Fashion & Lifestyle: Auxano Designs In Focus, The Earth & Joy Of Womanhood

Floral Joy
Floral Joy

If you don’t stand for anything, you’ll fall for anything, is an often quoted mantra of phenomenal personalities, with great pleasure we present the works of Auxano Designs.

Based in the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, Jeweller and Businesswoman Juliet Nebblett allowed this exclusive interview concerning her work. There are very few designers/artists who are able to take the real and make it palpable to the world of art.

This juxtaposition continues to be re-defined throughout the ages for instance through sculpture, tattoos, and carvings. Auxano Designs exemplifies this tradition beautifully in collections of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and hair-clips.

At first glance, Auxano Designs products appear to be a delicately preserved item of nature but as your reflexes connects to reason you find that you smile at the ingenuity of the accessory.

I found myself wanting to be in that special place of beauty, harmony as I scanned the catalogue of Ms. Nebblett’s

Auxano Designs
Auxano Designs

creations. The Nestling Pink collection for instance immediately conjures emotions of nurturing a dream due to the color of pink, its use of precious gems embedded in gold dust encrusted nest design.

A consistent theme of geometric shapes makes it appealing for those who want to elongate their neckline. I often praise Ghanaian singer Sherifatu Gunu for bringing an element of nature into her look and strongly feel nature in art is timeless.

There is an irreversible movement of accessorizing being open to all ages (even though it begs to dismantle the cultural perception that definition-rich jewelry is for women who have become mothers).

Auxano Designs is smart in that the tropical tone colors is meant to compliment the nature imitated central focus; it nicely tells the story of the buyer as a person whose personality shines before their accomplishments.

Auxano Designs can be purchased on popular websites. Please see below for the remainder of the interview and images. Please tell us the inspiration for the name of your company?

Auxano Designs: Auxano is the Grecian term for “progressive life” in other words life that is not stagnant. Another version is “to cause to grow”. Almost everything in God’s creation operates with the technology of the auxano: plant grows from a seed and produce fruit, animals and humans grow into adulthood and also produce after their own kind. Waterfalls, streams and rivers flows into seas.

My inspiration came divinely from listening to two of my teachers within church about the auxano life. I want my life to represent this technology because I observed my self evolving into a more complete human. I notice the jewelry is indeed man made or should I say woman made, how many hours does your staff put into creating each piece?

Auxano Jewelry: My staff usually put out at least two hours on a complete jewelry set which consist of a necklace, pair earrings and bracelet. What is your philosophy on utilizing jewelry as a fashion item?

Auxano Designs: My philosophy for using Auxano Designs is to dare to be authentic. Celebrate your uniqueness and originality. Also the product celebrates God and His creations. Are there any entertainers in the world you’d like to see wear your collection?

Auxano Designs: [American singers:]Jill Scott; India Irie, Queen Latifah; [American actresses:]Sanaa Lathan; Jenifer Hudson; Angela Bassett. Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bisessar. If I could get ALL African entertainers (female) to wear my pieces that would be GLORIOUS!! The first words that come to mind in viewing your work are earth and the joy of womanhood, please tell our readers about the inspiration?

Auxano Designs: How Interesting that you mentioned the words joy and womanhood because top of my list are:

Pleroma Collection, which means fullness and fulfilment (of womanhood). The inspiration comes from looking at the many foliage and natural beauty around Trinidad and Tobago. Also, I was inspired by my own life and how fulfilled I am in following my career path Floral Joy is exactly that, the joy of observing flowers. We at like to encourage up and coming entrepreneurs, what advice would you give to our readers considering using their creativity for a career?

Auxano Designs: Always pray before you make that move. The Holy Scripture says: “In all your ways acknowledge Him (God- Jehovah – Jesus) and He will direct your path.”

Pleroma Collection
Pleroma Collection

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