Big Brother Africa House: Lap Dance For Ghanaian Rep Sammi B..Ooh La la..


I am not sure if I can keep up with Big Brother All Star Africa to gist up on it’s full proceedings. If I am unable to police the show for regular posting, I will still strive to bring GhanaCelebrities.Com readers exciting moments centered around Ghana’s rep.

Just as the show kicked off,Ghana’s representative to the on-going Big Brother All Star edition was taken to heaven by a lap/face dance from Meryl.

Blind-folded Sammi opened his eyes to Meryl’s booty right in his face and could not believe his luck  as he smiled and played along—touching whatever he could lay his hands and lips on. Geez! homeboy has started on a good note…
Shaking and swinging what her momma gave her, Meryl, clad in just a kanga and tank top leaving quite a little to the imagination, excited the gape-lipped Sammi B.

Meanwhile, Yacob, Hannington, Munya, Uti and Code were evidently envious and could not contain their excitement as Meryl went about doing her thing. Tatiana and Sheila were also not left out of the excitement; they seemed to be spiraling the whole thing encouraging their fellow ‘sista’ to shake that thang and give the man some.

Watch Video Below..



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11 thoughts on “Big Brother Africa House: Lap Dance For Ghanaian Rep Sammi B..Ooh La la..”

  1. Seems this one might be raunchy than any other season. The first season saw this light skinned South African girl called Abby having sex under the sheets with another guy. Then in another episode a Tanzananian guy was seen on camera fingering this Nigerian girl called Ofunneka who was super drunk. This one has started with a lap dance. Let’s see how far they would go this time.

  2. Love the show only because its so different from the one on my cable network.  I catch it online all the time, been watching for a few years now, yet didnt know it was back on though…i got to get watching, hehe…for me, it has been interesting, funny, and as ghallday said:”raunchy” too Lmbo!! 🙂

  3. sammi dey enjoi propre proper.Gh vote to kip him in the haus cos ders lots of hate goin on abou him and the fact that he’s frm GH. i find it quite hilarious when people say he’s it not up to the producers of the show to decide on that? did he just wake up and say he’s goin to the BBA haus again,was he not invited? Gh vote massively for him o cos with the success story of the Black Stars other people are using this as an opportunity to prove a point n as we say “show” Ghana. GH for lyf baby.

  4. sammi is a big loser he’s comin home soon urggg big disgrace for ghana. actually i thought mimi or kwaku ill b der. newwyas u guys no ghana suck n so is sammyb


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