Only In Ghana: A Threaten Call To Warn GC To Shut Up & Stop Writing About “Confidence Haugen The Brand”

Confidence Haugen
Confidence Haugen

I am sitting at my desk shaking like a leaf (They wish I am). It is absurd for people to just think they can call and tell you what to write and what not to write about celebrities.

The most annoying aspect of such calls is that the callers do not even understand the legal stand of the issues they raise themselves. Pathetic!

I had a phone call few minutes ago from someone who claims to be called “Lawrence” and represents “Confidence Haugen the brand”. Yes Confidence Haugen is now a brand.He said Confidence Haugen is a brand and as such GC should stop writing about her. Is it not ironic that he stated Confidence is a brand (something for public consumption), yet we cannot express our opinion on such a brand? Baloney!

The caller further said GC should not write anyone about Confidence or else….? I think he has forgotten it is a criminal offence to send such threats to anyone. First thing I will do tomorrow morning is inform my local police about the overseas threat.

I guess he does not understand the seriousness of calling from a different Jurisdiction into that of UK to threatening someone.

Did Confidence Haugen ask this caller to call me and threaten me? What did we write so bad? When you write something that favours some celebs, they become your best friend. When it does not go their way, they send you “twaddle” messages.

The caller said we compared Confidence to Pascaline Edwards and she is unhappy about that. What was he trying to say? Click Here to see the article they are pissed about, what did GC write so bad? I guess it is the readers comments and I can’t tell readers what to say, they say what they know as members of society so why call me?.

I have always thought bloggers, writers and others have the right to comment on public figures including celebrities and issues of interest to the public. Maybe not in the world of some semi educated folks.

When will some Ghanaians (celebrities and their so called friends and management) learn? It is sometimes depressing to be running GhanaCelebrities.Com, I sometimes wish my blog was, because I am sure Rihanna or Amber Rose will not send people to be calling me if  they worn something to an event and I posted their photos for their own fans and readers to comment.

I believe in having the freedom to say your mind and will not succumb to these claptrap threats and pressures. I am not going to lick anyone’s feet in my thoughts and writing.

We really have a long way to go as Ghanaians. We cannot freely express our opinion without intimidation and efforts from some dim-witted individuals to silence you.

I will prefer posting nothing on “Confidence Haugen the brand” to selling my intellect and objectivity to such gobbledygook threatening calls.

Those of you who are fans of Confidence Haugen the brand, bad luck since you will not see her on here again. I prefer to save my space on here to becoming a sycophant.

With or without posts about Confidence, we will be here and become bigger so good luck to her, her fans and soldier callers. I never thought we (Ghanaians) are so backwards in our ways. Oh Gosh!

Lawrence said they are going to sue, sue what? On what grounds? Let’s wait to see….

NB:  Ebenezer, Obour, Yaa,  SassyChic and Gossip Mama, please have a chilling day today. Do not post anything today and let’s come back on saturday. Just let the readers comment on the existing posts.

Anyway, I will be going for the premiere of  “6 Hours To Christmas”  In London today with SassyChic & Gossip Mama. If you are in London, join us there…

Enjoy Asem’s Fylla tune below with the other videos as we offer “Madam Confidence Haugen The Brand”  & Her paid soldiers a day of silence


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87 thoughts on “Only In Ghana: A Threaten Call To Warn GC To Shut Up & Stop Writing About “Confidence Haugen The Brand””

  1. This is why we Ghanaians will never go forward in life. So stupid bytch called Confidence with her sticking money has bought someone to call you to threatening you? I am sorry for that man who called.

    He has sold his mind for money. She is not worth being here so it is good you have decided not to write about her. No wonder her night club is slowly crashing.

    You behave like this and you want people to come to your club? Stupid fools

    • why don’t you go and do what youve been doing in your irrelevant life and stop commenting on my sister notice i didn’t insult you . no one has sold their minds its the author who is stupid for writing about anyone just because he heard of freedom of speech lol let me tell i don’t know about you but if someone post me up they will certainly hear from me

  2. I WISH SHE/HE WOULD CALL ME , call me now sucker in fact 233-264141939

    shoot only a fat pig like Confidence would cower behind a blowman instead a fighting her own battles. I used to have so much respect for her, you making thick girls look bad. I hope interpol puts such calls on thier radar

    • @Kin,

      Oh Yaa, I am really shocked that Confidence has resulted to threatening. That is so so sad. He said he will sue, I will give them a guide on how things works when it comes to internet laws.

      My servers are based in Texas, USA so they have to sue from that jurisdiction… This sucks and it is a disgrace.

      I just learnt the messenger who called me “Lawrence” is the manager of IWAN the musician. Iwan, if you want to go somewhere with your music, better have a quick fix to your management. Gosh!

      • @Author: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Wow, for reals Chris, dude you are set. As for you, don’t worry, let her keep this up. In the states I know there is a thing called freedom of speech and anyone seeking bar such an infraction automatically welcomes unwanted attention. Just ask KSM what it means to have a small infraction and the reprocutions of it(referring to him being barred from ever entering USA due to a complaint from 20yrs back).

        Looks like she get new plaything or houseboy “a obe sma”. Iwan eh, so sick with it, an all this while I thought Iwan was this ubber spiritual dude.

        Oh hell naaw, ya’ll don up and done it, Im just so eternally embarassed for Confidence cause it seems she is loosing her touch, that article was no half as bad as the print newspapers in Ghana print about her.

      • @Author: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri
        @Chris-For YOUR information, she can sue you big time for defamation. If in case you don’t know, each and every one of you can be traced. And oh Chris if you want people to respect you and this blog then you have to earn it. The call you received is called warning brother and it is allowed. “Any citizen is allowed to contact any web sites/google/blog articles to remove or ceased posting about them if they feel is damaging to their reputation or image”. Check the Internet laws well brother. And read the news. 
        Just earlier this year a woman in LA filed a lawsuit again a blogger who posted defaming comments about her. She went to court and the judge ordered Google to disclose the identity of the blogger, and guess what? Google released the record to the court. She was slammed with defamation lawsuit and the lady won. Just because there’s freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can abuse it or defame someone’s character.  For good entertainment sake, stick to reviews and good entertainment coverage. Just read the comments here and put yourself in those you write these articles about’ shoes. Would you want someone to call your sister or any of your relatives these names?  Be real.

        • @Kenya,

          Another garbage from someone throwing out words like defamation anyhow. What is defamatory about putting someone’s pic, a photo which is obvious (truth) that the person’s thighs are uncovered and saying exact as the photo depicts?
          Don’t you think I am tired of reading baseless comments like that of yours, tagging everything defamation. If what we wrote amounted to defamation, I guess every court in this world would be full of such claims.
          Let me freely say my mind as you have done. Is it not “stupid” to say we are hiding and that we can be found and all crap? Who told you we are hiding? Confidence knows my flat and she knows how to get there by herself so what hiding are you talking about?
          Give us a break. I have stated that I am not liable for readers comment yet you decide to ask me to read the comments and blah blah. Do you even have a direction as to what you are talking about? 

          If sucking to Confidence as many are doing and throwing away my objectivity and freedom of speech and expression is what you think will make this “Blog” a respectable one, then we do not want it that way.

          What are you even doing on non-respectable blog anyway? Hypocrite. You just said your mind yet you do not believe others should be allowed to say what they think.

        • Chris I dont think you need to reply to such comments.Its a total waste of time.Hey, and Kenya you got to be careful with this warning thing you writing online.This is a public site and you dont want to sound like a threat urself, unless ofcourse you are behind this “bullshyt”.Confidence does’t care about stuffs like these, afterall Asem is somewhere chilling after releasing his track “fylla”.Anyway Chris, take a deep breath and dont allow nobody to ruin your day.

        • @Kenya,

          Seriously, some folks are pathetic to read between the line when the words are in front of them. Kenya, you’re Bitch. If you think the lady won that lawsuit against her opponent  and Google over defamation then you need to read what the writer (Chris) said. For your informations the woman didn’t win any SHIT and let me explain to your dead ass brain for your so called “internet law suit win.”

          According to the law, the laws protect speech and anonymous speech, however it doesn’t protect speech that defames people. If the law protect defamation then  every one and their baby mama will sue every media under the planet. It simple as that

          Now, the internet law will protect a speech or anonymous speech “IF I WERE TO PLAGIARIZE from another develop major website like

          You clearly know nothing about probate law. The lady was merely asking the court to be removed from her opponent content page not sue. With that said Google is given an option entity by the court whether they willing to let the opponent to take down the offending page words because it was on Google server. If the lady also try to sue Google for defamation release she CAN NOT because Google is given immunity by federal law which means Google name and their internet server was registered legally under the U.S. federal law. I believe every country run similar law. Same will go for because if was registered legally the defamation law suit by that “BITCH Confidence Haugen” will not succeed. 

          In order for a defamation suit against the writer or blogger to be successful, “Miss. Bitch Confidence” would need to prove that the comments made on the blog were factually false statements, rather than someone’s opinion of her. If Chris or the court found any sentences or words, yes even words to be true about “Miss Bitch Confidence” then she is  toast like a TEA BREAD.

          Look, I’ll say Chris should write what ever he feel like it, whether he or she is not worth of it because we need to expose most of this BITCHIES wanna be.


      • slim honestly if that was my sister and she told you not to speak about and you did u will be in big trouble freedom of speech my foot serves you right for thinking you can say anything you want

        • @princep9,

          Bitch, you can not do shit. Tell me, what kind of trouble your bitch your ass is talking about? If settling in the court room it won’t work under defamation but if you wanna settle this shit rather than than the court room your ass ain’t gonna last BITCH.

      • u urself wrote dat u are bias n there4 favour those u lyk so wat,s ur problem. U’ve been writing bad things abt Nadia n gud things abt Jackie…u made a gud choice tho’ ur lyf ova unnecessary gossips gud luck

      • u@ chris urself wrote dat u are bias n there4 favour those u lyk so wat,s ur problem. U’ve been writing bad things abt Nadia n gud things abt Jackie…u made a gud choice tho’ ur lyf ova unnecessary gossips gud luck

    • Huh this is odd oh. What a strange thing. Anyway i would say I feel for her as the comments on here can be intense so she is probably pissed off with y’all the readers more that she is pissed at the article. I am sure if the readers were commenting in her favour and saying how amazing she is her peoples would not have made such a call if you get ma drift. Honestly though there is nothing she can do about it but then if she is being called a dirty this and a dirty that she is being affected. If she is smart she will ignore and go about her business! Making such threats will only make the situation worse oh so they need to back off and be real.

  3. Chris, report this to your local police. They will treat it as a terrorist threat coming from overseas and mention Confidence’s name, they will put her on checks and wanted for questioning so anytime she is coming to UK, she will be stopped at the Airport for sending threats into UK whiles outside

  4. Too bad our so called “ghanaian celebrities” cannot handle the package that comes with being a public figure.Did I say celebrity, Is She even one herself?Noo, I dont think so.Well, Chris the part about wishing your blog was american celebrities saddens my heart.You dont want to give up on your passion, do you?.If She/he really wants to sue anybody , am sure peacefm and many other websites had the same article abut her.Anyway I dont think you did anything wrong so why bother yourself.This are just some challenges as a blogger.May God watch over you.

  5. So it is true? my cousin called me to check Gc because stupid whore Confidence is at it again and sending people around to call others. I am sorry for the man who called, has he got sense or family? Why will a whore send you and you will go? Becos of money, people have sold their sense. People should ban and disassociate themselves from this bitch called Faith who has no education but sleeps with men for money. She is also a jealous bitch always gossiping about Sally of Monte Carlo. Fool, I pity people who goes to her club, she thinks she has wings if people stop going there she will go broke and if she is reported and banned from going to UK , then we will see where she will go.

  6. Confidence is a brand? A brand for what ? a brand for silicon valley or fake boobs i guess.

    Stupid man to be told by a woman to call you Chris. You should have slapped him through the phone. Who is that man who called anyway? why dont you put his picture here?

    Are they planning to start selling silicon implants in Ghana or what? that is the only brand confidence can be.

      • hey my friend I personally know Confident yes her life is not to your taste but for you to call her ugly please homie lol why don’t you put your picture up and let my friends comment on ur face and see how you feel personally i can tell ur a punk . Hey at least she is doing something with her life other than commenting on others why don’t you do the same .

  7. It might be just a fan who is all about this girl and he decided to call and warn you. This is so silly a thing to do. So anyone who writes something about this so called confidence chick will receive the “dreaded” call too?

  8. This is absurd Chris, dont even entertain it. Take it as a prank call, lol. Btw what is this woman claim to fame aside from owing a nightclub?

  9. One things we should understand about a human beings is . We are spirit beings everything we do is a result of the spirit that dominates our life . Everything has got its spirit . Not all of us want to live this kind of life that is so nasty . To those who want to know more Watch the DVD movie called “the truth about hip hop and sold their life for rock n roll ” From there you will be able to understand why these celebrities behave like identical twins

  10. Ah,Confidence paa, this woman be kwasiaa paa. What is wrong with her and the so called man who was even sent. Small money this woman will give you so a grown up man has turned into a messenger. woman messenger. 

  11. I agree its more to do with the comments and responses to the article that was written as I don’t see the issue with the comparison and what was plainly insight ! So strange to me that someone can dress that loudly and outrageously and when someone says anything to comment the person in question is outraged. I thought she dressed like that to get attention so why now so pissed? Hmmmm I am confused! Ah Masa you are very kind for the giving your team the day off…can we have a pay rise as well? 😉

    • @SassyChic,

      Lol, no pay rise. I thought a day off would be good but I have been chipped that the Ghana  Film Regulatory Council met yesterday and they have upheld Yvonne Nelson’s one year BAN so need to do the article. One year free from attacks and disrespect will be fun for some of us…

      • @Author: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, i wasn’t gonna commet abt this article cos i dont give a fig abt u chris and confidence watever, but this ur last comment has prompt me to , and to be honest wiv u chris , u deserve every threat u get from these local champion, and if i were u , i will stop rejoycing in someone’s down fall cos it cld be u or ur jackie tommorrow who knows , may u never be punish for ur shortcomings thats ma prayer for u , ur team and ur jackie appiah…..

        shaking ma damn head………

  12. lol this is even getting better and better half man half woman Confidence Haugen is now a brand what pay as you go brand or what she should be happy that she is getting some publicity from someone with her iron forehead by the way what time is the premiere starting sinds i dont have nothing to do 

  13. Confidence is like Coca Cola, she’s a brand.hahahahahaaa…. brand, ma black ass.i don’t knw this guy and i don’t wanna believe she was instructed to make dis kol on behalf of Confidence.dis is total fallacy. if they are tough den they should come after all of us.

    Chris, your decision not to publish anything about her again makes me feel like u’re scared.Confi is nobody, even the president gets dissed how much more common Confidence. Ashawo……

    • @Opanin,

      Opanin, like I will not publish? Lol, You surely should know I will. I was being sarcastic. She said she will SUE and asked someone to call me to threaten me she will SUE ME.

      Now, she has written on her facebook wall she will not sue cos the site and myself and colleagues are not worth her lawyers payday check.

      That made me laugh because it is so ignorant and tells me alot aboutt her intellectual stand. If it is solely because of money that people sue, then folks like Bill Gates, Oprah, Beyonce and  co will never sue people since they have far enough.

      People sue to preserve their interest in something, she wants me to stop writing about her and suing is the best because the court can prohibit me from writing about her by granting her PROHIBITORY JUNCTION. Even if she does not want any of the above, she can solely sue to prove that she has a point and that I have defamed (libel).

      She is the biggest JOKER surrounded by some comedians who cannot tell her the truth because of some little money she gives them. She doesn’t  pay my school fees or pays for my internet bill so why should I suck her ass like everyone and I think that is what is killing her acute mentally constipated EGO.

      She has no case, every court will throw her out of the court and fine her for wasting their time. So when she is filling her case, she will add the above photo as the subject matter and what does she think a Judge will say to her after submitting the above photo…

      Why doesn’t Paris Hilton and co sue all the blogs that posted her half naked photos last week and  their readers  trashed her? Free talk so people say anything like I WILL SUE YOU too.

      How are things with you out there massa?

  14. @Chris what is so difficult about not writing about someone. the lady has her own life and for u to publicily write about her without her consent is an insult to her .let me tell u are lucky to be where u are right now cause trust if u were in America u would get shot real quick. Yes there is freedom of speech but just because we can say anything we want doesn’t make anything we say appropriate if she is a hoe let Jesus Christ condemm her not u , u don’t provide for her nor her family , you say she brings nothing positive then why write about her yeah because she brings you rating lets be truthful here its the naughty ones that everyone wants to comment and you are defintely using it to your advantage the lady says stop it then stop it or else the matter is only going to get worse . I’m sure the only reason why you were being threatened is because you were writing about her if you were minding your own business and writing about someone positive like everyone suggested you wouldn’t have to worry yourself

    • @princep9,

      I swear you’re one of the people who talk from their ass rather their mouth. Dude if you know that girl personally just like you claim then I suggest you to put some senses in her head. That BITCH claim she’s a bright star s with two tennis balls on her chest, what do you expect? Isn’t that attention seeker? Even take a look at her picture above and even your self will notice the body language she’s trying to present. I can’t even stop looking at that two tennis balls on her chest. So, tell me WHAT’S THE BEEF? 

      • @Weapon-X, You are a big fool like Chris.. if not you and Chris are the same person. loser!!!!!!!!! And oh empty skull get your facts right before you post a reply under my comment next time. The lady won the fucking lawsuit. Read CNN archives. You dim-witted insolent prick!!!  wait when the action hit your ass then you’ll see who the fuck will run your world with your useless based proof. 

        • @Kenya,Your calling someone a bug fool but do me a big favour and read your comment all over  again and tell me who the big fool is bloodsucker you sound more like someone who got hate in his blood dumb prick hmmmmm………… I gues you describe your self in two words pussyhole but I gues bloodclotss like you are just here to be fucked in their ass (no homo) but I guess the name Kenya says it all young blood do me a favour F the fuck op  and come with something good the next time cause you ain’t shit at all goat fucker 

        • @Kenya,

…hahahahaaha….This Bitch Kenya think the owner of these site is me. Bitch listen, Chris and I are different so what makes you think Chris is the same person as me? Oh, because I did schooled your “Bitch” ass on probate law about internet defamation. “Bitch”, that lady did not win the amount of huge money she was required but rather she won the content of the page to be removed. You keep talking from your ass saying she won but never mention the price. Why? because your bitch ass don’t know.

          “Bitch” if your dead ass brain couldn’t comprehend my first post then listen up carefully. If a person try to sue the body of a whole website company over defamation it is impossible to win the case because like I said in my previous post  that the website company like Google or is given immunity by the federal law meaning the whole website and their severs was formed legally under the U.S. federal law. Now, this is the opposite side. If the same person sue another person on the website as commentator (not the whole website company it self) then chances are the law suit might and I mean MIGHT stand with a huge strictness.  Beside the lady won partial of the suit because her opponent went to the stand without a lawyer thinking she can speak well.

          Running my world?….hahahahahaha….Bitch like you crack me when you don’t know what another guy life is all about.  Bitch, I say what I mean and I mean what I say. My life is open to you including your bitch ass folks who want HELL  and I promise Y’all won’t sleep until laying 6ft under. DICKHEAD. 

    • @princep9,
      America, I know of blogs who are in America and are currently trashing Paris Hilton, Rihanna and co for photos they feel are indecent. Why don’t they sue them all? You are joker to think she can sue too..,

      And if you care to know, I am in America as far as this website is concern. In fact I am within the jurisdiction of Texas so the laws of Texas is what governs my operation. 

      • @Author: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Like Observer wrote below, the laws of Texas doesn’t permitted anyone to defame anyone. Celebrity or not. She can sue this website (which means you have to stand trial). Weapons-X doesn’t know what he/she’s talking about with US giving websites immunity. What a fucking moron. There’s no such thing! 

        Chris, trust, Confidence got ya’ll by the balls on this one. You and your crew has defamed her character on your website and the article is still there with all it’s comments as proof. 
        Pray that she doesn’t learn about Texas Laws or the way’s of Texan’s. Like someone said, if Confidence was living in the USA, you will be a dead man by now. And they won’t call you and tell you they’re going to kill you first. They just kill you.

        You whole thing about been arrogant and displaying hate is because she cannot prove anything right? She can put professionals on you to put you out and your family cannot prove anything either! People in entertainment are usually not your average run of the mill people. They go through a lot to get to where they are and habour different mentality so be careful. You’re too young my dude so take advice and protected yourself. All the people in here instigating are going to be now-where to be found if shit turns real so be careful.  Unless it’s all a publicity stunt of some sort. But, think about what I’ve said.

  15. Below is the definition for ‘Defamation’, directly copied from Wikipedia. SHE CAN SUE your young, dumb, ignorant ass.

    “Defamation—also called calumny, vilification, slander (for transitory statements), and libel (for written, broadcast, or otherwise published words)—is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, or nation a negative image. It is usually a requirement that this claim be false and that the publication is communicated to someone other than the person defamed (the claimant).[1]”

    She’s a public figure(like it or not). She’s a ‘brand’ because she can things like advertisement for other companies. When your website publish articles about her, that is not cleared with her management, that contains her pictures been show in an unfavorable manner and portraying a negative image of her, SHE CAN SUE YOU. YOUR ARE IN TROUBLE!   Any Judge take a quick look at your own website and the kind of comments that your article about Confidence generates about her, and the judge will agree you and your website are spreading negativity about her. It’s clear and easy to see.

    Your internet server been based in TEXAS doesn’t mean anything. All that means is that if you, the webmaster, get’s into any kind of trouble as a result of your website, you will stand trial according to Texas Law. This also means that your website is operating and following TEXAS LAW. 

    There is no Country on this planner (that I know of) that doesn’t have defamation.

    • You want to talk about defamation and your source is Wikipedia? You are a joker. I will not enter into such discussion with you even. Good luck to her with her suite.

  16. GC, im not sure what the caller told you that makes you deem it fit to stop writing about her. did he have a point or you just cant be arsed writting about her. said this before GC needs our so called celebs and they in turn need GC. dont be ass lickers or  “go after” any particular celebs but be circumspective in your posts. u need to moderate your comments too, its turning into anarchy on here.

    • @dagodfather,

      Moderate comments? Come on, I am not Fidel Castro. (Communism at its bes). I will never ever attempt to do that. Wiill it be fair that I can say what I want and yet my readers cannot?

      Moderating comments puts a big liability on me rather. So I will leave readers liability to rest on themselves by not being responsible for their comments. However, if any particular comment is reported to me, we can delete it…

  17. There is no such thing as negative publicity. Celebrities thrive on media sensation, most of which are negative.

    Flaunting her cellulite afflicted thighs in public was unavoidably, a recipe for media vultures like GC to scavenge on.

    The defamation argument is a bunch of hokum. How could a “celebrity” be so revealing and not expect bloggers to have a field day with it? Plus, she was in a public place, therefore the photographers were within their rights to take those pictures..

    It would be ridiculous and stupid to say the least, to blame GC for reporting the obvious.

    My grandma used to say in Akan that “Seh kukru kukru ne gyae a, kekre kekre nonso beh gyae”.

    If you don’t want your thighs out there then cover your damn self up!

    • @Joseph Midnight,

      LOL. You have said what many on here including the person who called me could not tell her or do not know. 

      Geez!, If Confidence sues me, I will not need a lawyer, I can disgrace herself, her lawyer and her people in court myself even as a law student. This because the court will just throw her out and fine her for IGNORANCE, INDECENCY & WASTING THEIR TIME.

    • @Joseph Midnight, Joseph, like most feeble minds, you’re under the impression that you can do anything to a celebrity and it’s justified. They’re human’s with laws protecting their rights just like you. Because a person is a public figure does not automatically equate to ‘behaving in a certain way that you will approve’. Remember some people live their lives. The same reason why you cannot point a camera at any indecently dressed woman in public, post it on the internet, and make negative comments about them is the same reason why you cannot do that to a celebrity. Defamation of character. It is called ‘defamation’ because you could have chosen as a journalist not report the story or display the picture knowing the end result will affect the person’s image/livelihood. Because of the ‘Envious nature’ of humans, we tend to hate on celebrities a lot but that doesn’t mean anything can be done to them. What this website is doing to this woman qualifies as a defamation of character. You took her picture in public as a journalist. Fine. You posted the picture on your website. Fine. You are allowed. Then you wrote an article about the picture with a tone that suggests to your readers that you disapproves. Your readers then jumped on the negativity. That is defamation of character. No different that somebody taking your picture (the webmaster) and posting it on a gay website and saying you’re gay without your knowledge. (It’s defamation because it paints you in a negative image and it was done without your approval and it’s end result could destroy you as a person). Your website has done all of this to Ms. Confidence already and numerous other artists/actress.

      You are a journalist and not a moral police. A journalist is suppose to be unbiased and impartial. That’s why we call them journalists and not (a person with a camera and pen) because we all have camera’s that we use. But they are professionals with rules attached to how they use their camera’s and pen to protect the people. What I recognize on this site is a lot of Faith Based favoritism. This is not how a professional journalist works. A journalist doesn’t choose to write unfavored things about people they don’t like and write good things about people they like. A Real Professional Journalist has the power to sway public opinion and destroy a person’s character which is why there is a law against that behavior so journalists don’t abused their position.

      You’re under the impression of been protected somehow because this is the internet but you’re wrong. If I knew Confidence’s Management, I’d contacted them and urged them to sue so we can see who wins. She can sue the hell out of your website and I guarantee you she will WIN because she’s right in this case. Save yourself and your company some troubles and just take the article down. Your site is wrong in this case. Peace

      Btwn: Chris, you do moderate this site already! It does display a message when you post sometimes and don’t post it right away until it has been ‘moderated’. Someone caught one of the webmaster’s edited an article on this website once and left no traces that the article has been modified since it was posted. You do already say what you and delete what you don’t want on the site so don’t play innocent. You do moderate this site.

      • @popo joker,

        If you want to have an argument that people will respect, first stick to one name. Stop changing your username and stick to one name.

        All through your comments under this post though you have been changing your name, you have been mentioning defamation here, defamtion there. I do not expect you to know much about defamation but the way you have decided to argue alone its lines, it would only be prudent for you to read a little about it before making a fool of yourself.

        Stop quoting Wikipedia as your source because it makes you sound like a JOKER. Which brain will source wikipedia in any intellectual discussion?
        Let me coach you a bit, Defamation is the publication of an untrue statement about a person that tends to lower his reputation in the opinion of right-thinking members of the community (Sim v Stretch [ 1936 ] 2 ALL ER 1237 (HL).

        The key elements here are publication, untrue (false) and then tends to lower the reputation…..

        What is untrue about what we published? We said she needs to cover up since the photo is showing excessively her thighs. Is that not true according to the photo? Is her thighs not showing?

        So in your own acute mind, is there any defamation here if there is no false publication?

        I hope you have learnt something great this sunday. Stop making a fool out of yourself by throwing around defamation any how. 


  19. chris this getting serious ,deleting any thing about her info will help !and stop listening to those who are pushing you,the people who are supporting you will turn their back against you when they are call to help you,so if you know this is serious, i beg desist from writing something about her period.

    • @27 calibre,

      The courts are opened to all. She says she will sue, let her go and submit her claims. After all, going to court does not mean you will win or you have a case. I think you are the last person I will respond to on here on this issue. 

      I will from henceforth clarify things only on this site when I find the need and leave certain people to wallow in their ignorance and “i am going to sue, they will sue sue you” business. Action speaks louder than words they say! How are you anyway?

  20. Chris am soo disappointed in u n yr GC..check the laws on internet very well,,u cant hide behind the fact that the server is in the states…..there are over thousand n one celebs in town….write abt them n lv her alone…………

    • @attia busanga, They are focused on writing negatively about one person to destroy them. Clearly you see that too. Such a shameful act. They have hate in their blood. Don’t want to see their own doing well. You’re right attia, there’s so many celebitches in Ghana, why is GC focusing negativity on certain people who don’t belong to their religion only? such a shame shame shame shame

  21. Well, Chris I don’t honestly know what your problem is. You rightly said that a man who called himself Lawrence anonymously gave you bell to warn you to desist from writing unfavourable articles on her brand, the said Confidence Hagan. And he threatens to file a suit against you. Let him go ahead. You are a blogger and if you are going to run away from any small stuff like this, then you better fold and cut your lost. The like s of Lawrence may not have anything to do with Miss Confidence. They just want to make a statement. I believe you investigate your sources prior to publication because just hear say is bad journalism and you know this too.

  22. @Kenya,Your calling someone a bug fool but do me a big favour and read your comment all over  again and tell me who the big fool is bloodsucker you sound more like someone who got hate in his blood dumb prick hmmmmm………… I gues you describe your self in two words pussyhole but I gues bloodclotss like you are just here to be fucked in their ass (no homo) but I guess the name Kenya says it all young blood do me a favour F the fuck op  and come with something good the next time cause you ain’t shit at all goat fucker   

    Your pussy ass words stinks like the mouth you spoke out of and your retard hands you typed with. fucking idiot!

  23. @ the above fucker ..Your pussy ass words stinks like the mouth you spoke out of and your retard hands you typed with. fucking idiot!  

  24. Ei Grandma Confidence again!!!Wat @ all does she want in life?She better starts thinking of her grandchildren & leave dis childish stuff 2 the young ones.

  25. Who even made this Confidence a celebrity? She is Ashawobrity rather. Confidence is nothing but a useless ashawo woman running ashaswo joint under the pretends of a Night Club.

    1. She is ignorant as the Kumasi Zoo Monkey. She has no education yet she will not invest a little of her asahwo fortunte into some Night Oldies school. Her english is hilarious yet she will not stop writing on Facebook and twitter.

    2.  She is a fool to want to sue anyone. You are naked in a photo, GC says you are naked so what case do you have? Is it not what is in the photo that was said? 

    3. Confidence is a jealous bytch despite her ashawo prowess she still gossips about her other friends.

    4. She is a ritualist who travels miles to see some voodoo powers.

    5. No man wants her ass because everyone knows her now. We all know what she tried to do Edem, thanks to Hammer for saving that boy


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