New Movie: ‘4Play Reloaded’ Ready For The Market

4Play Reload
4Play Reload

New Movie: ‘4Play Reloaded’ Ready For The Market

Undoubtedly, ‘4Play’ was one of the movies which had lots of attention from the media. It’s the same movie in which actress Juliet Ibrahim showed her ‘goodies’.

The original trailer showed her boobs tangling in the video but after several talks with the producers, those parts were edited from the movie. However, ‘4Play Reloaded’ more of a sequel is ready for the market to consume.

The movie will be premiered at the Silver Bird Cinemas on December, 17, 2010.

‘4Play’ is a story about four industrious young ladies and best friends who were caught up with wrong men in deceptive web of love. The story goes on to reveal the acts of deceit, lies and betrayal created around these four friends and their men.

This fun filled sensational romantic comedy describes the true picture of some of the acts of deceits by men on innocent and industrious women and the result of such betrayal and deceit.

Watch 4Play Reloaded Trailer

The Good Jezel and Rex (Jacky Appiah and John Dumelo); the Bad Ruby and Daron (Yvonne Okoro and Omar Sherrif Captan); the Ugly Angie and Alvin (Roslyn Ngassah and Majid Michel); and finally the Dirty Nivera (Juliet Ibrahim).

In Reloaded:
Nivera is pregnant with Kojo, together with her friend they went to visit her cousin played by Yvonne Nelson who happens to be sleeping with Kojo and her dream man who happens to be Kojo’s father.

Angie and Alvin are divorced. Alvin meets up with another lady who asks for nothing but sex. She asks him to do the house chores and wash her panties. Finally, he had no option but to go and beg Angie to take him back.


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33 thoughts on “New Movie: ‘4Play Reloaded’ Ready For The Market”

  1. LMAO @ da “my husband” scene… looool true say how many guys did chick pass off as her hubby…wanna see dis movie bad tho…i like it wen dey inject sum humour so dat its not all bang bang clothes drop

    • lol kweee oh male! These are the movies we want to watch. not those nasty so called soft porn movies. Lol the part that i liked the most is when majid was on the bed smilin and the gurl threw her clothes on him to wash it and he was like heyyy and the girl was like wash them lol.. is soo funny and everything in the trailer makes me wanna watch the movies soo badly.. I CANNOT WAIT TO WATCH IT.

  2. wow cant wait for it to  come out and  watch it….Yvonne  prayer is really funny…..NO POT BELLIES…SIX PACKS STRAIGHT UP…how  can u ask God for

      • maame,ur a very weird creature. why must u think is because of money that she will wanna act whilst pregnant?are u deaf n blind?do u even know who the hell she is,or even whom she is married to?acting is her career,so all these stars do what is right for their careers,gosh.some people are so bush,maame,stop commenting trash about people u dont know.nonsense!besides playing a role of a pregnant woman in a movie when u are actually pregnant is a dream job every actor would look forward to,if u must know,sillly hypocrite.

        • and who are you to come and insult people  here hasnt she got the right t o speak her mind or make a joke there is a reason why she put that LOL at the end fool incase you dont understand than dont reply on it than you come out of nowhere insulting people like your smarter than everbody here FUCK OFF LadyGONGO no wonder why your using some shit name here your name describe you all the way allready 


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