Fashion and Lifestyle: If You Visit Ghana This Fall, A Must Get/Do For All

Black Star Surf Shop messenger
Black Star Surf Shop messenger

The Ghana Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations believe tourism will rejuvenate Ghana to the standing it deserves as a tourist spot. That being said, I feel it is my duty as the eye for current trends in our community to contribute to this cause. On your next trip to our beloved nation, make sure you don’t leave without the following must haves for this season.

All you fashionistas and swag prefects consider the following top ten for fall:

  • 2 seasons ago the bubble butt jeans was the rage for women and Woodin le cretur fulfilled that desire this fall it’s time for us ladies to treat our men. Better yet guys you must purchase the new Woodin V-neck jersey t-shirt. This hot new item does well to enhance your physique, the jersery material makes it all-weather proof but the gray color makes it appropriate casual or club wear.
  • There are many options in viewing the latest movies in Ghana on the big screen, I wish I could say Opara Square or the iconic movie house located in Adabraka are the best ticket in town but that would be a lie. However, for the ambience of the arts, National Theatre remains the showcase to experience the underbelly of talented productions.
  • The Black Star Surf Shop messenger bag (above) is refreshing and cute. This bag is spacious for school books, exercise gear or a leisure tot to gather shopping items. If you make it out to the Ahanta area of Cape Coast where you can purchase the bag, I recommend you check out the surfing lessons offered by this trendy hot spot.
  • Treating your lovely locks with care is a lifestyle we at advocate. Be it natural, permed, s-waves, or bald head; Allure Day Spa dubbed spa in the city has something for everyone when it comes to hair, skin and body treatment.
  • We all remember that beautiful game The Blackstars of Ghana played against The Eagles of The United States of America for FIFA 2010, well now you can own that iconic uniform that lead us out of the group stage. The Puma Store located in the Accra Mall has this item on hand.
  • Reading has always been a priority for us Ghanaians and the company leading this enriching lifestyle is Readwide Ghana Ltd. Located in nearly all regions of Ghana from the top of the border to the coast line, explore that book you’ve always wanted read.
  • qUMI BESPOKE has taken men’s suit tailoring by storm. This company caters to the heart of corporate Ghana and I dare say a groomsman’s one-stop shop. What I admire about the cut of their suits as everything to do with being able to see the physique. Ever see suits worn so large that you wonder if it’s a rain coat? Thankfully, that is not qUMI BESPOKE.
  • Finally, I want to dare the ladies out there to find a favorite dress in their closet or a design by a popular western designer. Hand the sketch/picture of this dress to your local by the way seamstress and dare her/him to create it using “kaba” print. I think it’s time to revolutionize this material to suit our youthful styles for the morning, afternoon or night event wear.
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4 thoughts on “Fashion and Lifestyle: If You Visit Ghana This Fall, A Must Get/Do For All”

  1. only dis cheap stuff, there’re planning to give us ohh! ghana for all dis long journey home and expensive ticket, dis all we get,das y alot of ppl dont even think of came home cos its not worth it, for me am camim home but ,thanx no thanx cos i can get some from the dollarama anyways!.

  2. Wow Anne, i cant believe you just said that, u stuck up piece of crap, appreciate the effort your country makes to satisfy you for once, can you do better?


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