Love & Relationship Tips: Controlling Anger To Spark Up Your Relationship


Do you realize how relationship and anger now go hand in hand? It seems anger has become common and acceptable in our communities. Although it is normal and natural to be angry, it ceases to be normal if it becomes a routine or uncontrollable.

In relationships, anger, rage, fight and arguments are inevitable, but what do we achieve at the end of all these? When an individual is angry, a lot that should not be said are poured out.

Have you ever thought of working on your anger or considered an anger management class? Which ever way, try these effective working tips and see how much it will spark up your relationship:

  • CONTROL: Learn to be conscious of yourself even in difficult and angry situations, and be particular with what you say. If you are aware the words you are about to pour out will hurt you partner, try and control your lips and be a master of it. Never let those words spill out of your mouth. Clear the mess in your head before it comes out. Take a deep breath, relax the tension in your body and count 1-20 until you calm down. Remember, harsh words can cause bitterness and enmity.
  • WRITING: Again, try writing down what you want to pour out when you are angery instead of saying them.When your partner infuriates you, just avoid him, be alone and write your insults and words that would have led to bickering on a paper. When you are done, rip it off. It’s another way of avoiding him or just leave and do something else until you calm down. Never be in the same room with him. It creates tension followed by a mess.
  • HOW IS YOUR PROBLEM SOLVING: Do you listen well, were you calm and logic in your conversation with him and did you compromise on the issue been talked about? Women are known for their loud mouth. It is always prudent as a woman to be conversational. That is what makes you a lady. Proper communication will not lead to nagging. The best way to resolve your differences is “DIALOGUE”. Know how to listen, ask questions, give feedback and if his previous actions or omissions were not appreciated, let him know. This helps avert misunderstanding in relationships which has a potential element of jumping up the anger in you.
  • PAST GURDGES: Lastly, avoid holding grudges with your partner. “Life is too short” to hold grudges they say. If you cannot eradicate and solve major past issues yourselves, see a counsellor and clear up anything hanging over from the past. Don’t bring up issues that have to do with his “EX” or baby mama. If you love him , learn to build a better relationship and heal all wounds instead of reopening old wounds.

As Bob Strauss, freelance from New York City will say: You might have thousand reasons to get angry and you can give me a lot of justification on why you yelled at your rose…But ask your self, will it solve the issue at hand?

By Guest Contributor:  Rave Daniels


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