TV3 Shuns Nasara In Ghana Most Beautiful Documentary! The Power Of The Mobile Phone


When TV3 Network sent a press release to the media departing ways with the beleaguered winner of their Ghana’s Most Beautiful reality show Nasara, (Mariam Abdul Rauf), they said they have taken the crown from her to be given to the second runner up Lamisi.

Interestingly! It looks like the station has taken her name out of the history books so far as the Ghana’s Most Beautiful brand is concerned.

Paving way for the 2010 edition of the same show, documentary has been running on the network to educate and inform viewers what the former winners have been able to do in terms of their ‘supposed’ social responsibilities.

In the said documentary, judges and former participants of the show were interviewed. Viewers were taken to the history of the Ghana’s Most Beautiful, which commenced in 2007 with Ama from Central Region being the winner of the maiden edition. In 2008 which happens to be the second season, Greater Accra Region’s Naa Adoley scooped the title for her region.

Viewers were educated that Ama represented Ghana at the Miss Tourist in Philippines. It also mentioned of what Adoley has done for the disabled in the society.

However nothing was mentioned of Nasara who was the third winner of the show in 2009, though she represented the country at the Miss Earth 2010 in the Philippines, where she was reported for stealing/taking a mobile phone belonging to Miss UK.

Is it necessary for TV3 to take Nasara out of the documentary? Who is TV3 deceiving? Well the reality is that home girl’s title has not only been taken away but she has been taken out of the history book. Oh! The power of a mobile phone.

Well if you are you bold, articulate or confident and well versed in your region’s culture, history and traditions and fluent in your region’s language and you are between the ages of 20 to 35. Then join to the bandwagon and be at the Sunset Hotel, Danyame, Kumasi on the 16th and 17th August at TV3 premises.

Story By Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./Ghanacelebrities.Com/Ghana


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5 thoughts on “TV3 Shuns Nasara In Ghana Most Beautiful Documentary! The Power Of The Mobile Phone”

  1. every contest/event is run by rules and regulations.if one party goes against those rules, they must be punished for it. i think this thing has gotten to dis level bcos home girl haas show no remorse, neither is she tellin the whole truth. at one instance she says she used the fone and deleted the number frm the fone, at anoda, her managers says she used the fone and after took out the chip. evrything looks bad for her but she is not ready to come straight. this should serve as a warning to those interested in such events.  to every action, ders a reaction.

    • @Opanin, If she shows remorse then she would be called a thief which in this case she was… but she don’t want to admit any wrong doing so she stils and suffers quietly. 

  2. the first time i watched the documentary,i was like ohh SHE IS NOT IN.i a sorry for her but from what i heared(dont know if tru e/false someone is behind this.sorry not the end.

  3. to me this whole show is useless. it is noted for always picking wrong winners who amount to nothing. Right from Ama to whoever


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