Adom Fm Presenter & Hip Life Musician Pope Skinny Beats The Hell Out Of His GirlFriend: What Is Your Take On The Africa “Chris Browns”?

Pope Skinny
Pope Skinny

Few days ago on the reality TV show Big Brother All Star Africa, the Uganda rep- Hannington Kuteesa  openly battered a female housemate-Lerato Sengadi from South Africa on Live TV.

Though the “woman beater” was kicked out of the show, his act throws light on the need to address the state of mind of most African men who believe women can be use as “Punching Bags”.

No matter what this woman said to him or did, Hannington has no right to beat the hell out of her as he did.

The above was a continental issue, now lets move to our own country-Ghana. The popular hiplife Musician & Adom Fm Presenter-Pope Skinny is in the news for beating up his long term girl friend, Efua.

The newspaper that reported this incident states that, the rapper’s girlfriend who they spoke to over the phone confirm the “beating”.

I hate to read about celebrities doing this to their girlfriends or disrespecting women to that extent. Chris Brown did it and his music career till date is on its struggling legs, yet the others are failing to learn.

Beating women in Africa did not root out just recently; it has been living with us for decades. It is time we say “No” to abusing women. If you cannot take her “crap” and attitude, just leave her and not beat her.

Beating a woman makes the perpetrator nothing than a dead end loser. Read more about Pop Skinny’s disgraceful “Punching” girlfriend’s story below and pour out what you think about beating women in general….


The Cantonments residence of Pope Skinny, the famous Akuapim hiplife artiste and host of Adom FM’s ‘Kasahare’ programme was reduced to a boxing arena on Saturday, 11th September, 2010 when he threw caution to the wind and ruthlessly beat his girlfriend, Efua, who also doubles as his manager.
Checks conducted by the Today newspaper revealed that the two, who have been dating for some years now, have recently been on bad terms. In a telephone interview with the victim on Wednesday, which attempted to ascertain the authenticity or otherwise of the story, Efua corroborated the story saying “I was beaten severely by Pope Skinny and even sustained some varied injuries and bodily bruises.”
She retorted …..”As I am speaking to you now, I am even on my way to the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) to lodge an official complaint to them and I will make sure that he is punished.

The case is now with the police and he would soon face the court of law.” As if Efua’s reaction was not enough, she went ahead to threaten that she would take legal action against the paper should it go ahead to publish the story.“I have told you if you publish the story I will sue the paper. This is a personal problem so I don’t expect it t o be published,” she warned.

Attempts to reach Pope Skinny for his side of the story proved abortive as he refused to answer calls to his cell phone.
An anonymous source close to the Akuapim lyrical Rapper recalled in an interview with ‘Today’ that a little argument between the two flared up tempers, resulting in the brutal fight. The source indicated that Pope Skinny outmuscled his lover during the scuffle and beat her mercilessly, leaving her to bleed profusely.

“The incident happened when Pope Skinny returned home late after presenting his show ‘Kasahare,’ a three-hour hiplife show on the Tema based Adom FM that usually airs from 7p.m., to 10p.m. I can’t tell what exactly led to the fight. All I heard was a heated argument between t he two, after which Skinny pounced on Efua and even threatened to stab her,” the source told Today.

The source went on to state that but for t he timely intervention of some residents and good Samaritans in the area, who rushed her to the hospital, Efua could have died as a result of excessive, nasal bleeding. “The situation could have developed into something else if we had not rushed her to the hospital.

We saw her with a swollen face and a scarred nose. It is so sad that someone who should be a role model to his fans will behave that way, the source stressed.

When Ahoma Ocansey, aka Daddy Bosco, General Manager of Adom FM, was contacted to find out whether this nasty incident has come to their attention he confirmed and said “we are just discussing the issue now.”He however refused t o disclose any kind of action management will be taking against Pope Skinny.-Today/Ghana


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27 thoughts on “Adom Fm Presenter & Hip Life Musician Pope Skinny Beats The Hell Out Of His GirlFriend: What Is Your Take On The Africa “Chris Browns”?”

  1. OH Pope Skinny, if your music career is as dead as a horse, must u take it on your girlfriend. i think he should be used as a scape goat to serve as a deterrent to others. this animalistic behaviour should stop, it’s not

    acceptable and can never be acceptable.
    if he’s man, he should take on his fellow man and see. nonsense. you naaa u no fyn but u dey beat some fresh girl.

  2. ghanaians will just copy anything! see there! , from porn movies to GF beating , im not suprise b’cos our african brothers are just too abusive to their women it makes me wonder why, but when u look at it “they” are bloody cowards

  3. Put him in prison (if) that’s the truth. I HATE men or women who abuse their partners in a relationship whether it’s verbal or physical abuse. If he is really beating her then his ignorant behind should be in jail.

    Mind you… the same goes for women who physically abuse their men in any form…I have seen it happen ( a woman slapping her man silly)

  4. See the problem is boys these days think they are men but they are not. A man will never hit a woman for any reason. So many African men beat the women in the lives all the time because there is no consequences for their actions. I mean who is going to take them to jail? Money talk in our country, so even if they are convicted, if they bribe few policemen, they will be off the hook Plus alot of the african women are “dependent” on men. They make men feel like they can’t survive mentally, financially, physical, and emotionally without them. This is what gives men the power. These women needs to stand up for themselves and be independent. Pack your crap and leave and find a better man, but over and over again, these women stay and act like nothing happen. They need to learn that if they continue to stay the abuse will not get any better. They need to stand up and prove to all men that they are STRONG and can live without them. Until these women do that, the men will keep abusing them because they feel like the women will not go anywhere. It is like women have become their property so they can do whatever it want and at the end of the day, it will still be there. It is a form of Power, Dominance, and Control that they feel they have over women. WOMEN EVERYWHERE SHOULD STAND UP TOGETHER AND NOT TAKE THIS BECAUSE ONE MORE BLOW CAN BE THE END OF THEIR LIFE

    • @MEE, i agree with you but i dont know what year your living in but allot of woman have allready stand up to abuse and there is alot of woman that are independent woman that dont take any nonsens from man but yet africa is a place where alot of girls get abuse and yet they are so stupid enough to go back dont take it as a insult but thats the reality man always talk big act big yet they just some bunch of pussy’s i mean slapping or beating a woman up means that rather you muk didnt train you right or you never had respect for her

      • @Migayi,
        Yea, I am talking about women in africa. I have heard so many excuses why they stay and don’t stand up for themselves. Their reason are: I love him, I stayed because of the children, I am embarrassed people will know my marital problems, He is the breadwinner of the family so I have to stay, etc. I mean the excuses too much. However, sometimes as much as it angers me I don’t blame them for staying because in a country such as ghana with unemployment rate so high, sometimes they feel like they can’t provide for themselves and the children. In countries like the US, UK, etc. there are lots of resources(shelter, welfare, medicaid, counseling,etc) for these women if they choose to leave but in ghana, there are close to none….Either you move in with your parents or you stay in your marriage or relationship. It is difficult being an abuse woman but it is even more difficult being an abuse african woman. I feel for them alot maeehn. It happens all the time. I know too many of them and the sad thing is that they always justify why these men abuse them, and stay in it.

      • @Migayi, It’s happening everywhere man. I’ve seen it happen in yankee over and over again. A lot woman are  beaten senseless( many end up in hospitals and some near fatal) and yet after recovery  you see these women going back to the same men who almost ended their lives… It beats my understanding. *smh*

  5. Oh! I felt really bad after reading this and its rather unfortunate it has been published on almost every other website.I love pope skinny soo much, thought He was a cool dude. I find it soo awkward when a guy hits on a lady.Sometimes its better to swallow the bitter pill to save your reputation especially when you are in the public eye.Oh pope skinny why?Anyway the harm has already been done so then solution is needed now.Go and apologise and if possible do it on air to save your reputation, but remember it will always be one history about you.Hmmmm!!! Skinny why?????

  6. you see what i said about the tongue of some women one of them just emailed me that iam a foool for speaking my mind even though she doesnt know me,what will folow if this lady was standing infront of me calling me a fool?

  7. yo SKINNY  go pick up on some one ya own size … fool why would u wanna use those chicken muscles on a woman ? KWASIA  grow up will you ??? 

  8. One problem we have is, we never wait to hear the other side of d story b4 we start throwing insults. But u should all know that that even the mouse will fight back when pushed to the conner.

  9. Would the so-called “radio presenters” and news readers at Adom FM (106.3) stop raining profanity on Ghanaians. This station is so full of profane language I just wonder whether there is a regulatory body in Ghana to check such uncontrolled filthy words that fill the ears of Ghanaians day in and day out including our children. In the name of God and decency somebody must act and stop this.


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