Photos Of Evictees From The 2010 Miss Malaika Ghana

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Jennifer, 1st Evictee

As the rule still stands, weekly evictions are bound to happen and woe to whoever it happens to. The evictees looses out completely on the crown, cash and car.

Jennifer could not live to experience the remaining glamour on this exciting Malaika 2010 series.

Linda Kusi willingly opted out of the competitions due to personal reasons she refused to disclose to the house.

Linda Kusi, opted out of the show

This was followed by another eviction episode that saw Selina pack out of the Malaika house. Gradually, most of the delegates got used to the game of eviction and did everything possible to stay immune.

Selina, 2nd Evictee

Lucky was not on the side of Petra as she was immediately evicted after the charity task at the Weija Leprosarium. The story of the next evictee is not too different from the other evicted ladies.

Petra, 3rd Evictee

Felicia had to swallow the bitter pill of eviction after she had embarked on an exciting segment of photo shoot.

Felicia, 4th Evictee

The next and last person to be evicted was Roselyn. Now the remaining ten would embark on a life time adventurous international trip to Cairo Egypt.

Roselyn, 5th Evictee

The grand finale of the Malaika 2010 pageant will be at the National Theatre on the 16th of October 2010.

The show is sponsored by Rana Motors (KIA), Egypt Air, MTN, First Choice, UB Hair Relaxer and Sultana Tomato Paste.

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  1. Some of the eyeshadow on these girlssssss, Aw lawd, I mean if i see one of them at midnight, I will think they are not human. They are pretty but the makeup is just too much, geeess. Some deserve the eviction aka Linda, Petra, Selina and felicia. I can’t really see Roselyn that well to make a full assessment. I need to see her in the day time to know if she is pretty or not.

    Men do not judge a woman in the night time, make sure u see them in broad day light before making your assessment to go out with them. Trust me they always look good at night but when u see them in the day, you will think it’s agya koo with wig and makeup on….Not all women looks that way, but I have noticed that even a pig with lipstick looks better at night….just saying…..hehehehehe 😆 😆 😆