Celebs Out & About: Nana Boro & Killbeatz + Jeremie of YFM

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Nana Boroo

Okay! Our camera lens did it again. This time around, its ‘Aha Y3 d3’ man Nana Boro, beat maker/sound engineer Killebeatz and her highness Jeremie of YFM.

GH! That’s what’s up.

Jeremie of YFM and Nana Boroo
Killbeatz and Nana Boroo
Killbeatz and Nana Boroo again

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  1. nuh hatin buh nana boroos dressing is wrg,, very wrong,, u dun wear a shoe n roll up ur trousers….. nope, datz zesty,,, i ope hes nuh bisexual cus dis is sooo gay… do dey realise wat dey wear,,