Weekly Discussion, Let’s Get Talking:What Questions Would You like To Ask A Celebrity?

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Confidence Haugen
Confidence Haugen

So if you have the chance to interview a celebrity, what would you like to ask him/her? I would be slapping the following celebrities with these questions  if  I’m to interview them.  Make no mistake, i mean these are my questions not yours. You can add yours as well…

  • I would ask Yvonne Nelson if she is still single since I’m openly available.
  • So do they really think they should earn this much (money) when doctors, nurses and teachers  do not earn this much?
  • Are they chasing Fame or Success?
Heart Of Men
Majid in his element
  • I would like to ask Majid how his wife feels when she sees him licking people’s ‘moongoos’ while his hairy ass sings praises to the world.
  • I would like to ask Confidence Haugen if she really wakes up Saturday mornings, dressed in a bikini (like in the photo above & below) to cut trees?
  • Why Becca sometimes dresses like a 19th century waitress when she can still do better.
  • Nadia will be the next one. Who is the man who has been forcing her to scream all those ‘oh-oh-oh…ah-ah-ah’-‘easy…easy babe’ all night long and why doesn’t she want her fans to know.
  • I would ask Filmmaker Leila and actress Lydia Forson how many pounds each one weighs.
  • I would like to know how much they often give to charity with proof or receipt.
  • What would you want to ask?
Actress Lydia Forson
Actress Lydia Forson(middle)
Confidence Haugen
Confidence Haugen

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      1. @osei,

        Let me break it down for you.

        1. Muntari is a very ugly dude. (fact)

        2. Menayer is very beautiful.

        3. Certainly, Muntari hasn’t got a persona to die for.

        This leaves me to conclude that she is with him because of his money. Come on Osei, do you seriously believe if it were not for Muntari’s money, Menayer would even give him a cursory glance?

        Don’t kid yourself.

        1. @nona,

          A lot of ignorant people here. I always speak my mind. If u have anything better to say, just say it and stop tugging on my comments.

          I am not the pace setter here. A thread was raised to seek opinion and i gave them mine. Pretty obvious you don’t have the brain to conjure stuff out of thin air so u tow on my comments.

          You just called me ignorant for calling somebody ugly. Nothing wrong with that. That’s your opinion.

          If it is rightful for you to make a deduction based on my statement and draw a conclusion, doesn’t common sense warrant that i be entitled to the same privilege? Which, in effect, presupposes that i am equally justified in passing any judgement i so choose.

          Now you can understand why you may actually be the ignorant one, attacking people for voicing their opinion.

          You have a long way to go.


  2. i will ask CONFIDENCE why she has been rated as de most PROSTITUTE lady among ghanaian celebrities in guiness book of records.lol .is she also a celebrity?

  3. @Joseph Midnight, let me tel u nowadays abt 95percent of ladies re all after money but not love,so u better work hard to get money n go in for ur love since de one u hav now is not ur love.  

    You make no sense whatsoever osei, or whatever you call yourself. You called me stupid for asking those questions and then ended up agreeing with me. Shows you are a very confused lad who has no perceptive faculty.


  4. I would ask Leila Djansi what advice she’d give to upcoming Film directors? Does she think women are the one’s to save the Ghana Film industry?

    Confidence, how much did your breast implants cost, and did you do them in Nigeria or South Africa if not where?

    for Lydia Forson, would you ever do your own reality t.v show? Also you had a chance to redo a classic Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa or even western film what film would you choose?

    For Majid Michel, if you had to learn another language what would it be?