missed our penalty kick which resulted in a 1-1 draw, and ultimately crashed out of the penalty shoot-out. I won’t call that cheating. It’s just bad luck. Sad, but it happens. I have a friend who went to a convenience store and saw a Ghanaian crying, shouting “There is no God!” *blank stare*…LOL! I shouldn’t be laughing but that cracked me up.

  4. I agree with bossip for once becos thats exactly what happened he punched the ball with his hand from the goal line thats why he was shown a red card but for me that was what changed our destiny ref shd ve given us that goal without gyan playing the penalty.*sad*

  5. Ghana wasn’t CHEATED. Suarez used his hands so what? There are rules in football that is why Ghana was awarded the penalty. That selfish, too known player missed the penalty. Why are Ghanaians always blaming people for their woes? nonsense! Africans are satisfied with little.

    1. @Author: Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr., I agree with u…it wud be cheatin if we hadn’t been awarded a penalty but we were…it’s not da Uruguayans fault dat Gyan missed…BUT…I dun think he’s too-known or a show-off…I fink he jus got too caught up…like he’s dun it 2x before n knowin wot a crucial stage n how awesome it wud be if he scored…i fink it woz a mixture of utter nerves but also over-confidence dat made him miss…all in all I think we shud be congratulatin Black Stars…i woz sayin 2 all my m8s yesterday even if we lost da Uruguay match I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of dem…no one wud have expected dem 2 get dis far…out of all da African teams ppl were bettin 4 Algeria n Ivory Coast 2 go da furthest n not only did we manage 2 get in 2 da final 16 but we got 2 da quarter-finals…out of da history of da WC we r only 1 of 3 African teams 2 eva have done dat…n also dis is da furthest we have EVA gone in da WC…i fink da thing dat hurts ppl da most- I know dis is y I’m really gutted- is because of how we lost…over friggin penalties!!!!Our boyz played amazingly…like dey played a sick match n den 4 dem 2 have lost out cos of penalties yeah it really sucks but I think we shud be grateful 2 God dat at least we got dis far n continued 2 shine da light 4 da rest of Africa…no 1 can take dat away 4rm us…I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of da Black Stars i repeat dat again cos I truly am…dey have dun a wonderful job n dey need 2 be EXTREMELY proud of demselves…n God’s time is da best…I truly believe dere will be anotha opportunity 4 us where we can once again show dat Ghana is 1 of da most blessed countries in da world!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. @Soul Sista, Oh yea, this is why i detest him, personally i think he was forced to be a footballer, the guy doesnt have it seriously. He is too known, selfish and went for personal glory. The guy was an pressure so the wisest thing he could have done is to let other player kick it. He was stupidly thinking of the dance after scoring.

        1. @Author: Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr.,Any player can miss a penalty but to swat a ball with your hands like it was volleyball deliberately,(emphasis on Deliberately)……….is cheating,unprofessional and uncultured………….Missing one game would not be enough,i pray he misses it all and writhe on the bench in pain as he watches them being kicked out to play for 4th position not 3rd by the Netherlands…………..
          Looking at the sequence of events…………i blame Suarez!!! Had he not swatted the ball, there would have been  no need for red card and hence Penalty and Gyan’s miss……..
          The question to be asked is Luis Suarez a striker or a goal keeper?? Couldn’t he had gone for a decent header?? He chose to use he hands………..
          Gyan took us far….he scored twice in similar situations……there was pressure on him and he did his best…………..My beef is with Suarez…………had he headed the ball,i would accept our loss that the better team won….In my opinion,the Uruguayans cheated to Semi’s.
          I pray FiFA suspends Suarez for two matches and he Suarez leaves with some broken bones from SA (Courtesy of SA gangsters)… i guess all one has to do in soccer is stand in the post and stop goals with hands………

        2. @Author: Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr.Leave Gyan alone..which other striker should have taken that penalty shot?? Who?What is selfish in what he  did?? Was Gyan not the same person who took the two penalty shots in the two previous games??? Did you call him selfish then.when he got it right?Look at the penalty shoot out……John Mensah and co………….That goes to show,the only real prolific striker Ghana had was Gyan and that was who we used………..or should have Adiyiah or John Mensah done the PK??If the Penalty Kick was for Uruguay who do you think they would have used?? Their Defenders(Jorge Fucile or anyone for that matter)?? Forlan and evil Suarez of course!!!……….Let Asamoah Gyan be……..He is a hero….Why do you think the Penalty Kicks,KP. Boateng and co did not play?? Not the coaches calling…..cos everyone was afraid of the blame if they missed….GYan got balls the size of  Texas….He is a real man………and Kudos to him for even taking the first penalty Kick in the Shoot out after that miss and getting it right!!!!Gyan made a mistake with that miss,what can we say of Suarez,he knew swatting the ball was unsportmanlike and would get a red card but he did it,obviously no mistake………….He is the one who is Selfish(Suarez) not Gyan so please leave GYAN be..Gyan is a hero and i will bet my last dime you can’t kick a ball yourself……so stick to being journalist………..instead of condemning Gyan saying football is not  his chosen career………….SMH and KMT………….Mcheew….

        3. @Author: Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr., The last time checked, u said none of the African countries was going to make it pass the first round, so if u don´t u pls allow “US” who believed in the stars ryt from the word GO to do the talking on here????…lol

        4. @Kharma.,
          You said “Any player can miss a penalty but to swat a ball with your hands like it was volleyball deliberately,(emphasis on Deliberately)……….is cheating,unprofessional and uncultured………….”
          You have a point there though. If the act was done deliberately, it should be an automatic goal. There rules in football have a lot of loopholes for real.

    2. @Author: Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr.,are u for real?????? don’t start creating enemies for yourself o, it wouldn’t help your career at all. a penalty is awarded when a defending playa commits a foul punishable by a direct free kick against an opponent or a handball.a penalty is 50/50,that means ders as much chance of it being missed as der is of it being scored.

      now,in our case, the ball wasn’t 50/50, it was heading or more lyk in the net when the player scooped it out. to award a penalty which is 50/50 in a situation lyk this is unfortunate. the ball was in the net and suarez had no business scooping it out wit his hands.the card should have bn given and the goal awarded as well.

  6. am not Ghanaian,but am so proud of the Ghana team,they gave their best,i guess luck was just not on our side.
    meanwhile the uruguayans will not be forgetting Ghana very soon.

  7. I see no cheat in this, Ghana just couldn’t take their chances, pls spare us this talks, though i am a ghanaian, but i can boldly say that the referee did an excellent job, we just couldn’t talk our chances, lets just leave it the way it is.

  8. If there are rules then their rules sucks big time, becos that goal shd have counted, we all saw this guy punch the ball out of the goal line period. Penalty is always a 50/50 chance so Gyan cant be blamed for that.

  9. vicent,u are jst being an entertainment journalist n am sure dats wt u learn………….plzzzzzzzzzz dnt go der…i beg.

  10. @Author: Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr., And eben is mad! hw3 masa pls tk am slow pls. Ok they didt tk their chances. Im stil mad as hell at dat old man mensah. U pple can say wateva. Was he practisn penalty kicks wit da urugaun keeper? asamoah was jx tensed up! and had to play rugby. But i blv dat kotirez oops i min shuarez, oo no i min suarez is 2 baned 4 eva! last time i checked he was a striker not a keeper. Ova all we did same.

      1. @Author: Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr.,
        Leave Gyan alone……….which other striker should have taken that penalty shot?? Who?
        What is selfish in did?? Was He not the same person who took the two penalty shots in the two previous games??? Did you call him selfish them…….
        Look at the penalty shoot out……John Mensah and co………….That goes to show,the only real prolific striker we had was Gyan and that was who we used………..
        If the Penalty Kick was for Uruguay who do you think they would have used?? Their Defenders?? Forlan and evil Suarez of course……….Let Asamoah Gyan be……..He is a hero….
        Why do you think the Penalty Kicks,KP. Boateng and co did not play?? Not the coaches calling…..cos everyone was afraid??? GYan got balls the size of  Texas….He is a real man………and Kudos to him for even taking the first penalty Kick in the Shoot out after that miss and getting it right!!!!
        1. Gyan made a mistake with that miss,what can we say of Suarez,he knew swatting the ball was unsportsmanlike and would get a red card but he did it,obviously no mistake………….He is the one who is Selfish(Suarez) not Gyan so please leave GYAN be…………..He is a hero and i will bet my last dime you can’t kick a ball yourself……so stick to being journalist………..instead of condemning Gyan saying football is not  his chosen career………….SMH and KMT………….Mcheew….

      2. @Author: Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr.,i’m not saying be on the same page wif me,i don’t fuckin care if u aren’t.all i’m saying is be responsible wif your comments’re supposed to be a journalist or a writer rite,u have professional ethics,which means u must watch what u say and stuff.go according to that buddy.

    1. @cutie, Luis Suarez with his front teeth hanging in the air like a rat should be banned. I am not surprised he did that- South American teams would want to win AT ALL COST which is against Fifa FAIR PLAY rules. But they are desperate so they will do anything.

  11. Ghana should have been awarded the damn goal! The referee did a shitty job and consequently cost us a goal we’ve earned. FIFA should change the f**k rules. Any-waz there’s always another chance in 2014.

    l love KP Boateng, he’s such a hottie and a great player. Go the Black Stars, “never say die!”.

    Tip) If Ghana can strategically work on their goal scoring skills, l bet they will win the 2014 cup.

  12. i can hear de voice of women in here………………lol………….lyk EBEN is sayinn der are rules goverinn de game call soccer….so plz ma mistresses giv it a hult………..!!!!plzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. @flex, Some of the rules should be changed. What Suarez did should be ruled an automatic goal. They should give a red card and accept it as an automatic goal. This will teach ugly bastards like Suarez a lesson.

      1. @ghallday, thanks my dear.. hmmm..3ny3 paa s3 am a good christian aa 3nka m3ka s3 nyame bia ni ho.. cuz we played so well with all our strength… and look what happens aa as3m wei d33 3yaa oo 3yaa paa.. okyena paa pastors shd start weepin cuz lol their collection bowl will be empty.

  13. @Author and others:
    Of course it’s unfair! ALL you think a goal and a penalty is alike?
    ALL football players may miss penalty. It’s not easy as you think.
    And i know he’s thinking he’s the hero of Uruguay. What a shameless football player! He should be kicked out of football. just go home and play volley ball!!

  14. We can’t always have a good day we did our best they are in fifa top 8 they work hard I salute them no matter what

  15. That goal was Ghana’s and should have been. Granting a penalty for what was clearly a goal, is not the same thing! A goal is 100% sure, whereas a penalty has a 50% chance of either going in or not. So in a way the team is twice penalized, 1) they lose the goal that should have been and 2) the onus is placed on them to work to get it back through a PK. GHANA WAS ROBBED!! This macth should have been ours, and I am tired of reading nonsense that Suarez is a hero etc – for what? – playing dirty?! -So he can just decide to become goalie and block the ball with his hands? This is not volleyball! and then to see him being so cocky about it afterwards making comments like “The ‘Hand of God’ now belongs to me. Mine is the real ‘Hand Of God’. I made the best save of the tournament. Sometimes in training I play as a goalkeeper so it was worth it,” – that just infuriates me!!
    The Black Stars worked so hard for that goal; should have been theirs!!! And people need to ease of Gyan, he should have never been put in that position in the first place. And let us not forget that were it not for Gyan and his goals, Ghana would have never made it to the quater-finals anyway. If you want to point fingers at someone, then how about Mensah and that lousy kick? – he didnt even try.

  16. @soul sista your welcome, its about time that some people stop blaming refrees or payers GH went in hard they did their task first time they made it it aint the end of the world you can’t just clime the ladder just like that and the missed penalty come on there was more than billions of people watching 53 countries supporting ghana at thousand of supporters watching only if you new what’s going trough the players mind trust me it aint easy no long ting I’m happy glad that they came this far and for those naija hating please get a live sinds whenb did football became politics that even ur president had to ban you guys jelousy is a discease stop that aint looking good on you guys just leave and relize that GH did more than uou

    1. @brian berchie,thank you soo much for saying all this, some people thinKplaying soccer is easy and it was meant for uruguay to lose, this is the world cup, everyone wants to win but im still proud of the boys, they went a step futher than they did in 06 in Germany, maybe we are gonna lift the cup step by step…people are acting like its the end of the world, ungrateful Ghanaians…GOOD JOB BLACK STARS CUZ IM PROUD

  17. When Gyan was scoring penalty kicks and goals everything was all good, but he missed one penalty kick hes selfish, too known, how ungrateful is that.

    1. @miss dior, thank u very much miss..they said the same about muntari..but his name was all over facebook wen he scored the first goal..ghanafo pa de3 menti moase kuraa..smfh

    2. @miss dior, I won’t ever call out Gyan. He came out for us during the Ghana -US game and that was a powerful strike. I am proud of him. He did well and he was under A LOT of pressure. I don’t blame him.

  18. Ghana should go cry themselves a river… When you live by the sword you die by the sword as well. They should learn some sportsmanship themselves before you all go flying off the handle at Suarez. They spent the last 28 minutes of extra time against the USA on the ground pretending to be hurt.. good thing the wind wasn’t blowing or they would have really been in trouble. They displayed horrible sportsmanship that game and got their just deserts at the end of this one.


  20. Hey, Suarez didn’t “cheated,” he committed a “Sending-off offense.” This kind of offense is seen every few soccer matchs and no one write a word about them. Please read the rules at /mm/document/affeder ation/generic/81/42/ 36/lawsofthegame%5f2 010%5f11%5fe.pdf (pag. 35)

    Suarez played soccer by the rules and while we can discuss if FIFA should change the rules in the future, current Suarez’ actions were faithfully to the game then morally correct on this context.

    1. @Luis, actually Luis Suarez brutally violated the rules of football. ‘Playing by’ the rules of football would be deflecting the ball with his head or chest in this case, deliberately violating clearly outlined rules in a sport is not called ‘playing by the rules’, rather it is dubbed: ‘cheating’. 
      Regardless of his motivation, his actions were despicable. He had a rightfully earned reputation as an excellent striker; to me he has squandered this away with this truly dishonourable action. Uruguay came into the elimination stages of the tournament with my support, now I wish them no luck. 

      1. @Tim,

        Cheating on soccer means using drugs, or pushing the game in a way the referee is unaware of. In-game actions handled by the referee can not never be cheats.

        Suarez infringed a rule and got a sanction. As Ghana did 23 times on this match (23 fouls, check the match’s statistics on the FIFA web site.) He is no cheater, nor astronaut nor terrorist; just a soccer player with a red card.

        1. @Luis,Suarez is a cheating ,drug peddling lowlife volleyball/Handball player who stopped a goal in a game of football with his hands………He is despicable!!!! You see ,if he did it as a reflex action,i would have no problem,but reading this article

          You realized that he deliberately hit the ball with his hands
          Read this article and quote from that article

          “Suarez explained afterwards that he knew he could not stop Adiyiah’s effort with his head and so used his hand. The huge grin on his face as he spoke to reporters indicated in the clearest terms possible that he had no regrets about what he had done.”

          Obviously this guy deliberately swatted the ball with his hands and you are saying he got a red card so that is enough?? 
           The emotional trauma he has put a whole continent through should be enough to ban that guy from football  forever (although a bit drastic)

          i mean if it was purely accidental,i would have no problem with Suarez but he Deliberately did it.

          I read a quote on yahoo that said (It may not be true)-Suarez thought in his head “anything but lose to these african apes”then swatted the ball with his two hands,with no hesitation and concern for the consequences.I read the forums on various websites and most people were commending Suarez for not losing to us and calling us Apes,poor etc. So it may well be right that he felt that we were too inferior for his country to lose to us so stopped the goal with his hands!!!! He disrespected us.

          I mean it wouldn’t hurt so much if the Uruguayans and their empty headed coach were quiet about it…they are calling it the “Hand of God” and being cocky about it.

          I get it,we may not be able to do anything about it but we have every right to express the anger and the hurt……..for an international player of such status to DELIBERATELY (emphasis on the word;Deliberately) stop a goal with his hands in a game of football ??……..he has lost all my respect and i call him a thief and a cheater….period!!!

          You talk about rules of FIFA,but i wonder if there is any rule about DELIBRATE  fouls.
          Please compare the handball  foul that the serbian player committed that  and what Suarez did and tell me they merit they same punishment ;a red card ..No they do not in my opinion……The Serbian’s foul was not premeditated, but  Suarez’s was…..I honestly believe he should be banned from the final too to serve as a deterrent to others,but hey i am not FIFA only someone who wants the right thing done.I mean, are players now allowed to stop goals with their hands in soccer ??
          Even in the law court,when someone kills somebody;the look at the intent;whether it is deliberate , pre-meditated or an accident before they assign the degree of murder and mete out  the deserving punishment…………..

        2. @Luis, I respectfully disagree. Cheating defined is knowingly violating the rules that have been laid down with the intention of benefiting from the action. 
          There are clear rules on the use of hands by any player other than the goalkeeper using their hands, particularly on the goal-line. Luis Suarez very clearly violated these knowingly, and in a calculating way. The foul he committed was actually very clever; he stood to lose effectively nothing as he was already set to be suspended from the following match after picking up a yellow card additional to one he already had from a previous game. So all he really got was 10 seconds off the field. The fact that his foul was so calculated in fact makes it more heinous, and is not something to be praised at all. 
          The fact that he was caught in no way mitigates his crime; it is actually completely irrelevant. Being caught does not change the nature of the crime you committed, it simply produces a response to it. A murderer who is not caught still remains a murderer, as does a thief and so on. 
          The referee did all he could to punish the action, as you pointed out. He did what the existing rules dictated he could do, and he is not at fault. However, in this case the standing punishment was not sufficient, and it highlights a very strong case for a change of the rules, and is not the first case of evidence for the need for rule-changes in this tournament.

          You are also correct to point out that Ghana committed 23 fouls in the game. Sadly this is not relevant either, and does not give any evidence to suggest that Suarez was in any way not cheating.

          And yes he is definitely not an Astronaut or a Terrorist, that is an odd point to make but I will take it as having metaphorical value. 

          The simple fact is that Luis Suarez cheated to a disgraceful degree, and did so in such a way that will sully his reputation, and that of the 2010 Uruguayan side, for many years to come. And the Uruguayan side (including Suarez, but particularly Diego Forlan) was quite impressive in this tournament, which makes this fact rather disappointing. 

          I hope this has expressed my position fairly. 

  21. Of course he cheated, the only player allowed to handle the ball in open play is the goal keeper! He did it becasue that’s what he does, he cheats by any means necessary to win in his favour. If any of you actually watch Suarez at Ajax every week or even watched him though-out the Uruguay games in this world cup, then you’ll know what to expect. Every challenge for the ball he makes results with him on the floor holding the back of his head or his leg faking an injury to gain a spot kick or a yellow card for his opponent. He dives ALL THE TIME, there’s even a youtube video about him! He dived over the South African Keepers leg, clipped his TOE and faked another foul that got the keeper sent off and resulted in South Africa playing the rest of the game with 10 men and losing 2:1 to Uruguay, ending their chances of qualifying from the group.

    A lot of players do what he does all the time, but Luis Suarez is without a doubt the worst i’ve ever seen! What is “Cheating”? Cheating is an act of lying, deception, fraud, trickery or rule breaking characteristically employed to create an unfair advantage. Did Surez do the above? Yes, therefore he is a CHEAT! The whole FIFA promotion about “Fair Play” means nothing to players like him and supporters who vindicate his unsportsmanlike conduct, this is the sad state of modern football. A 100% certain goal is illegally stopped and because of the flaw in the laws of the game, results in that 100% goal bound ball being exchanged for a 50/50 chance penalty kick! it’s not “Fair Play” but it’s the rules and it’s why cheats like Suarez utilize the loopholes in rules to their advantage. All Ghanaians, South Africans and Black brothers and sisters all over the world were cheated by this man not once but twice; for a moment that would have been monumental in Black history as well as the history of World Cup.

    Both Sir Stanley Matthews and Pele both stated an African Nation would win the world cup by the year 2000. It never materialised, they never envisaged the game being played under such unsportsmanlike methods, their footballing era was a golden age. Ours is just based on greed, money and how to obtain success by any means necessary.

    Team Ghana, every black person in the world is still proud of you! Suarez and Uruguay will hear and feel our disgust when they next take the field and in every game they ever play in front of a black crowd! And for those defending him, shame on you, it is becasue of people like you that the next generation will be even worse sportsmen in their conduct and perspective on fair play!

  22. I think FIFA should come out clear about the last man(Not the goalkeeper) stopping the ball with the hand on the goaline.
    It must be a GOAL and a red card.


  24. @CeeJay Someone was telling me the same thing yesterday about Suarez, he does the same ish @ Ajax and thru out the Uruguay games in this world cup he is always finding ways to pull some shit, after the wc is over he needs to be penalized big time, hes a dirty football player I cant wait for the Netherlands to kick their dirty asses out.

  25. When things like what happened to Ghana occur I definetely give a second thought about God´s existence, or if His existence were to be real I would say He is definetely a “WHITE”, b´cos I don´t understand, and can´t find the means which could lead Ghana to lose this world cup. Ghana did everything good from their starting match to the match which God said “enough is enoguh” there´s nothing for Blacks (Africans) in terms of competing widely.
    So, in my opinion I would say that wasn´t a cheat, it was the job of the curse that Africa possees and is not from any other person than God, if His existence is real.

  26. Who the fuck thinks Ghana should have won? Anybody else would have done the same thing if it happens to him. You dont expect him to stand there and watch the ball enter the goal. He did exactly what instincts will let everybody do.
    The ref. whistled for a penalty and red carded Suarez what more do we expect.

    Our good old wimp of a striker screw our chance.

  27. Ghana played well, could have won the match (perhaps should have won it) but it wasn’t possible. Soiling Suarez’ reputation won’t help, it is perhaps even worse, from a moral point of view, than his offense.

    No “cheat” on this match, the word are being misused. Call him something else if you must.

    1. @Luis, If a person robs a home and he is caught and put in jail,does that mean he is not a robber anymore because he was punished??
      If you cheat on your wife or g.f and confess to her that you cheated and she kicks you out of the bedroom does that mean your are not a cheater??
      Luis Suarez is a cheat with no honor. He played volleyball in a game of football,he played the role of a goal keeper when he was supposed to be a striker,he stopped a goal with his hands for Christ Sake! Does that make him a hero?
      The following is the definition of a cheat from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionaryy


      1 : to deprive of something valuable by the use of deceit or fraud
      2 : to influence or lead by deceit, trick, or artifice
      3 : to elude or thwart by or as if by outwitting intransitive verb 1 a : to practice fraud or trickery b : to violate rules dishonestly
      2 : to be sexually unfaithful —usually used with on
      3 : to position oneself defensively near a particular area in anticipation of a play in that area

      — cheat·er noun

      By this definitions Luis Suared is a Cheater and his synonyms are :
      Defraud,Swindle etc.
      Luis Suarez defrauded Ghana of our goal. He swindled us and therefor that make him a cheater. I am sure he peddle drugs too…with his Ugly teeth and face……

      1. @Kharma,He did not hide his acts or intend, you can call him “robber” or not cheater… unless you believe you can cheat your wife while she is looking at you.

        1. @Luis, Actually if you view the video replays, which are very, very plentiful on Youtube, you will see that he actually does attempt to conceal his offense, but without much conviction. Notice the rather poor “who, me?” take he does. 
          No you probably can’t cheat on your wife when she is looking at you, but that is beside the point and kind of avoiding the issue.
          If you are *caught* cheating on your wife (as Suarez was *caught* handling the ball on the goal-line) that does not mean you have not been cheating because you have been noticed, it simply means that you will face consequences.
          I emphasise the word *caught* because it is key here, it is what the referee is there for: not only to catch people accidentally breaking the rules (which isn’t cheating) but also to catch people who intentionally break the rules for their benefit (which *is* cheating), as in this case.

  28. Who is the cheater?, here is the photograph of the moment of the free kick where clearly a player from Ghana is in off side, the referee missed it,.
    He also missed the fact that there was no foul at all but “misteriously” none of the 32 HD cameras in the stadium recorded that moment from a better angle.
    Finalli, here is a brief summary of the referees “errors” of the game against Netherlands.

    You think uruguay is the cheater? think bigger, what are the interest of Fifa in the world cup? How many peolple will pay to see a game against a 3 millon people, third world country like uruguay.

  29. Uruagauy did everything they could to win and did it. And for everybody calling suarez names i would lik to see you guys play head on agaisnt because he is a beast player.  Iam not saying i lik uruaguay in any type of way since ive personally been goin for spain the whole tournment but really guys if you see the ball coming into the net,  the goal that could definetly get your teamed knocked out the tournment then wat would you do when you only have .5 seconds to react. Its a no brainer get it out by any means possible. And hey at least uruaguay didnt win or go to the finals they got wipped the next game and that was also because they didnt have saurez.    Ghana is a good team but iam guessing luck wasnt on there side this one time. 

  30. suarez didnt cheated, i mean… he putted his hand but he was red carded, and in the other match he didnt play, he payed for what he did… HE DIDNT CHEAT, GO URUGUAY!

  31. Blame figs and rules that don’t make sense. Their rules are set in place to punish the team playing correct and award cheaters. They gave Uruguay a chance to stop a goal they wouldn’t have been able to if Suarez didn’t cheat. You can’t be mad at Suarez be mad at the stupid rules.