Sarkodie Loses Out As 2Face, P-Square, Mo’Cheddah, Sasha, Liquideep, Fally Ipupa & Eminem Win Big At The 2010 MTV Africa Music Awards


Congolese artist Fally Ipupa, and Nigeria’s 2Face led the winners at the third edition of the MTV Africa Music Awards with Airtel (MAMA), each taking home two trophies at the music awards ceremony at the Eko Expo Hall, Lagos on 11 December 2010.

Nominated in four separate categories, Fally Ipupa scored wins for Best Video (“Sexy Dance”) and Best Francophone act while 2Face, a former MAMA winner from 2009, picked up trophies for Artist of the Year and Best Male.

Cabo Snoop notched up a music first for Angola by becoming the first ever Angolan winner at MAMA 2010, taking home the prize for Best Lusophone act. The inaugural Best Anglophone award went to Kenyan Gospel breakthrough artist Daddy Owen – the first time a gospel artist has won a MAMA.

Song of the Year was won by South African pop/R&B outfit Liquideep for their hauntingly lovely ‘Fairytale’. New MAMA award category Best Performance was won by Big Nuz, the South African house trio making waves all over the continent.

Nigerian vocalist Sasha scored Nigeria’s first ever win in the Best Female category after Kenyan dominance over the last two years. Nigerian R&B duo P-Square (Nigeria) added yet another MAMA trophy to their awards cabinet – taking home Best Group for the third year running! Rising Nigerian star Mo Cheddah notched up her first win in the hotly contested Brand:New category which recognises rising stars tipped by MTV for success.

The prestigious Best International act was received by Eminem who accepted the award via satellite from the USA. The MAMA Legend award, won by the late, great Miriam Makeba, was presented by Public Enemy founder and hip hop pioneer Chuck D.

The 2010 MAMA awards opened with an explosive performance by Hip Hop heavyweight, Rick Ross, and closed with an unforgettable rendition of “Win” featuring T-Pain, Rick Ross, Da LES and 2Face – a world first. In keeping with the tradition of the awards, the show featured an array of electrifying collaborations between artists from different parts of the continent, mixing up music genres, language and cultures in a unprecedented extravaganza of African talent.

Among the collaborations were Nigeria’s 2Face who hooked up with South African rock outfit The Parlotones. The performance of Banky W’s “Lagos Party” saw South Africa’s Big Nuz, Angola’s Cabo Snoop and Paul G and DRC’s Barbara Kanam rocking the house with the first ever truly pan-African version of the hit track.

Commented Alex Okosi, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, MTV Networks Africa, “Tonight’s MTV Africa Music Awards with Airtel was a joyful and uplifting celebration of African youth culture and music. It brought together the best talent from across Africa to showcase the incredible music that Africa has to offer to the world. It is amazing to see the collaborations between the artists as it fosters a spirit of camaraderie and creative exchange that takes their music to a new level.”

Commented Andre Beyers, Chief Marketing Officer, Airtel Africa, “The diversity and talent of the performances this evening was a reflection of the vast and rich talent pool that Africa has to offer. We at Airtel are proud to partner with the MTV Africa Music Awards as it is a platform for the youth and young at heart in Africa, enabling them to showcase their talent to a global audience. Music is an important way to connect with Africa as we relaunch the Airtel brand on the continent. It will support Airtel’s mission of giving the youth a means to express themselves and the freedom to do more.”

Among the performers at the 2010 MTV Africa Music Awards with Airtel were: 2Face (Nigeria), Banky W (Nigeria), Barbara Kanam (DRC), Big Nuz (South Africa), Cabo Snoop (Angola), Daddy Owen (Kenya), Diamond (Tanzania), Eve (USA), Fally Ipupa (DRC), J. Martins (Nigeria), Jozi (South Africa), Liquideep (South Africa), Lizha James (Mozambique), Mo Cheddah (Nigeria), Paul G (Angola), P-Unit (Kenya), Public Enemy (USA), Radio & Weasel (Uganda), Rick Ross (USA), Sarkodie (Ghana), Sasha (Nigeria), T-Pain (USA), Teargas (South Africa), The Parlotones (South Africa), Wande Coal (Nigeria).

Guest presenters and celebrity guests included Ba Ponga, Dama do Bling, Lizha James, Daniel Amokachi, Oluchi, Julius Agwu, Genevieve Nnaji, Muthoni, Nneka, MTV VJs Vanessa Mdee & Sizwe Dhlomo, Tatiana, JoJo and fashion designer Lisa Folawiyo.

Best Anglophone – Daddy Owen (Kenya)
Best Francophone – Fally Ipupa (DRC)
Best Lusophone – Cabo Snoop (Angola)
Artist of the Year- 2Face (Nigeria)
Best Female – Sasha (Nigeria)
Best Male – 2Face (Nigeria)
Best Video – Fally Ipupa (DRC): “Sexy Dance”
Best Group – P-Square (Nigeria)
Brand New Act – Mo’Cheddah (Nigeria)
Best Performance – Big Nuz (South Africa)
Song of the Year – Liquideep (South Africa): “Fairytale”
MAMA Legend – Miriam Makeba (South Africa)
Best International – Eminem (USA)

The MTV Africa Music Awards with Airtel premieres on MTV base (DStv Channel 322) on Saturday 18 December at 19:00 CAT, with repeats on Sunday 12 December at 08:00 CAT and 14:00 CAT.


News Source: MTV
Photo Credit: Getty Images


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44 thoughts on “Sarkodie Loses Out As 2Face, P-Square, Mo’Cheddah, Sasha, Liquideep, Fally Ipupa & Eminem Win Big At The 2010 MTV Africa Music Awards”

  1. 1.i knew sarkodie woulnt win since he is not known accross africa apart from ghana. i really hope that sarkodie would

    have won
    i hope next year ghana will host the awards but it will probably go 2 south africa fine by me as long as it doesnt go to nigeria again. the nigerians and south african always win big. it not fair. maybe gh will do better next time. it seems like the nigerians will always top africa in everything they do.

  2. GH needs to promote there music more worldwide at least he was nominated in life you win some and loose some but look it from the bright side that will make him stronger but like i said this is just the beginning he can be the best rapper in GH sign by Akon and all but needs to switch up his came by promoting his music Promoting Local artists can be pretty easy the real problem is the caliber of artist with which you are fixated upon promoting.In my experience its far easier to bring your country’s music to the world when the artist performing it is a good artist and the music itself doesn’t localize itself too severely. Take for instance Soca music from Trinidad. Artists like Machal Montano and David Rudder have become world renown legends within the soca realm.  The truth is that only people who really like it are locals or locals living abroad 

  3. I knew 4rm de scratch Sarkodie was goin and wil definitely com home empty HANDED.Dat guy is too known as well as BIG TYME arrogant.i really thank God he came home empty handed and will keep on prayin for HIS downfall till he stop his arrogance.

  4. i really want to know who you are in real life you got nerves by calling someone arrogance have you been looking at your self oh yeah i forgot A FOOL like you dont know nothing you can continue praying for his downfall but question is now who are u what do you do always on here critising people and praising that koala bear Jackie of yours you need to be more realistic homeboy 

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  5. OMG this is not fair at all!! Ghana did not win anything 🙁 Why must it always Have to be Nigerians and South Africans. Is not that am hating on them but seriously this aint cool at all. SMH* Hope we Ghanaians can start wining these awards cuz we are better than WHAT THESE MTV award winners think. I feel sad abt it but anyways all these will make them step up their game instead of having numerous “SOFT PORN” scenes in our movies. 

  6. and ohh one more thing? the award was hosted in NIGERIA?? If yes then that’s why Sarko didnt win the award! Of course they hate us soo muchh so we cant win anything so far as there was a Nigerian nominee  in that group sarkodie was win. SHAKING MY DAMN HEAD AT THESE NIGERIAN PEEPS. P.S: I dont want any illiterate from Nigeria to come diss me cause if they bring it i will meet it. 

    • maame what do u mean by it is because it was hosted in nigeria that is why sarkodie didn’t win,first of all let me clear the air by saying nigeria has been winning big since the inception of the mtv music awards in africa irrespective of where it has been hosted so far,nigeria has so far always been the biggest winners,now secondly do u need anyone to tell u that what is mostly affecting the ghanaian music industry is the fact that it is mostly limited to the local ghanaian audience,how much of ghana’s music and musicians is known outside of ghana as compared to nigeria,please tell me since nigeria has become the villain here,if this is how far ur insecurity towards nigerians has gotten u,then it is simply too bad.

      • I mean the fact that because it was hosted in NIGERIA, and yeah yeah yeah yeah we always know NIGERIANS WIN in everything or has been making it big in the Entertaniment field and it made Sarkodie not even be close to win it. Hunnie, Sarkodie do not  speak only his local language in his songs. He sometimes rap in English and talking about Ghana music is limited to only Ghanaian audience or local audience as you said is not a point. Then what are we gonna say about fallly ipupa. Aint he froma french speaking country? but he won some of the awards. Is not like am hating on yall but most of  these awards came to you guys as always but next year we stepping our game up ayt and we didnt say Nigerians are the villains here.

        • yes u didn’t say nigerians are the villains but u where implying it, now i know i never said anything about the language sarkodie or anyone uses in their music,all i was implying was that his music audience was limited and trust me when i say popularity of a musician,song or any artist does play a significant role in winning awards,last year kenya hosted this same awards and nigeria came out the biggest winners,now there is something u guys seem to be getting confused with here,hosting an award does not always mean that the host has anything to do with the results(it is not like a party where the host is responsible for everything),take the world cup for example,so are u going to tell me that because south africa hosted the world cup it was them that placed each country in their respective groups,no the grouping was done by fifa,all south africa did was to organize the event while fifa did the decision making,the mamas awards is not a nigerian award, it is owned by mtv and only them decide who wins not the countries that host it,so nigeria had no input in deciding the winners.

        • and one more thing,don’t forget that winners are not determined by a selected jury, rather it is fans across africa that cast there votes on who to win.

      • dude stop decieving uurself cos we all kno dis thing waz made for nija to win.dude who r behind mtvafrica music awards??is not like im pushing for a win for ghanains but de thing is wht abt other africain u wnt to tell us tht is only nija tht hve good artist every single yr.abeg lets be realistic n talking abt fans voting ,for where??.tht i dont think they even consider it!!all i wnt is fairness simple.

        • and u stop decieving urself aswell and come to terms with the fact that ur musicians haven’t properly done there homework,the nigerian music industry speaks volume (across the whole of africa)of there success at award ceremonies which cannot be denied,can the same be said of the ghanaian music industry,so if the mamas was made for nigeria to win,does it mean that other award ceremonies like mobo,channel o,and kora awards where nigeria also dominates and rules were made for nigeria to win aswell,please my dear be realistic here,maybe i can agree with u that fans votes might not be considered much but u know what mtv is not nigerian owned and also mtv awards is not nigerian owned aswell,and i want to believe u already know that mtv is not africa owned,so whoever wins is not a nigerian decision rather it is mtv’s decision, i rest my case.

  7. one thing i like abt ghanaian music is that OFF COURSE it is for the ghanaian audience…because it promotes our lifestyle…our music aren’t wannabe western music…i applaud all the ghana music artist out there and not trying to be all these wannabes…even if he dnt win any of the awards, we ghanaians know dat he is an excellent artist….love u sarkodie3…keep doing it da GHANA style…deuces

    • Very well said lily and trust sarko is not only known in the shores of ghana but also outside too. wasn’t he spitting in twi in ghana and got recognize by Akon and Busta Rhymes? people are just being ignorant. Is funny how people say our movies are getting too westernized but yet they want our music to become westernized before we can win international awards.smh.. Trust me, I have non-ghanaian friends who can sing some of our songs in twi. One of my friends from sierra-leone was singing an old daddy lumba song with me one time and she has never stepped foot in ghana before. This goes to show that people know about our music but we just aint winning awards for some reasons. We appreciate our music and it doesn’t matter if others appreciate it or not. Westernizing our music is Not the best way to go. There are many African artist have done it or doing it African style and still on top of their game. It’s a shame..BLACKMAN MENTALITY, ALWAYS BACKAWARDS. When will we change?

  8. sarkodie is a good rapper.. i believe he he tends to rap more in english he could have won the award. Why do u think 2face and p-square won the awards its because their music is good and they sing in english which lots of people understand. If one wants to make it big someday you must consider all these

  9. lol confused boy but i dame sure there is where your mother find you and adopted you 

    where u live ?those ghetto apartments in new  

  10. it doesn’t matter whether ghanaian music is popular outside of ghana or not, what matter is that the Africa MTV award should be given to any african artist who is qualify for the award.


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