Kobi Rana Comes Again With A Bloody Movie: ‘2BAD’

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How can one get an experience if he is never given a job? Though it is difficult to entrust full responsibility into someone who has no previous directing skills, there is always a first time to take a shot at something.

Having been given the opportunity to write and direct the movie ‘Kiss Me If You Can’, it gave Kobi Rana, the chance to acquire little experience to help him with his idea of rejuvenating the Ghana Movie Industry.

‘Kiss Me If You Can’ was like a stepping stone for the young creative director and I strongly believe his latest movie ‘2BAD’ will shoot him into the limelight. I believe his success in the movie industry will hinder the progress of his musical group ‘Rana’, because the more higher he goes, the more scripts he will be bombarded with but as they say, it is always prudent not to keep all your eggs in one basket.

Kobi Rana, real name Cornelius Phanthomas in his latest movie directed for A19, he delved deeply into a canker which has eaten deep in the fiber of the society. Ever heard of the name ‘kwachie’ boys?

Kobi Rana

‘2BAD’ is a story of one orphan Kwabena Asante played by Kobi Rana who lives with his two siblings in a slum in Accra. Kwabena goes through the daily hustle and bustle of life in Accra to provide shelter and food for his siblings. This is what he went through as the older sibling.

However, his younger brother is in a world of his own stealing whatever he lays his eyes on, consequently bringing troubles to his senior brother who already has lots of issues to deal with. Like a typical slum behavioural, his younger brother rapes their little sister. Unluckily for him, he was apprehended and killed immediately during one of his stealing spree.

His raped sister died later, this opens Kwabena to the world. He seeks the help of three other lads who have had their share of torture with society. Together, they decide to take control of their destiny via the dangerous way. When they realized that THE SOLUTION IS WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM, It was “far” too late.

Kobi Rana

Mostly, how one is treated at his young age determines the kind of person he or she becomes in the future. Per how they were treated, monsters were created out of them hence taking to the streets to fend for themselves in a ruthless manner.

Kobi Rana casted several new but talented faces in this movie. This is because he still believes that “AFRICA CAN MAKE INTERNATIONALLY ACCEPTED MOVIES WITH OR WITHOUT POPULAR FACES” and cited the multiple Oscar award winning ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ as his perfect example.

‘2BAD’ was written and directed by Kobi Rana for A19 MEDIA. They have produced spectacular television commercials and documentaries over the years. This is just a warm up for the excellence ahead.

Kobi Rana

I’m not good at rating movies but I recommend this movie.

The movie shows as follows:
Date: 23rd and 24th
Venue: Le Rendezvous, Tema Com 11
Date: 29th, 30th, 31st
Venue: TV3 Executive Theatre

Date: 31st
Venue: Legon Drama Studio

Date: 5th November
Venue: CNC Cape Coast

Date: 6th November
Venue: KNUST, Kumasi

6:00pm and 8:00pm each night.

Story by Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./GhanaCelebrities.com/Ghana

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  1. Rana you are really doing great in the GH movie industry, i still cant stop telling people abt ur movie ” KISS ME IF YOU CAN” i think is the best GH movie i’ve ever loved to watch over n over again…cant wait to watch this new one….ur NO 1 fun….jennifer

  2. you people musts stop citing this slumdog millionaire example. it was made by an oscar wiining director Danny boyle and it is not an indian movie. it was only shot in india but the movie was made by the british.

    at least David osei is not in it so i am sure it will move fast.

  3. Always using some smart strategy to market his movies.The thrailer for his movie kiss me if u can made lots of people watch it, even me.

  4. In a strange way this Kobi Rana reminds me of the Presly Chwe…..(the name long and I can’t remember) who played the lead in Tsotsi….when asked about his next movie, all he said was he intends to make local films in Africa with his own scripts and such….People like Rana should be encouraged for not staying content with only music, or acting wte and I agree,

    its all about new faces, in fact Im tired of the same a-list stars