Celebs Out & About: Idris Elba At Screening Of New Movie “Takers” + Jackie Appiah Fakes AIDS Test In A New Movie…

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The Ghanaian Hollywood star Idris Elba has starred in a new Hollywood movie titled “Takers” which is tipped to top the Box Office. The movie has  other stars like the Rap Icon T.I, RnB singer Chris Brown, Paul Walker, Michael Elay, Matt Dillon and others.

Eldris Elba posed for photographers during the movie’s screening at Washington Dc alongside his co-start rapper T.I. It is always warming to see Ghanaians and individuals of Ghanaian descent doing it great out there. Check Out the Trailer for Takers Below and watch out for it in the cinemas near you..

Watch Trailer Of Takers Below

The new movie Summary is one hell of a confusing movie. The movie will pass for another typical African movie. It’s a kind of movie you need total concentration to watch to be able to understand and to grasp the moral lesson.

Prince David Osei played Chris, the husband of Lisa played by Jackie Appiah. After their wedding and on the honeymoon bed Chris finds a HIV/AIDS test result paper which seems to suggest that his just wedded wife, Lisa is HIV Positive.

Unknowingly to him, Lisa with the help of her doctor faked those results to put off her former boyfriend who was desperately calling for a come back. (In this modern world, who would want to date an AIDS patient?).

Chris’s decision not to divorce his wife immediately still amazes me, yet he remained married to her but they never make love or had sex knowing very well that sex is part of marriage.

Meanwhile, after several years of marriage without sex, Lisa was beginning to feel the heat, which made her look elsewhere after all she is a human being made of blood and hormones.

The man (Emmanuel Emoabino) she falls on happens to be her husband’s brother who stays with them in the same house. Chris also seeks happiness in between the legs of their house help. What happens next? Find out

There are whole lots of things in the movie which didn’t make sense to me. Why didn’t Lisa tell her husband of the fake AIDS test before their marriage? I thought it was appropriate for her to approach him and tell him the truth before committing to each other? And what prevented Chris from also approaching Lisa about the AIDS test? Instead of punishing her with a sexless marriage?

And why the idea of part 1 & 2? When the title summary suggests that both parts can be summarized to make it one part. Well, summary features Jackie Appiah, Prince David Osei, Vicky Zugah, Suraya Mensah and others.

The movie Summary was produced by Emmanuel Emoabino who also played Chris’ brother in the movie for Stene Production in collaboration with Paraklet Pictures. It will be premiered on Friday, August 13 at the National Theatre in Accra with a grand red carpet.

Story By Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./GhanaCelebrities.com/Ghana

New Ghanaian Movie, Summary
New Ghanaian Movie, Summary

Watch Trailer Of  Summary Below…

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  1. I’ve watched “summary” online and I, HATED IT..Jackie and Prince were very gud on their acting but can’t say the same for the rest of the cast..I wasn’t impress with the movie one bit..I was annoyed the whole time i was watching da movie but i had to watch it for my gal jackie nd my boi Prince.
    “Takers”, can’t wait for the movie, i will definately go and watch this one for my Idris plus da movie looks interesting..any movie with Idris, i gotta watch it..but all those man on the cover are HOT thou.

  2. The movie Summary looks like a stupid movie, and the ad of the movie does not make sense, and Jackie A. needs to step-up her game.I might go and see the movie Takers with my favourite Rapper,T.I and R n’ B Chris Brown in it. The movie Takers looks like an interesting movie to watch, and it got Some really good actors in there.

  3. what shape is jackies hand ?stop showing those falling boobs,and the make up oh no.acting useless movies just in the name of money . the movie sucks.

  4. the mvie is full of confused people 1. efe tamunor or what doesnt know her real name, she keeps changing names as fraud hunters keep hunting her. emoabino is also confused cos the efe’s fruad hunters is affecting efes marriage and she loses concentration. jackie is efe’s friend so she is risking her career for a friend. she is a friend indeed. USELESS FILM

  5. this summary movie was so long i didnt watch it jus left it waste of time and money AND OMG  takers trailer has been out like since mid last year bt jus gt realeased nw

  6. the movie is a waste of investment, and looks like a punishment, think the co producer Efe is paying dearly for all she has done to people. what you sow is what you reap.