Ghanaian Epic Movies Fade Out

Vicky Zugah and Adjoa P

Even though Ghana’s movie industry has started going through some form of transformation within the past year, with a lot of movies being released now and then, that is happening with its own set of problems.

Indications are that all is not rosy with sales of some of the movies that are churned out lately. But movie producers have been tight-lipped and are not speaking about it publicly.

NEWS-ONE gathered that with the rise in sex-oriented movies, which Ghanaians hypocritically complain about, sales for other movies have now fallen, with epic movies suffering the heat of the moment.

Currently, movie fans do not patronize epic movies again. Some producers have also started rejecting scripts of these movies which are described as low budget.

What is even worrisome is the fact that actors have also joined the fray. NEWS-ONE sources say actresses feel reluctant to feature in these movies because make up is not often done in such movies and as a result, they fear of the facial looks without make up.

Actresses Luckie Lawson and Akorfa in I sing of a well

Also, epic movies are always shot in villages and most Ghanaian actors have been running away from such. Most of them detest the idea of leaving Accra to spend weeks or months shooting in villages. Ironically, it is epic movies which to some extent have propelled Ghana’s movie on the continental.

At the last African Movie Academy Awards (AMMA), a Ghanaian epic movie like ‘I Sing Of A Well’ directed by Leila Djansi, won awards including the top-most one- the Jurors Award of the year, AMAA Achievement In Sound and AMAA Achievement In Costume. Most of the movies that were awarded during that ceremony were epic movies, with ‘Fulani’ being one of them.

The previous year at AMAA, Abdul Salam’s epic movie ‘Agony of The Christ’ also got a lot of nominations. It is however an undeniable fact that some of these epic movies help in portraying Ghanaians culture and that of Africa and that is what the world wants to see. But can Ghana’s movie industry excel without epic movies?

Some of Ghana's actors in an epic movie



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4 thoughts on “Ghanaian Epic Movies Fade Out”

  1. Gossip Mama, for this one you try paa!

    Its true, the Epic movie is all but dead in Ghana and we have no one to blame but we the fans. My reason for not watching epic films are many GUILT comes to mind, Ive become accustomed to viewing the epic film genre as giving off a vibe that’s not so glowing like the European epic movies like 300 and Braveheart.

    The beauty in our various histories: Komfu Anokye, Yaa Asantewaa, the emigration of Guan fuo, the plethora of Anansisem, annexation of Ghana itself, the Christianborg Revolt, first graduating class of Legon, Achimota school…..

    I could go on but unless these stories are done in quality ways, I will not think to go sit in a theatre or pay to view it on dvd/club/online. All the movies you mentioned are high quality Epic films.

    I think the solution is for writers of such scripts to fund their own films

    *using non-Ghanaian actors if indeed it is true that filming outside Accra is frowned upon by our actors

    * Perhaps they should send these scripts to non-Ghanaian film BIG-Wigs who can make use out of

  2. seriously, did you say our actors don’t like acting outside Accra. I know actors and actresses act everywhere a good story is being told. with this kind of attitude, our infant movie industry would be a day late and cedi short.

    ye bre argu ampa.

  3. But to be honest, those who say no only give energy to those no-name actors who are willing to say yes. My only hope is that enough preparation is brought about for them to perform well.

    Also, I’d really like to see more Epic movies in the various languages of Ghana. Lets make “crouching tiger hidden dragon”, there were like 3 different Chinese languages in the film and because of the good translation in English and latter dubbing in English, it was still a stunning film.

    I would like to see that in Ghana Epic movies


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