KPD Again!: Former South African First Lady,Winnie Mandela Wants Kevin Prince Boateng To Marry Her Grand Daughter At The Cost Of The Mandelas….

kevin prince boateng and wife jenny

Many are saying enough of  Kevin Prince Boateng stories and issues. I wish I can stop posting or writing about his issues too but when all seem to have been revealed; I mean his baby  and  wife’s photos, another interesting story pops up. So it is not only Ghanaian ladies who are into this young footballer.

Can you believe Winnie Mandela asked Kelvin to marry her granddaughter? And if he had accepted the proposal, the Mandelas were more than ready to  finance the entire wedding… Read Below for more as we bring the curtains down on KPB issues…

Being a celebrity attracts a number of offers; at times including a wife to marry even when the celebrity is already married.

German-born Ghanaian midfielder, Kevin-Prince Boateng is a quandary as he has been offered a new wife – a very sexy lady whose beauty can make a gay sack his boyfriend.

Reports gathered indicate that Kevin, while in South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, won the hearts of several women to the extent that former South African President Nelson Mandela’s ex-wife, Winnie Mandela has offered her granddaughter to the Ghanaian midfielder to marry.

Winnie Mandela personally informed Kevin that she would sponsor the entire marriage ceremony if he agreed to marry her “beautiful” granddaughter and that the young lady was ready for him.

The former South African first lady pulled Kevin Boateng aside when she hosted the black Stars at her residence in Soweto and broke the news of the marriage proposal to him.

Meanwhile, News-One’s checks revealed that Kevin, 23, is already married to his high-school sweetheart, Jenny and they have a child in far away Germany. However, being the son of a polygamous father, it is not yet clear whether or not Kevin would opt for a second wife, and an African wife for that matter.

Kevin, in a previous interview, said his wife has been very influential in his life and career and that she managed to ‘tame’ him from a very happy-go-lucky lifestyle.

“I was young and dumb.My wife brought me back down to earth when she said’ ‘Who do you think you are?”…I’m a father now and grown up. I don’t want to go out clubbing Saturday nights, I love going home to play with my little boy and that has helped me fulfill my potential”.

He has revealed that one of the 13 tattoos on his body symbolizes his wife Jenny and that particular tattoo is embossed on his right arm.

Though reports from the Black Stars’ camp in South Africa say several ladies had fallen head over heels for Kevin, none of them had gone as far as getting their grandparents to speak to him.

Winnie Mandela also praised the Black Stars for making it to the quarter-finals stage of the World Cup.

“I am proud of you…your performance has really lifted our hearts and given us hope. We can always look to a better future. “Before the World Cup, I lost a granddaughter, Zenani Mandela, 13, in a car crash on her way home from a World Cup kick off concert.” Source: NewsOne

“It was a very sad moment but my sorrows have been replaced with joy due to your performance”, said Winnie Mandela when the Black Stars gathered at her residence.


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