Celebs Out & About: Exclusive Photos Of Kwaw Kesse & Veeda In Toronto Over The Weekend…

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Veeda & Kwaw Kesse In Toronto
Veeda & Kwaw Kesse In Toronto

The weekend in Toronto, Canada was hot as the “man insane”, Veeda and others mounted stage and thrilled their fans to good and sizzling Ghanaian tunes. GC has exclusively been chipped photos of Massa Kwaw and Veeda in Canada….

Check out the photos below…

Veeda & Kwaw Kesse In Toronto
Veeda & Kwaw Kesse In Toronto
Veeda & Kwaw Kesse In Toronto
Veeda & Kwaw Kesse In Toronto
Veeda & Kwaw Kesse In Toronto
Veeda & Kwaw Kesse In Toronto
Veeda & Kwaw Kesse In Toronto
Veeda & Kwaw Kesse In Toronto
Veeda & Kwaw Kesse In Toronto
Veeda In Toronto
Veeda In Toronto
Veeda In Toronto
Veeda In Toronto
Veeda In Toronto

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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  1. Veeda looks fine to me  from here. Gosh, How I wish to make a slit under that tight leather pants and bend her over. Oh my goodness. mmm mmm mmm. Like I said to Mark, a bad makeup doesn’t stop the bula matali. I agree her makeup is a little too heavy for comfort but I still want to carry out my fantasy of having her from behind in those tight leather pants.

    You see, no one is saying nothing like that about the women commenting here. No wonder they’re hating on her. She can snatch your dude, yeh, snatch, lol, your dude off your arm with them tight black sexy leather pants anyday. Ok, I’ll stop now. 

  2. You girls come on here and hate on other ladies ( celebrities) , if you have personal problems with them please dont bring it here…. Veeda looks soo good… She is representing as an artist and if you girls dont have anything to say just shoosh and let the \ones that have something important to say do. Her make-up to me is not even that much, what do u know about make- up to say this is too much… maybe she just have a good skin and thats what it looks to me… SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL

  3. Veeda always looks funny to me for some reason. there is something about her eyes I just can’t put my finger on it. It almost look like lazy eyes. She has a nice body but the way she dresses makes her look like a $10 prostitute. Sorry for all the veeda fans. Don’t attack please. Just stating my opinion. I mean just because you have a nice body you don’t have to dress to a point where your vagina can’t even get breathing room. People needs to learn why they have yeast infection or their cotchie stinks, it’s because it needs to breath just like you need to breath to live

    loose clothing + shower= perfume smelling cotchie (ladies I hope you are taking notes, but i know most of you here don’t need to take notes because yours smell like flowers) 😆 😆 😆

    1. @Mee, u ARE soo stupid to think that skinny pants make ya coocjie stinks…. I think ur experience with that your girlfriend you are with is who thats messing your head up.. Skinny ans tight pants are all we all wear and there is nithing wrong with it if u take good care of yourself…. Ypu sound so ignorant and i wish the would band u from this site for making sush a bumb comment. Whats the point of having a good body if you can wear tight clothes… Dont you watch Rihanna, Beyounce, Mary J Blige, Kelly Rowland and the rest of them.. What do the wear to perform you dumb ass….. GO FUCK OFF STUPID ASS…… BY THE WAY VEEDA ROCKS

      1. @Belinda,
        heheheheheheh…you think i am ignorant?….go and research why soo many women have yeast infection and what intensifiers it and why wearing tight clothes for a long period of time can be detrimental to your overall health…..plus if your cotchie stinks and you wear really tight clothes and the place gets all hot and wet, it makes the smell million times worse. Not saying this pertains to all women. I think it is just unhealthy to wear really tight leather or latex pants like veeda is wearing. The place needs to breath that is why women are advice to wear cotton underwear as much as possible instead of silk and other underwear. It is so air can go there easily 🙄 . I know alot about the woman body so please take your ignorance somewhere else. 🙄


      2. @Belinda,
        p.s. Belinda, why are you soo angry, you are making me to think that i hit a nerve. What are you one of those people that have some issues down there….then maybe you should take my advice since you said you are one of the people that wear tight clothing

        Remember what I said about the mathematics….here it is just in case you have forgotten the addition formula already 😉

        loose clothing + shower= perfume smelling cotchie (can’t go wrong with that combination, just like you can’t go wrong with 1+1=2 😀 )

        Heheheheheheheheheeh…..Brenda, I am kidding……ok, just take things easy and don’t take life too serious my dear. However don’t forget the mathematics, it’s a great formula to learn…. 😆 😆 😆

  4. I am an American and I adore Veeda. Why do ghanaians think that when a woman is sexy, then she’s a prostitute. That is the most ignorant comment a person can ever make. Dont you guys know the difference between sexy and prost? Gosh this is so sickening cos she is hot people. DEng !!!

    1. @Ayisha Marks,
      nobody said she is a prostitute. Please read well before you make useless comments…Thanks

      I think veeda is a great actress(love her in american nurse) and musician, don’t have anything against her, just didn’t like her outfit, I mean is it a crime to state my opinion? Gosh…..

      1. @MEE, ummm, correction. You DID equate her to a $10 prostitute. “She has a nice body but the way she dresses makes her look like a $10 prostitute.” – MEE.
        Is nothing new for me to see females hating on another female getting attention so it’s all good. BUT, did you just open up a can of worms and put Chris’s bidnezz out like that? You’re his girlfriend and felt the need to announce that to the world? OMG, do you even know what you’ve just started? hahahahaha. Oh shit, where’s Brian Miyagi when you need him. Nukkahs are about to have a field day off with this one. 

        Sooooo, you’re a white gurl dissing a black girl with a tight ass that’s getting attention from dudes. Calling her a prostitute and you’re not hating? hmmmmm.  3ny3 woa, Chris na wama no aba saa. Ns3m foo ahi paa. Aaaah. For your info, this website and the clowns that pays them to get their promo materials pass through here is considered a joke for those of us in the know. hahahahaha

      2. @MEE, Just go fuck urself and go back and read the fucking thread and u will notice someone made mention of a freaking $10 prostitute dumb fuck.

  5. Not sure why any man would pass that body. See how her ass gracefully bulges out to invite all men around the world to caress. You will not even notice the makeup when you start banging on her fajita.

    You can always cover her face with a pillow anyway if her max factor and loreal facial recipe are not your thing.

    1. @Jacky O, Am disgusting because I want to fuck a woman who’s features and accents are sexy to me? WTF? Are you mad because you cannot attract guys at the drop of a hat like that? why don’t you push your fat ass in a black leather pants and post it here for the world to see? WTF? Who let this goat in here?

  6. @ Mee: Stop insulting women here and go get a job you idiot ….I don´t know from which zoo you broke out, but i guess they are looking for you now , you anthropoid….

  7. Veeda keep it up girl and I wish you would do more singing, Kwaw Kesse eyes are a bit too glazed over-was he sleepy or was it the lighting that was too much!!!

  8. OMG…………When were they in T.O?????? Eii Akwasi Flexxy Da Godson is in the photo too. I would really loved to meet Kwaw Kesse. Akwasi Flex am going to kill you for telling me about Kwaw Kesse being in Toronto.

  9. Some people are very bush sometimes abut the way they talk about people.Ghanian let us be a littel bit polite when we are making comment.Veeda l am praud of you.!

  10. Some people are so blind compare her other pictures to this one and you’ll realise that her make-up there is on good standards,Shes only got a few make-ups on and her leather leggings aint tight thats just how they are,I wish i had a nice body like hers.