Samini Who Is Already Married To Two Women Said He’d Love to “Nail” Becca and Becca Says She Is Flattered, What The Heck…?

Samini & Becca
Samini & Becca

I am not sure if it is me over reacting or it is my PMT pushing me to make this furious deduction. It was reported some weeks back that Samini who is currently holding 2 marriage certificates (I do not mean paper certificate) to his name stated that he’d love to “nail” the young musician “Becca” and he has been “peeping” on her for sometimes now.

What I find unacceptable as a young woman is that, though it is known to Becca that Samini is married to two beautiful women and have a kid with each, she has expressed her joy about Samini’s statement saying “she is flattered”.

How on earth will a woman be flattered by such a statement coming from a married man with kids? I do not take flirts from married men because I find it insulting to their wives and also to my womanhood.

According to reports, “Becca said she is rather flattered by their statements.” I see this as a way of expressing how they feel about me and I must say I am flattered”.

It is not only Samini who has expressed his interest in Becca, Trigmatic (an emerging rap star) also expressed his vivid intention to make Becca his and proceeded to warn Samini to even stay away from Becca.

I am a woman and not only do I find marriage men advancing at me quite insulting, I also find it disgusting and therefore cannot comprehend why Becca thinks it is great and flattering to have Samini say that.

When I heard about Samini’s statement, I thought Becca would have responded by saying, she is aware Samini is married and as such do not find his statement a pleasant one.

However, according to Showbiz, when Becca was “asked if she also feels the same way towards any of the two musicians, the sultry singer said: “To be frank, I haven’t thought about that at all.

“I haven’t thought about any of them beyond work abut one can never say never.” They are all attractive in their special ways. They both have admirable physical attributes but as at now, I haven’t thought about them beyond work”.

I am not sure if any of the women on here can see this from the angle I coming from. Geez! Sister Becca, find “your self” a man and stop this. What do you think Samini’s wives will say if they read your response?


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27 thoughts on “Samini Who Is Already Married To Two Women Said He’d Love to “Nail” Becca and Becca Says She Is Flattered, What The Heck…?”

  1. I guess u guys 4get the fact dat, she was asked in public and 2 present herself well. She tried to put it in a nice manner. For her be flattering doesn´t mean she wants somebody´s husband.

  2. ahbbaa..i mean i see this as a complement …as in samini tryna say she’s sexy…@ least becca did not say she wants to do same/have him…ders nuhn wrong ifynk itz jux da best fyn she said..

  3. Well, honestly I agree with you gossip mama but at the same time I think Becca’s response was the best.She(becca) saying this do not necessarily means she might end up with him in bed or probably flirt around .Responding in a rude manner would only make her a “bush” girl, afterall Samini only expressed his feelings and hasn’t forced her to bed.

  4. Samini a wan do Becca and Becca a respond sey she a feel flattered. this a opportunity fi the Dagaati bwoy.Samini go a run tins seen.

    between Samini and Trigmatic, it’s a straight win for Samini no doubt. on a more serious note,i don’t think Becca meant she wants to do Samini.she’s a lady and her response to me s not bad.if she had given it to Samini,we’ll be hear bashing her for not behavin lyk a lady.this to me is nothing,lets leave her alone.
    But Samini,ders chance for u ooooo…………

  5. Come on . . .  .guyz. DAMN!!!! This is show Bizz babe? WTF !! Don’t just start writing stuff ‘cos you think you can. I don’t see where you coming from. Give them a break. Ahhhhh!!!

  6. ooooooooooooooooh she should have insulted her.this same people will come here and rain insult at her.let her be.if you expected her to say or behave some way and she didnt please let her be.

  7. i find it to be disrespectful esp. coming from a guy with two wives and God knows how many concubines, she should have straight up said hell no if even though she was tryna be polite.

    • compliment, u call this compliment? i know u are thinking the same way as Becca thats why u are saying this. u shd be ashamed of yourself.

      • @Priscilla, hehe ashamed of myself for what? Samini said he would’ve loved to nailed Becca…i repeat “wouldve” ! & Becca said she is flattered…ok so tell me whats the big deal ? should we kill ourselves juss because she’s flattered….& i bet if that was you, you would’ve been dreaming of you & Samini’s weddingg…kwasiasem i’m entitled to my opinion so dnt come at me like dat !

  8. madam Becca, please grow up. this statement of yours means even though u have not thought about them, now that they have come out to say these, u are going to give it a thought. meaning u are already falling for these liars. please beware they wont take u anywhere.


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