Nollywood Director-“Majid Michel And Mercy Johnson’s Talents Are Extraordinary”


A Nollywood director has confessed that Majid’s talent is extraordinary. Oh did Majid say that he would “die” the day he meets Genevieve? (That was in 2007/2008). They act together now, no big deal and that is how the world goes. Checkout the main article published by The Sun News-Nigeria.

Outspoken Nollywood most decorated director, Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen has hit the bull’s eye by saying Majid Michel and Mercy Johnson are extraordinary.

Speaking on his experience with Majid, he said “he was a boy in 2007/2008 when I was directing Pretty Queen in Ghana and the guy told me that the day he meets Genevieve he would die”. I told him my friend, with the kind of talents you have, you will meet her soon. The other person with such talents is Mercy Johnson. It is an endorsement by me.

They don’t even know that they have a unique and uncommon style of acting. The kind of acting Marlon Branson did before he died. Branson was the world’s number one actor before he died. Take it from me. It is an endorsement. I am praying that one day, I will get the kind of story or script that will pair these two actors. They are raw talents delivering raw acting. They didn’t learn it or study it. They might not even know this thing I’m saying. When they are in front of the camera they’re something else. It cannot be controlled, and it is a gift from God ”.

Lancelot, who is working on a movie on the life of Dagrin , also berated the turn of events at the new hub of Nollywood in Asaba saying what is going on there is an aberration of Nollywood. Said he “ what is happening in Asaba is a charade. What is happening there in the name of filming is something else. We say Nollywood is bad, but Asaba is worse”.

Lancelot also berated AGN for not issuing an official statement in reaction to the Ghanaians’ directive that Nollywood actors and producers must pay $1000 and $5000 respectively before working in Ghana. Said he “are you not surprised that there is no official reaction from the Actors Guild of Nigeria on that development? It is because we perhaps, don’t value our own”.

Source-Samuel Olatunji/Daily Sun, Nigeria


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23 thoughts on “Nollywood Director-“Majid Michel And Mercy Johnson’s Talents Are Extraordinary””

  1. I agree with the nollywood guy, both of them have unique talents esp. Majid, mercy j has come a long way and has great attitude about her, Majid i would love to see him go very far, the guy has potentials to be in the hollywood, maybe he needs to contact idris or something. this is off topic but Van always gets a ho sit down from me, the guy is too wack and dull to be on camera.

      • @ato, GTFOH, i am comparing, hes wack, if it bothers u so much send him to an acting school. Not to knock his hustle, i know he has family to feed,he needs to work on his craft.

    • @miss dior,every vain ,wack and useless person can easily identify one if they see one ,each and every one has their way of looking and enjoying a movie .i dont think van need  your acting schoolto be somebody and he is not begging you to view his movies ,some will definately  not like madjid  so be wise.

      • @ekua,Oh please, save all that useless wack vain words for him becos thats what he is, van is a terrible actor period, no hate the guy doesnt translate well on camera, his acting skills is wack, doesnt put a lot of emotion in his characters like majid, hes just blah, if it bothers you tell him to enroll in acting school.

  2. He is a talented boy with a great future and is always giving himself 100 when he is acting
    Keep up the good work

  3. well its about time….at last som1 agrees wit me on dis….Majid is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beta dan Van Vicker….dat dude doesn’t understand the meaning of word “acting” he shud go study it well. Majid is jst exceptional…i mean I watch GH movies cos of him, always wana c what’s nxt wit him….nd as 4 Mercy Johnson……well de Naiga chicks dey force but their story lines are mostly wack….

    • @jo, Pls dont start any war here.Why do u use the slightest opportuinity
      2 provoke someone.Der are wack storylines everywhere even in
      Hollywood.I agree wit Lancelot one of the best directors in Africa ,but
      both are them are not using their talents well. They just appear in any movie
      nowadays. Pls don’t compare Van with Majid cos everyone knows Majid is a
      better actor but no matter wat he still has his fans who adore him.

  4. Mercy Johnson i’ll forever say is the biggest BOMB in nollywood…..
    Majid got’s real talent to xcept i hate his trend of fashion!

  5. they are all doin gud bt majid is very talented and wonderful person and i like his movies very well bcos when it comes to acting omg! is wonderful…keep it up bro, we luv u

  6. You have saud it all, he (Majid) is the first person i look for at the back of a movie CD cover before buying.I just love his acting, he puts himself into the particular situation and acts sooo very well.I luv u Majid.

    Mercy is also a good actress.

  7. What is happening in Asaba?

    Anyway, i like Lancelots’ film and its cul to see such compliments towards thoses who truely deserve the accolades.
    I absolutely loved Majid and Mercy in the film ROYAL MADNESS.
    Who is Marlon Branson, does he not mean Marlon Brando(if so I agree I TOTALLLY COMPARE MAJID with Marlon Brando, omg Street Car Named Desire ala Crime to Christ)

  8. Hey did anyone read/catch the irony of Majids green shirt in h’s wearin in his pic. It says, “You don’t have to be nake to look sexy”. But i could’ve sworn he be the main one assed in some of his movies.Lol. He is sexy tho, but the guy just loves gettin naked for the cameras.Hmmm……Wonder how (his wife)feels about that?

  9. Hey did anyone read/catch the irony of Majids green shirt in h’s wearin in his pic. It says, “You don’t have to be naked to look sexy”. But i could’ve sworn he be the main one assed in some of his movies.Lol. He is sexy tho, but the guy just loves gettin naked for the cameras.Hmmm……Wonder how (his wife)feels about that?

  10. lancelot if it is made in benin,edo state  it  is perfect and not canage.india  started with making craps as film today see where they are,waxing strong asever .not even holly wood makes only block buster films .there will always be the good , the bad and the ugly in film .films are viewed and persived in different manner by each individual, in other words what is good for the gueese may not be good for the ganda.

  11. mercy is adorable,i think as a talented teenager i would not only try to be like her instead i would make effort and endurance to be exactly like her . if not
    with the kind of talent she has then half of it.


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