PHOTOS- Kevin-Prince Boateng Rocks With Family

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Jenny and Kevin

Yes Kevin-Prince Boateng (KPB) is definitely having a nice time with his wife, Jenny. He has even tattooed her name on his right bicep (as you can see from the photo).

OMG! Kevin’s son, Jermaine is so cute. The family is undoubtedly having a great time. I mean what I should say next is…

Kevin + Jenny + Jermaine =? (Put your answer)

My answer= we are digging the haters to the fullest.

To  Gh girls who are ‘interested’, no more hating.

Let’s make it short by not talking about Jenny. Take it or not, the lady is so beautiful. For those who have been talking about her eyes, it’s not clear whether they are real or contact lenses. Whichever, those are the eyes that can put a dazzling smile on your face all day long. Enjoy the rest of the photos.

*NOTE: The lady trying to embrace the TV is KPB’s mother, lol (Christine Rahn).

kevin n wife

Jenny, Jermaine and Kevin
kevin n his wife
Kevin's Mom, Christine Rahn
Kevin's Mom, Christine Rahn

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      1. @Migayi, Honestly if you are going to insult people on their comments, read thru first and understand what the whole thing is about, u replied to a comment i made to someone and you didnt even understand what it was about, dude, check yourself, i can insult you too but am not going to stoop on your level.

  1. Cute but aren’t these pictures really old? Chris, you even had some of them here during the world cup. Please post fresh pictures or none at all. We don’t need to keep seeing the same old pics..Thanks….heheheheh

  2. Kevin’s Wife is really beautiful and their son,Jerimaine is a really CUTE little boy. KPB looks like he really loves his wife. His Mother is really pretty also.

    1. @dolly, well mum thus worked long hours to take care of kevin and george dad went to study Prince Boateng left the family home where he is now is regreting that he left the familie home and didnt take care of his responsibilities so you do the math further

        1. @dolly,
          Heheheheheh…It is probably chris with a different name because this Miyagi knows everything about Prince and his family, she might as well be the second wife of kevin prince. She knows the time he sleeps, the time he eats, even the time he uses the toilet. Heheheheheheh