Kevin-Prince Boateng’s Fatherhood + His Wife’s Photo

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kevin prince boateng and wife jenny

Wow, so nice. Do you know that he is having a son? That’s Kevin-Prince Boateng rocking with his son, Jermaine. They look great together.

Jermaine is sooooooo cute.

Photo Updates-  Kevin-Boateng and his wife Jenny (sent by a loyal reader)

Click for  a larger view…

Photo credit(1st): dpa

GC Staff Ob


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  1. Omg I love prince he is everythn of a man a gud father and all aww and I tot no gud were left awwwww kevin…God has givn u

  2. if someone things some1 is hottie that does not mean i want to do somethin with himm…jo chill we love the fact that he is a gentle married man…[no matter wah his ppl love him] gals always show love by thinkin some a hottie is a gall thin

  3. wow this website has PSP…..thnx for confirmin’

    Big Up to Prince for taking on the full life at such a young age, I admire you cuz, keep it up you have a good head on ya shoulders your son is blessed to have you for a role model

  4. Hes happily married with kids doesnt mean we cant compliment him, beckham is married w kids too white people compliment him all the time calling someone a hottie doesnt mean I want him grow e fck up some of u r too backward,, sheesh

      1. @ Ivy, yeah yeah. i think Agogo is regretting those days. will advice KPB not to let this go into his head too much. Agogo had a big head so i think it went deep into his head (lol).

    1. @aetwo, ROFL  you can say that again. The mouths that praises are the same mouthes that curses. Agogo seems to be total history now. I  don’t even know what’s going on with him now.

  5. I hope them guys and gurls putting themselves about here and there in our movies today can see this. This is really good i love it. Kelvin man you’re cool………………….

  6. Kevin is a perfect gentleman with good character.I really admire him and his family especially his son.I wish them all the best in their marriage and his career.

  7. omg!!!!!!!!! Kevin u and your wife are cute together. you are so hot!!!!!!! plz,plz,plz do cum 2 south africa after the world cup. um…. may your son grow 2 b a hottie like you. mwah love u 4eva en eva. love shorty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. i wanna kno bout ayew  dede and kwadwo asamoah..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ghana celebrities tell me if dey re single or ………………..

        1. @mimi,lol. I hear you mimi. You wouldn’t mind him spending many nights with others you don’t know….. That’s one in a million women. You be exceptional. 

  9. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that thing u call a wife is sooooooooooooooooo damn disgusting are u smoking something or are u just stupid ………………. her fake ass breast with her ugly ass face and her cheap ass wigg all that money u got u can do better then that piece of shit she is useless divorce her n come to a real lady who knows how to treat a men good and also looks good African DIVA is the total package so anybody who got a prob fukk u with a sandpapper dick 

    1. @African diva,maybe it’s her english.thats wht will disqualify u. how much can u see from that pix to rain all dese insults on the poor girl.this be pure jealousy o, do something about it b4 it turns into something else. ahuoyaa paaa nie.african diva ma black ass.

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        1. @African diva, Something about all your posts won’t let me leave it alone.

          You have written, out of sight and seemingly out of mind because you intentionally erased the “href” coding that automatically connects responses to certain individuals.
          I will not assume these responses were intended for me but the location of your responses is enough ammunition to respond to you a day late and a dollar short.

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        1. @African diva, You dont owe me an explaination but to benefit yourself, tell us why you feel KPB should not have chosen “Jenny”?

          I will assume you dont like the girl cause she’s in your words ugly, who would you have prefered to see him with? Isn’t beauty in the eyes of the beholder?

  10. bitch u are fukkin ugly i guesss u havent looked in the mirror yet u look like medusa with your famlily dollar wigg bitch u are really really fukked up and to those out there who are boosting her confidents u are fake as fukk cuz yall kno that she is not pretty at  all hold on i know why u are boosting her confident its becuz she is white get over it shes just another white trashy whore and her lips are cheap she need to go do her lipps justr like she did her breast

      1. @lewenski,wht picture are u lookin at? married is not about colour, it’s about love. leave the guy alone. why don’t u drop ur pictures so we can compare n see who looks better.nkwsiafuo

        1. @Opanin, yh i believe i still look betta and errm ya knoe wat tha color dnt really matter to me either bt she still ugly as hell maybe this pic makes her look badd funny enuf u shuld be lookin ur best on ur wedding day guess it dnt apply to everyone 

    1. @African diva, wei die ashiwo papa, she anit no chav, listen to ursef goin on about fuck this, fuck that, that wouldnt get you KPB.  get over it, he is married. but that dont mean you cant be his mistress to suck his cock and lick his ass. if u give him a good head, guaranteed he’s gonna splash the cash on you for a new set of teeth and get dem titties done too, maybe a botox lol what year did you win miss ghana by the way? hahahahahaha

        1. @Kin, these bitches do my head in, my only wish was we get their pics on here. i bet you some aint even got no teeth or got more teeth than necessary (rodent dentitia).  stop STALKING the guy oooo tom, and one more thing if you bleach your skin it aint gonna help either, u saddos.

      1. I wanted to come complement again on thier photojournalism. Right On!!! I only wish other footballers would share with us thier family life( so far I like this couple the most followed by John Mensah and his wife and kids).

        Such pictures inspires me to believe in fidelity and that marriage is good….no life without wife as the Indians say. Just lovely and thanks


      2. @dagodfather, Hahaha omg you breaking down real good chale. Thats what I wanna see myself pictures of these jealousies it would be a real HOW YOU DOING! moment.

        and even if they were prettier than Jenny so what, the point is KPB found “the one” and we should be happy for him…simple…sometimes its like you show your flaws when you speak evol and a lota ppl in here be showing they asses on front street, what have they done lately huh! do they have someone betta in their live….i bet not

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    2. @African diva, hey ass wiper……do you think Kevin can pay you much more better than the guys in toubodom? cuz ur comments shows u nothing but a cheap jackass whore who struggle to make some doe and travelled to techiman to have access to an internet cafe. you are a fool……..Na ur mama kevin go come marry abi? idiot. God go punish una

        1. @lewenski, o yh i have heard hello good mornin her hair is blue oh she looks gud in anything bt i will check for all i do is win
          and i heard abt the pdiddy ting and den they sed it was her diddy and cassie so kinda confuzzled nw but dnt believe everyting the press say!!!

        2. @lewenski, yh dont u think drakes girlfriend is a bit too much and chanel young money shuld remove dat nose stud dat connects to her earing i wuld luv if she got in a fight and de chick crabs it and ribs a nose loool

        3. @lewenski, omg i was so pissed he broke up wit da gal he was dating for a couple of years who has class is more intrested in education than becoming a stripper/ video vixen for that malia chick ( da gal in find ur love video by drake)  and yes i hate that ting so much arrgh i mean what posses any human to do dat…..

  11. we the ghanaian love kilvin bcus of is good detamination to play for ghana national team,and we love very part of his game take you prince and we like to see you again

  12. hey stop this rubbish HERE what kind of this insult here and there YOU NEED TO RESPECT YOURSELF VERY WELL PLEASE ,ANY THEY ARE CUTE …KA nan na say sooo

  13. hi kevin. i love your photos and over all you’re soooooooo cute. your wife’s not bad anyway. she is very cute.

  14. omg Prince how could you do this to me just when i thought my dreams would come through you are married, but on the other hand im happy for you.goodluck for the future. i loved seeing you here in south africa live…i made this world cup what its not 2day, which is grest.i will always love you.mchwaa

  15. Wow! Some of these comments are beyond filthy and most of ya’ll, if not, none of ya’ll even know dude on a personal level. Damn. I don’t know dude but to just sit behind your computer and blab away ’cause he’s got more money than you is just pitiful. hahahahaha. oh well, I guess Chris Rock knew what he was talking about when he said “Fat girls can make side comments about skinny girls, but not the other way around. Broke Mofo’s can make comments about Rich Nigga’s, but not the other way around”. If most of these comments are any indication, I swear, some people are beyond delirious and ain’t worth bringing back to earth. Wow.

  16. ^^^^ Correction a ratio of 1:10 poured salt on KPB,JPB and JPBB just leave them broads, in the lambs book of life they will be judged for thier evil thoughts. Just leave them, not even worth it to respond to dem,

  17. i think this pics show that he’s a dedicated and committed person which i find admirable and attractive. i still love him even if he’s taken.

  18. Ohhhhh Ghanaian ladies Kevin is not intersted in you people you cant destroy him the way you did to agogo. Go for your class in the villages

  19. In fact ODO YE DE PAPAA PA!!!!! wether u hebrew, xtian or muslim, love is created by God and we human beings must strive to experience it.

    Thank you once again for sharing this photo with us all.

  20. Wow y u guys dis ya selves like come on yall its just a social site y all this hard filln nigga prince don’t evn know yall and all yall here arguing bout him smh…lmao @ I was not crynnnn ooo its just cute besides am engaged too just happy tht gud men r still out there

  21. Awww , the kid is soooo cuteee omgg !! &Kaii , his wife is looking veryy scary in that first picture… abeg someone let the woman know she looks like a vampire with her contacts so she must remove them immediately , I almost cried o_O

  22. prince u absolutely de cutiest guy alive n ur baby just beautiful loooooooooooooooooove u soooooooooooo much .do reply i definitely appreciate ur playin for ghana.

  23. there is nothing rong wif dis woman she hasnt got breast inplant by the way der is sumthing called push up bras and gel pads it makes ur boobs seem noticeable and her eyes aint contacts they are real. she is not ugly but pretty

  24. The baby is so KUTE☻, and his ife is really beautiful=)
    Am i the only one or does Kevin’s baby look like Michael Jackson’s Older son,Prince Michael Jackson the 1st, when they were babies?
    Compare the 2 photos and you will see it too, like i do.

  25. Am I missing something…?
    that kid is WHITE  and so is his mother.
    Really?  That is the BEST he could do? All he’s gone and done is tainted the bloodline. ABOMINATION!!!
    When will Black men learn…damn it man!

  26. It funnies me seeing RACIST people especialy our own Wes Africans. its like wow where did u learn this? for the record one drop of Ghana blood makes u Ghanaian and so KPB may have had a German wife who is now his ex eife but his son ans KPB will always be BLACK African , Ghanaian. Medaase! stop the hate, en fata wo¡