Kwabena Kwabena Goes For A Second Wife

Kwabena Kwabena and new wife

Smooth-voiced musician Kwabena Kwabena, last Sunday had an extraordinary wedding ceremony with his new-found love of his life, Abena Owusuwaa, though memories of his ‘talk-of-the-town’ wedding with a female nurse, Esther, is still fresh on people’s minds.

NEWS-ONE reports indicate that Kwabena and his new wife were officially joined together at His Majesty’s Hotel, near the Ghana International Trade Fair Center in Accra.

The ceremony attracted several notables including Nana Akufo-Addo, Presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the 2012 elections and his wife, Rebecca.

George Kwabena Adu, popularly known as Kwabena Kwabena, brought sweet tears to the eyes of many when he grabbed the mike and sang for his bride right from the depth of his heart.

Our checks could not establish Abena’s career, apart from the fact that she is a tall beautiful lady with shinning ebony skin.

She completed the Winneba Secondary School in 1997 and is the daughter of a veteran music producer.

Reports say Kwabena Kwabena fell head over heels in love with Abena during his campaign tours with the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in 2008. The lady was said to have been working at one of the party’s research offices at Cantonments in Accra.

Interestingly, the contemporary high-life musician was not dressed in a Western suit. He was smartly dressed in a cream-coloured and well-tailored African wear with impressive embroideries of same colour.

NEWS-ONE feels vindicated over the marriage because the paper came under heavy criticisms when it broke the news in January this year that Kwabena Kwabena and Abena were dating.

Though it was a simple ceremony not meant for the media, NEWS-ONE lenses managed to snap a few historic shots for our readers.

Sometime in April this year, Kwabena Kwabena confirmed that his marriage to Esther was having problems and even hinted they may be calling it quits.

He was quoted by Showbiz to have explained his reason for going in for a fresh lover behind his wife: “I picked a new girlfriend when it became obvious that our marriage was heading for a breakdown and when Esther also realized this, our house became one hell of a place.

Insults on the phone were extended to other members of my family, with my mother getting the worse part.”

He had alleged that Esther listened to tales from other people and worked herself into a rage, adding that the matter bothered him to an extent that he confined himself to his bedroom and wept his heart out.

“I did not have to stay away from home for long, even if the purpose was for something that could be of mutual benefit to us.

Working late at studio or going into meetings that dragged into the late hours of the evenings were all considered as getting into affairs with other women.

“There were other problems but I prefer not to go public on them because that could affect the future of the only child in that marriage.

I am very sure that I did my best to make that marriage work. Maybe she also tried. Marriages do not end overnight, I guess we are both tried,” Kwabena Kwabena added.

Source: NewsOne


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33 thoughts on “Kwabena Kwabena Goes For A Second Wife”

  1. men!! it was so not long ago when his first marraige broke up co of accusation of infidelity ,he denied it completely , and he’s dated someone and married the person this quick! my advise for this new wife is as the saying in akan goes like * abaa ye de boo takyi… sure a lot of ppl will know the rest

  2. i wish him all the best. whatever useful lessons he learnt in his previous marriage he should use it wisely so that this one will be a life time affair.

  3. Mr. Big Man, CONGRATULATIONS! All the best. Please bro, apply all the good things you’ve learned from the previous experience to this one and watch it blossom! All the negatives from the past experience should be left just there, in the past. You look good together paaa in the picture. Just continue to stay grounded and try to balance things out. You’re good in the music craft and sometimes, we forget when we’re having too much fun in the studio. Not to say that’s what you’re doing or anything but am just saying. Too much studio time and the home starts to become unbalanced. I know, I’ve been there and learned a great deal from it. All the best once again. CONGRATS to you both once again and all the best. Stay blessed.

  4. OH nice, didn’t know it was coming soo soon.So thats the reason why Abena Owusua didnt allow anyone to say hi/ even take pictures with her boo at his recent concert.Anyway congrats,Wishing you a Happy marriage.

  5. hmmm if dis gal waz de reason 4 their d’vce den she did not try at all.y shd u interfere in dier marriage.they could av worked it out. sory 4 her 1st wife but she shd av known de character of dis celebs b4 goin into marriage 1. ope she also gets som1 beta. k.k i wish u de best n at least u choose a nyc 1 agn.

  6. I hate when folks says “I try my best”..WFT? Did you know your best might not be enough?..Just say “I try” and keep moving. If I’m the CEO (which I am..sooner I’ll be one) and you come at me saying “boss I try my best”…I will fire your ass on the spot.

    Anyways I don’t blame Kwabena if jealousy was one of the factor of his first wife because most of the ladies can’t keep their hands over him when he goes on tour. I remember when Kwabena came to Canada to sing at Ghana/Canada beauty pageant. Not only he did stole the show with his “chick magnet voice” he was taking all the ladies and I even got jealous why this guy getting all the women that faithful night. My two naked eyes were on four ladies that very night which I preferred one lady on the right hand side, another on the left side, one in front of me and the other lady behind but instead my car was empty because Kwabena Kwabena and his guitar so I don’t blame him.

    • So it’s infact true that he was having an affair behind his wife…offcourse her wife (ex) would get crazy…& no matter how big the problem was he had no right to cheat . well lets see. . .

      • ‘he has no right to cheat’? explain. what do you consider cheating by the way? what happened between him and the ex wife was not cheating. I say this because cheating is when you DON’T know that your partner is sleeping with another behind your back.
        The wife knew he was fucking someone else, she knew who it was, Kwabena even had a baby with this other woman (now his new wife), denied it that the baby is his, then went to the christening of the baby and named the baby after his own mother. THAT IS NOT CHEATING. THAT IS DOWN RIGHT DEFIANCE. Get your head straight. That’s what a man does when he won’t put up. It’s not cheating.

        Between: Because you’re married to somebody doesn’t mean you own their sexual organ. A person is going to be a person regardless of whatever. Get it straight. Sometimes you can be with a person for 10yrs and nothing good will come out of it. You leave them and get with another person for just 2months and you’re all happy and lively again. Such is  life. Nobody will stick by you if you’re intolerable. UNLESS HE/SHE DOES NOT HAVE OPTIONS. And from what some complainers are saying, Bro. Kwabena is a ladies man. That’s not a man you can control with sex or attitude. That’s a man you can only keep with a pure heart and intentions ’cause if you don’t, there’s other’s standing by to take your place  as he has proving. 


  7. wishing him all the best. I pray whatever good lessons he’s learnt from his previous marriage he could them wisely so that this one will be one of a lifetime.

  8. hmmm asemooo, wat is dis world turning into? We must always rem dat the Bible says who ever marries a divorcee has committed adultery n i think n i noe dat in dis case, adultery was committed before divorce.We shld be very careful lest we be deceived by the standards of this world cos both Heaven n Hell are real.

    • Lisa, i luv dis one. thanx for bringing it out. By Christian standards, its wrong to remarry until death takes away your partner. But these days, the churches allow divorcees to get married, hence encouraging adultery. The end-tyms are here…

    • I don’t know why these musicians think of women. Look at Samini, Tinny, Tic Tac . The sad part is the kids. They should slow down because fame doesn’t last long.” A word to a wise”

  9. He is not a fool also a woman and we must know once we marry,we shd not be dragging our parents esp. the mothers too much into the marriage.they can most at times be bad source of be good and stay bless.neva allow a single lady or guy kill u,whilst many of them file u up to the cemetery.


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