Congrats: Shirley Frimpong Manso Recognized By BBC, Invites Her For Talks About Her Works & Influences In The African Movie Industry Among Other Things…

Shirley Frimpong-Manso- AMAA Best Director of the Year 2010

Just few weeks ago after Genevieve Nnanji was featured on CNN Connector, I asked the question; which African Actor or Actresses has the potential to make it next to such an international platform.

Various names like Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari, Majid Michel and others were chipped in by GhanaCelebrities.Com readers as the next potential movie icons capable of making it to similar exceptional platforms.

Little did I know that BBC World Service had already recognized, appreciated and acknowledged the wonderful works of scriptwriter/Director Ms Shirley Frimpong Manso in the African Movie Industry.

Yesterday, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation World Services) invited Shirley Frimpong Manso for an exclusive interview as part of their on-going recognition of remarkable individuals in the Entertainment industry who have won awards around the world for 2010 among other things.

Two days Prior to Shirley Frimpong Manso’s interview, the BBC had a similar chit chat with the 2010 Oscar Best Documentary Award winner “Fisher Stevens from the Cove”. It is refreshing to know that one of our own (Ms Shirley Frimpong Manso) was chosen by the BBC as they looked at the African Entertainment industry.

Maybe another person from Africa would be considered in the future by the BBC for this their on-going 2010 remarkable World Entertainers in focus from Africa but for now, it is all about Shirley…

At the BBC world service studios, the 2010 Best African Movie Awards (AMAA) Director in response to questions from BBC talked about her movies like The Perfect Picture, the direction and focus of her movies, the prospects of the African movie industry, a newly mother striking the industry with amazing movies, etc.

When GhanaCelebrities.Com contacted Shirley Frimpong Manso about the above, she said among other things that, “she is deeply honoured by this opportunity and the fact the BBC has recognized her work”.

The ace Director’s chit chat with the BBC will be aired on BBC World Services across the globe somewhere around Christmas. We will update you with the exact time and date when it is communicated to us here at GhanaCelebrities.Com.

Photos of Shirley Frimpong Manso at the BBC studios will be published on here in the next couple of days for you to catch a glimpse so keep watching this space.

I will personally like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ms. Shirley Frimpong Manso for the good work done and wish her all the best.


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44 thoughts on “Congrats: Shirley Frimpong Manso Recognized By BBC, Invites Her For Talks About Her Works & Influences In The African Movie Industry Among Other Things…”

  1. GC is one sided. when leila Djansi’s interview was aired by BBC you guys did not publish it. you only publish negative stories about her.

    • @27 calibre,

      This is not an interview per se, this is the BBC picking up people around the world in the Entertainment Industry who they deem to have been remarkable for chit chat and highlights…

  2. until Abdul salam and socrate sarfo stop their porn fest, they will never be recognized or taken seriously even in GHANA…Shirley I love u…and so does da ppl of Ghana…keep doing wat u do…ur works are AWESOME

    • @lily, At least Abdul made Ghanaian movies desirable to the world! People never took Ghanaian movies serious until Abdul produced Beyonce, Mummy’s Daughter and co so u have to give him some credit. U don’t have to always look at the negative side of things, he made positive impacts as well. As for Socrates, the least said the better. People like Abdul made Ghanaian movies cross boarders and made Ghanaians acts also recognisable the world over! Congrats to Shirley for making Ghana proud and i know that the deserving acts will follow suit. God richly bless Ghana and it’s people!

      • @Everlove, I can def. agree with u on dat one…those movies u mentioned are great movies…and he had the potential to make the industry even better…but lately they r all acting really silly which destroys every good work he has put out there…but i do agree with u

        • @lily, U r right Lily, he definitely has the potential of making the industry better but is going the wrong direction. I hope he thinks of the good old days and remember how appreciable those movies were and go back to produce even better ones than those. I still believe in him cos he still can offer something useful so he should just vacate Socrates boat and believe in himself.


    • @sofie,It is no one’s fault u r poor, wretched and undesirable.At least she won 2 AMMA awards which r not national but international and which one have u won or who knows and cares about u? It is a pity people waste time insulting people who r better off than them and their families all the time. At least she made Ghana proud with AMMA awards and u r not even proud of urself let alone others being proud of u. Losers like u can only display ur envy and stupidity on social sites but cannot stop people u hate from progressing. Find something useful to do, work hard and u shall be useful to ur family or urself at least.

      • @Everlove, oh who the cap fits ,afterall the cap fits jackie then everlove get into your stone aged blocked head that winning even 20 amaas cannot make you a best actress but may be the fellow was lucky to be in a hit movie dont forget that fact too as you are defending blindly ,bear in mind am not poor and i dont want to be jackie a typical MARRIED WHORE ,GREEDY BASTARD , WOLF IN SHEEP CLOTH,?tweaka you take pleasure to say stupid things with passion of hate on others and here you are preaching to me of envying HAHAHAHAAAAAA. this thing with only the face to boast of and crooked body with twisted feet? better reason before opening your stinking mouth.hahahaaaaaaa you need your head examined over this kapuepue who has taken you blindly .you dont tell me what to say or write ,what i say is the reality ,so you accept it or go and burn the OCEAN . DUMMMM.

        • @sofie, If it takes only luck to win an award, then all nominees will win the same award cos luck wasn’t created for only one person. U can display ur stupidity for all i care cos it shows how miserable u r . Jackie is there making her movies and getting richer, more popular and recognizable and u can never stop her , u can only ponder over her success and die slowly of envy. Yea i may say bad things aba others at times but i don’t get too personal cos i have a life unlike u who has got none and r useless.She has got only the face? That’s your blind opinion cos to me, she has got it all and a lot of people have recognized that but one question to u, have u got any? I bet u r the worst and the ugliest thing on earth but thank God u can only hide ur worwor self behind a computer and talk shit. Call her whatever but there is no way u can compete with her. Even your mother,so called boyfriend or husband will choose her over u so die bitch. The truth hurt indeed! I don’t think she will even waste a second on u cos u don’t exist to her, u keep talking aba her cos she is important to u. Saying the reality my behind! Can u even define reality? The reality is that, u r hating cos u can never be like, be loved like her, be given national honour like her, win any good thing like her, be as rich like cos she can feed u and your family for sure. She is prettier, richer, far far desirable and adored than u can ever dream of or wish for urself. My sympathy to u and rejoice cos at least or hubby likes u though he would prefer Jackie.

        • @miss dior, and you think no one can go for boot for boot with her jackie aint shit you can even die for her thats not going to change the fact that she is greedy and no good actress learn to live with it the insults do es not change a thing ,how many movies has jackie featured in that makes sense?jackie goes for quantity NOT quality because of her greediness and everybody want to see me syndrome that is swollen her short head.

  4. congrats to shirley. I hope she shares the credit with ken and Chris because they do all the work and not her. congrats to her for having the balls to make it happen and congrats to Ken Attoh and Chris for being the creative ones.

  5. awwww congrats Ms loooovee uuuu muahhhhh!!!!!! wo di animoyam aba ghana movie industry mo. Nyame nhyira wo wa3. as for the others hmm they already know. me nka mo hwii. Socrate sarfo and all the wacky producers and actors, take note cuz Ms Shirley has arrive and It took her just a few years to get recognized. Ms Shirley hurry up oo cuz hollywood will be calling Hard work really pays off aampa.

  6. Shirley keep on making us proud.U ‘re the kind of people who are supposed 2 be in our movie industry 2 make it grow & not all those porn producers/directors disgracing us.I ‘ll surely luk out 4 the interview.But Chris will it be on bbc tv or radio?Anyway thanks 4 the interview.

    • It will be on BBC (Radio), It will be broadcast by the World Service which means it can be listened to from any part of the world.

  7. @alewa,
    Will you read the post before jumping around? Leila did not tell GC about her interview neither did we know about it….We are close to Leila and if she did not tell us, then it is for a reason….Again, as I stated, this is not an ordinary interview on BBC, many get interview each day by BBC. This as stated is the BBC calling people they see as achievers in the Entertainment industry around  the world and talking to them. Shirley was picked from Africa (African Movie Industry)  

    since you are so close to her, ask her and write about that too. Shirley took Ghana industry to a good height, Leila is taking it to higher heights and Hollywood.

  8. Damn, I need me some Shirley Frimpong. She definitely a pretty lady with innocent face. Anyways, my one and the only Shirley, CONGRATS and wish you nothing but the best.

    Speaking of my honey Shirley getting interview at BBC can y’all please visit to cast your vote for my boy  Andre “Dede” Ayew for African footballer of the year before December 17,2010. Please, don’t forget to spread this message.  Thanks guys

  9. @miss dior, and you think no one can go for boot for boot with her jackie aint shit you can even die for her thats not going to change the fact that she is greedy and no good actress learn to live with it the insults do es not change a thing ,how many movies has jackie featured in that makes sense?jackie goes for quantity NOT qualitybecause of her greediness andeverybody want to see me syndrome that is swollen her short head.  

    Well u aint shit yourself so shut the fck up with that bs, u losers are beginning to sound like a broken record, what hasquantity nd quality got to do with jackie right now? clowns like you cant keep the girls name out of your mouth, Jealousy and inferiority complex is a disease better get yourself checked, and stop drinking too much of the haterade damn,

  10. First tanx for making women proud n recognized and also can be acknowledged beyond being good in the kitchen and bedroom as some of the men believe. I’m very proud of u. Enjoy the christmas


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