Who is a Celebrity?

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Yvonne Nelson

Time and time again I have asked this question; who is a celebrity? I posed this same question to couple of people and well as expected I was given a variety of definitions. Nonetheless, the most interesting response was “a celebrity is a person who is in the limelight.”

This particular response got me thinking; when we say one is in the limelight do we mean the people who for various reasons have adorned the front pages of newspapers?

What about the faces we see on TV, and the voices on radio? A friend told me “Massa, u see say Ataa Aryi (the popular armed robber in Ghana) be celebrity now?” if I should go by the definition above, I think Ataa Aryi has attained that status. Anyway, let’s take a look at what the dictionary says about who a celebrity is. The oxford dictionary defines a celebrity as “a famous person or the state of being well known.

Now back to my question; who is a celebrity? Is it the armed robber who for over 6 months festooned the front pages of all the newspapers? Or the rich man who had the biggest wedding which attracted massive media attention?

Is it the hot new artist with chart topping album and smash hit single or the new actor or actress on the movie scene? Oops, almost escaped me; what about the popular man of God who performs unimaginable miracles and is tipped to be God’s favorite? The fetish priest? The TV/radio personality? Ok the big spenders/club owners? Hmm… the controversial journalists? Hey! What about the sports stars?

What are the criteria for being a celebrity? There are various factors that come into account when defining or determining who is a celebrity. Of course we have a different pop culture from the west and it will be absurd on my part to employ the western “evaluation sheet” here. Thus, who a celebrity is boils down to how these individuals are perceived by the general public, and oh don’t forget to throw in the attention magnet scale too. In your own opinion, who do you think is a celebrity?

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  1. i think asamoah gyan he has been making headlines all over the world even back home with his goals music as well as crazy dance and second Kevin boateng making headlines during the world cup, now playing for Geona 

    1. fool,kelvin is not playing for Genoa but rather playing 4 AC MILAN.Get ur facts b4 u pour dat garbage rumour of urs.He was signed by Genoa but dey Loan him to AC MILAN 4 a year.

      1. Osei goat head Your sounding dumb and dumber by the day genoa signed him and the have put him on loan with milaan so when you use your empty skull what team is he still signed to and is on their payroll than or don’t you know the difference between lending a playing for another team and being signed by team that bought him and yet your so happy to tell me to do my homework right I have told h so many times your dumb ass filthy bastard parents surely gave birth to a retard king king like you to refresh your shut head again genoa signed him he is on loan with milaan and due to how he performs at milaan trough the season they will be entitled to buy him than but they don’t own him yet so articulate your explanation proper and stop being a bitch cause h can never get me fuck boy 

  2. As the dictionary gave us the meaning of celebrity yes, celebrity is the word to describe actors and actresses. Not only actors and actresses but athletes and politicians are also celebrities.

    I hate it when most people call this celebrities “star” too. Celebrities are not mothafucking stars. Don’t get confuse because celebrity and star are two different people.

    Now, let me tell you who are the REAL stars in our society. Lawyers, Doctors, Farmers, Researchers (espicially the people in the pharmaceutical field), Engineers etc…….  

    1. Bruh nice one you make a good point but let me at a bit to it cause after reading it I realise you forgot the big hero’s I mean All those in the military are heroes to me. Also those in law enforcement and firefighters who are often asked to put their own lives on the line to help others. Also those who love their kids and take the time to raise them right and see to it that they learn the things they will need to know when they are old enough to be out on their own. Also anyone who is willing to help those in need in any way that they can. In my eyes there are plenty of heroes out there if you just take the time to see them. Every emergency worker, firefighters, paramedics, emergency room doctors, suicide hotline workers, police, military personnel, nosey neighbors who notice your house s being robbed, kind neighbors who return your lost pet, strangers who return your wallet, the stranger who keeps you from stepping off a curb, the stranger who gave you a kind word when you needed it, EP friends, coworkers who take up a collection when you need it in other words we are all hero’s in our own way 

      1. You damn right Bruh. Those professional too slip my mind. You also right too on a good Samaritan can be star because anyone who help folks are “STAR” in my eyes.

        Anyways Bruh, what’s up with you and that dude (Osei)…lol…It seems you always eating him up..lol…

  3. haha miyagi.. you always arguing with osei..lol    @ maame that’s because that silly fool is always trying to humiliate me but still not realising that is skull is full of ants but like I always told him he is always welcome for more and I know he will be replying like a little bitch but let’s see what he will put down this time stupid super mini midget 

  4. LOL dude is a dick head for real in the beginning he was trying to insult everybody who wrote a negative comment about jackie dude is so obsessed with her you know dem Steve Urkel looking like (that’s what I call a bitch boy)  so I decided to give him back his own cup off tea But don’t worry about that dude he needs some medical  help