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The usual suspects in the natural coily hair love include the following notable figures in our community: Kojo Antwi, Samini, Lydia Forson, Amanziba, Wanluv Kubolor, Mensa, King Ayisoba, Ann Sekyi(Presenter), Anna Bossman(Human Rights lawyer).

In an effort to create a database of positive Afrocentric images, I will continue to congratulate these stars who make being African look so good. In this article you will learn about the countless hair ranges of our people and also the emerging generation of celebrities that make styling thick kinky hair fun.

Cosmetologists hair of all races according to its texture so for instance if you are a native of Papua New Guinea or a native of Israel you could have hair described similar in the cosmetic sense. What is taken into consideration is the overall tendencies of the hair, example; naturally straight hair would be labeled as 1, 2 or 3c; the latter being closure to a wavy kinky texture.

The label shared the most among us Africans is that of 4a/b which is in order from coily thinness to coily thickness. Now the interesting thing about the human body is that one head of hair can have up to 7strands of different textures making it possible for someone to have thickness in the front as opposed to a wavy kinky texture in the back of the head.

In the past you’ve learned about the proper way to grow healthy hair on GhanaCelebrities.Com which is why I’m excited to present to you examples of notable figures from Ghana who choose to embrace the natural state of their hair.

Known for her motivational and prodigy background in music, Bibie Brew has beautiful locks that she once in a while will wrap as we saw when she became a judge in MTN’s Project Fame(alas we got a chance to see the length of her hair in the film Life and Living It).

New Afro-beat musical darling Dorcas Yeboah came on the scene in our television reality singing shows and was quickly noted for her powerful voice with natural long coily hair. She wraps her hair now but I can only describe it in the same vein as the youngest child, Rudy in The Cosby Show.

The “Welcome to My Humble Home” singer Elivava not only dresses in costume made afro-centric inspired modern clothing but she rocks the threading hairstyles we west Africans are known for.

The heart-felt melodies of Kwaisey Pee has been a treat to behold as we’ve watched his hair growth in videos since it was tiny Bantu knots to the current shoulder length.

Highlife dj Turbo B scene here pictured with the lovely actress-rumored wife- Sandra Adu has been the lead in local-language films like Odo Ntra, Love Comes Back(in which his dreadlocks at the time was as long as Kojo Antwi).

New maestro on the screen has held his own with the likes of Nadia Buari, Majid Michel and a current Ekow Smith Asante blockbuster; be on the lookout for this dreadlocked prince, Christian Ghartey. Blackofe is perhaps my earliest memory of a Ghanaian woman with natural hair.

If you are familiar with Reggie Rockstone’s video’s you’ve seen her, if you’ve been to an event hosted by her event planning company or on the stage at National Theatre or on the small screen interviewing the MTN Soccer Academy you’ve seen the fun way she styles her dreads.

The undisputed Queen of Ghanaian television and big screen has to be Rama Brew, she is a testament to the journey we as black women experience with or hair cause I remember the days when her coifed tresses were the envy of hair dressers who had a hard time keeping up.

Respected actress/producer Akorfa Asiedu whose honed her craft in productions abroad and in the motherland beautifully exudes the art of the short-cut hairstyle.

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  1. I luv Rama Brew,Blackofe and Elivava’s hair.Yea, and turbo B, He is cute.I know Blackofe and not familiar with Dorcas Yeboah.Thanks for taking us down memory lane.

    1. Hey, Kin its been a while.wats up?Anyway, can you tell me about the misleading identity she made.Am really interested.

      1. @Adjoa nbaaso), Hey Adjoa nbaaso) hope all is wellwith you
        well apparently the actor she listed as Ghartey is actually Narsh Smith, and its true. Christian Ghartey is an actor as well but not sure how she can mix up so bad, they look NOTHING alike

        anyway yea, thats whats up!